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Sugar, Sugar (Sugared and Spiced Book 1) by Lady Marie

Tonight’s Lessons:

1) Indulging your sweet tooth every once in awhile can be a good thing.

2) There’s always room for a bit of negotiation in any agreement.

3) Sometimes giving into your desires, even for just one night, is exactly what the sugar daddy ordered.

This is Sage and Benjamin’s story.


Deliver Me from Duval: Round and Round (The Duval Series Book 3) by Chassilyn Hamilton

Like the hands on a ticking clock, life is coming back around for Tyree. She’s three years older and wiser, but some things remain the same.
Sharing a daughter with NFL superstar Kamaal Duval keeps her connected to and reminded of feelings she’s fought hard to forget. She’s been fooled twice before and refuses to lose a third time.
Like Tyree, Kamaal has moved on with life, settling for what he can get since he can’t have what he desires most. He’s adjusted to his new normal and feels he’ll be fine if things remain okay.
Until they aren’t.
Lessons and glimpses into the possibility of wholeness give Kamaal a new take on life, giving him the push he needs to fight for what he wants.
Like a game on any given Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, the battle for love Isn’t over until It’s over. Kamaal could only hope Tyree is willing to show up to play.

This is the conclusion to the Duval series.


Force of Nature (The Berotte Family Book 11) by Monica Walters

A man of few words is sometimes a man to fear. Ali Joseph proves that theory to be correct. He keeps his traumatic past under wraps and only trusts a few people, Shyrón Berotte being one of them. He’s been living amidst the turmoil for so long he’s finally reaching his breaking point. His anger is causing him to come unhinged and that’s no good for the people involved, especially since they don’t realize the danger they are in. There is only one silver lining in his cloud and that’s the day he meets Riley Domingue.

Riley has been recovering from the death of a loved one for the past two and a half years, trying to adjust to being a single mother and focusing on becoming a better woman than before. She’s done everything she knows to do to show her daughter an image of independence, strength, and love. While overcoming her struggles seem effortless from the outside looking in, her heart is longing for love and affection. Her eyes zero in on the most unlikely target for that. Ali Joseph’s swag screams bad boy, and while that’s something that could be dangerous, it’s also something that she could never resist.

Ali and Riley are engulfed in their attraction immediately, but in a short amount of time, issues come to the surface that has them both rethinking their pending relationship. Will those issues overtake them, or will they be able to rise above for the sake of what they want to build together?


Coming Home (Audible Exclusive) by Kennedy Ryan

They got everything they wanted…but never had each other.

Touré Wallace and Niomi Spencer were close friends at Finley College, the prestigious HBCU they attended. The attraction that simmered between them every semester was a question they never got to ask or answer before soaring ambitions launched them to opposite corners of the world. Both chased their dreams of grit and glