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Five years ago, Simone Austin walked away from Chris Alexander, the possible love of her life. Their mad chemistry still haunts her, and no other man has been able to live up to the man she left behind. Tired of being single, Simone, two of her cousins, and her best friend make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even second chances.

After a thirst-trapping pic of Simone is posted on IG, she receives plenty of male attention, including a private message from Chris. Simone can feel the heat through his words and decides to reconnect. Soon old insecurities seep in, and Simone questions if she’s too afraid to get burned again to take another risk on Chris.

**Each Lipstick Diaries can be read as a standalone.**

Readers are already saying…

“Passion and indecision mix again as these two navigate something so beautiful they themselves are wondering if they are worthy of the gift they’ve been given.”

“It’s NEVER been a time I walked away feeling incomplete. Never! Simone and Chris’ story is no different, it has everything for you to believe again, some more. Whew, Tiye can write, you hear me?!?”

“Second chance love is something we all wish for and I am so glad Simone and the ladies are willing to open their hearts again in hopes of finding the one their soul and bodies long for. Not allowing past hurts to cloud or jade their experiences the women have embarked on a sexy experience…the book was amazing!”

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Chapter 1

Love Comes in Waves

“If you really loved me, you would’ve chosen a place we could drive. I don’t know why we’re going to Vegas for Valentine’s Day. Can’t we just go to a casino in Biloxi?” I complained for the umpteenth time as we waited at the gate to board the plane. I was frightened out of my mind and couldn’t sleep the night before though Chris did his very best to put me to sleep. Three times to no avail.

He held my hand and smiled as he flipped through a magazine he had bought for me at one of the airport shops. I barely acknowledged the magazine when he presented it to me. “I do love you, which is why we’re here. How can you be a pilot’s girlfriend and scared to fly?”

“If I knew that was your profession, I wouldn’t have slept with you,” I retorted. I tried not to be annoying, but I was terrified to fly. I know it was irrational since I’d only flown twice as a child and hadn’t had a bad experience. Yet, I was one step away from a full-blown panic attack. When he first suggested Vegas two weeks ago, I vetoed it. I had no idea he’d already bought us tickets and booked a hotel.

Chris raised his thick brows. “You didn’t really give me a chance to tell you what I did for a living when you jumped me in your office.”

‘Shh…” I lowered my voice, tingling and warm at the memory of our very first hot encounter. “People may hear you.”

He smirked. “I noticed you didn’t dispute me.”

“You hit on me first. I just followed your lead,” I protested weakly. “Okay, the least you can do is talk to me instead of ignoring me by reading the magazine.”

“I tried that, but you got all crazy on me.” Chris turned a page. “I figured it best to leave you alone.”

“I didn’t go crazy…I just told you to be quiet,” I protested. “You were talking stupid, arguing that Biggie is better than Tupac. I’m already irritated that we’re going to Vegas on a plane, and then you start with your nonsense.”

“You were just caught up in Tupac’s looks. Biggie was raw talent, and Tupac was pop.”

“OMG! Are we starting this again? I swear this is almost grounds for a breakup,” I said, throwing my hands up, although I recognized this was his way of distracting me.

He shifted in his seat and asked, “You really would break my heart over Tupac?”

I tapped his nose. “In a heartbeat. Just be glad he’s dead, or he’ll give you a run for your money.”

“Simone, that man would’ve been at least twenty years older than you if he lived. I thought you were into younger men?” Chris chuckled.

“You’re not quite two years younger, and right now, I’m thinking I’m over juniors.”

“We are now pre-boarding for flight 2423 to Vegas,” announced the United Airlines attendant at the nearby counter.

Ire replaced by fear, I quickly buried my head in his shoulder. Chris rested his head against mine and consoled, “Don’t worry, baby. I got you. You’re going to be fine. Hold my hand as tight as you need, okay?” His sudden gentleness and patience soothed my fraying nerves.

My stomach remained in knots as we searched for our first-class seats. We were the last to board, so we wouldn’t have to prolong our time waiting for everyone to settle in their seats on the plane. When Chris told me he’d bought first-class tickets, I asked if he could afford them. He said he received a discount because he was a pilot but would have paid full price for the expense of my comfort.

Chris’s loving care and consideration for my needs only made me love him more. We’d been going strong since he landed on my doorstep for New Year’s, spending time either at his place or mine. If we wanted a date, we traveled to New Orleans or Hammond. We were homebodies and enjoyed spending our nights and weekends cozy at home, so keeping our affair a secret wasn’t challenging. Spring semester had begun, and we had to be careful not to seek each other on campus though he would pop over to my office when I worked late for a quickie. Our relationship was perfect…if I could forget about Janine, his estranged wife.

I tried to ignore that he was still married and that she refused to divorce him. They would argue and yell whenever he called her and reminded her that the papers weren’t signed. He sought legal advice in Baton Rouge and was informed that he could get a default judgment. Chris would have to go to Nebraska to force the divorce in court, which could be lengthy. I still hadn’t told my mother that he was married because she would tell me to leave him alone until he was legally free to be with me. As much as I wished I was strong enough to leave him alone, I couldn’t. I missed him terribly when he wasn’t around, which had been rare these past two months. We spent every moment we could together, and I didn’t foresee that changing anytime soon. We just fit and were perfect for each other. I’m almost certain we would’ve been discussing marriage if he didn’t have a wife. His situation prevented me from fully relaxing in our relationship.

His marriage had been a thorn in my side, and though I loved him, I couldn’t ignore my guilt that we were somehow wrong. Insecurity about Chris’s feelings for his ex also troubled me, and I half-expected him to say he wanted to go back to his wife. No matter his protests to the contrary that he no longer wanted Janine, I believe that emotions for your spouse don’t just disappear.

“Hey, as soon as we’re in the air, you should order another drink to help relax you,” Chris said, interrupting my thoughts as we sat down, and he reached over me to pull down the blinds. “You’re definitely not ready to look out the window.”

“I already had two strong drinks.” My lungs squeezed as tight as my shut eyes when the motor started and announcements were made. “Okay, I need two more.”

Chris signaled and received a blanket from the flight attendant. He threw it over our laps and wrapped his arm around me. “Remember what I said I would do to keep your mind off flying?”

I frowned. “Yeah, but you were joking, right?” My pussy throbbed at his reminder.

“What do you think?” He removed his arm from around me and placed it under the blanket on my thigh. I opened my legs slightly in anticipation.

“We’re about to have fun, and we can be out in public everywhere holding hands, loving each other. I love Vegas, and I get to share it with you. This flight will be so worth it,” he whispered near my ear. “But right now, I want you to focus only on me and how much pleasure you feel when I touch you. Promise me you won’t moan or make any noises, no matter how good it feels. Can you promise me that?” The flight wasn’t packed, and no one was across or behind us.

“Yes,” I whispered back, and his hand slipped inside my jeggings. I clutched the armrest nearest the window and sucked on my lip to keep from crying out when his finger found my clit before his other finger pushed inside me. I glanced to see if his hand movements were noticeable, and he’d adjusted the blanket so no one could tell he finger fucked me.

“The scariest and most dangerous part of a flight is always take off, and once we’re at a certain altitude, we’re good.” His tone resumed to normal and conversational. “You feel the shakiness of the plane and can hear the busy chatter of the other passengers. The propellers and the motor picks up speed, and you feel your heart going faster and faster as the plane rises higher and higher. Then the plane levels off. Baby, there’s nothing to be afraid of unless you’re afraid of life. And what I’m giving you right now is life.”

My eyes were still closed as I was lulled by his rich, deep voice and his rhythmic fingers that played with my pussy. I bit his hard bicep instead of screaming when the plane ascended at the same time I climaxed. Although Chris winced, he continued thrusting his fingers in and out until my breathing slowed. I finally opened my eyes and realized we were now at altitude, and the initial unease drifted away to comfort. All because of Chris. I kissed his cheek. “I can’t believe I’m flying. I feel like I can do anything now. Thank you.”

“I know the feeling. You’ve made me feel like that since I met you.” He brushed my lips with his lips, and I melted into his side. 

The flight attendant started asking passengers for their snack and drink requests, and I rested my head on his shoulder. He didn’t move his hand from between my legs. “You plan to keep your hand there?”

“I’m trying to be preventative in case there’s turbulence. My hand is ready.” He winked.

I enjoyed the heavy comfort of his hand on me, but we were in a public place. “Move your hand, please.”

“Would you like anything?” The attendant asked.

Cringing, I quickly looked down and started breathing again when I realized that we were still covered, and she couldn’t see where his hands were. We appeared to be a couple trying to snuggle together.

“Yeah, I want a Sprite. She needs your strongest drink. This is her first time flying. She was a little nervous, but I think she’ll be alright,” Chris replied with a bright smile as if his hand was on his lap instead of in my panties. His finger gently rubbed my clit as he spoke. I could kill him if I wasn’t fighting the urgent need to move against his hand. My panties needed changing as is, and this negro wouldn’t stop. “She’ll drink whatever you recommend, right, honey?”

I gritted my teeth before responding, “Yes, dear.”

The pleasant, pretty flight attendant frowned. “I can see you still need to relax. We want you to enjoy yourself while flying with us. Your drink is coming up. I’ll be back.” She tapped his shoulder as she moved to the next passenger.

I removed his hand, placed it back on his lap, and bumped his erection. I looked over his shoulder before I leaned close to his ear. “Why you so nasty? You were getting turned on knowing she had no clue you were fingering me.”

“I couldn’t resist.” He laughed while I grabbed sanitizer and tissue from my purse and cleaned his hand underneath the blanket. “What are you going to do with me?”

“Fuck you as soon as we are alone,” I responded calmly, loving that our chemistry remained so strong and we were insatiable for each other.

Almost three hours and one strong drink later, we waited for a rental. We would be in Vegas for three days, and he wanted a car in case we ventured off the strip. I sat with the luggage, texting Bea and Tam that we’d made it to Vegas safely. I stretched my arms and smiled, looking at my handsome man standing at the counter. Now that we were here and the terror of flying had passed, excitement fluttered in my stomach about my very first romantic getaway. I hadn’t traveled in my previous relationships. Too busy with work and school. Usually not enough finances to travel beyond an hour to visit another city.

“Simone, can you get my Mastercard out of the side pocket of my bag? I thought it was in my wallet,” Chris called out.

“Okay.” Bending down near my black Converse, I checked the side pocket of his brown leather satchel. As I reached inside, I felt his card and a photo. My hand froze.

“You found it?” he asked impatiently.

“Yeah, I think so.” I grabbed the card and hurried to him. “Is this it?”

“Yep. Thanks.” Chris took the card and gave it to the Budget Rental rep.

I slowly walked back to our luggage, contemplating whether to return to his bag and see if it was a photo. My stomach now fluttered with queasiness as I stared at his bag. I didn’t believe in snooping through men’s things because if you’re looking for something, you’ll usually find it. I rubbed my hands together and glanced back at Chris, who was still busy. I picked up my cell so I wouldn’t be tempted, and I checked one more time for Chris. He was still talking and unaware of me. The side pocket seemed to be calling me, and curiosity overwhelmed me. “Fuck it.”

I pulled out the photo, and my heart thudded painfully against my chest. It was Janine. She wore a man’s black shirt, probably his, that barely covered her ass. Her long hair was tousled from sleep. She had one leg tucked under her other on a sofa, smiling at the camera. His wife looked beautiful, happy, and in love, and based on the intimacy of the pic, I knew he took the photo.

“Hey, we have to catch a shuttle to pick up the….” Chris’s voice trailed off when he noticed my pained expression as I held the picture. “Shit.”

Oh, shit…indeed.


Sneak Peek – Lipstick Diaries: Chemical Reaction, by Tiye Love

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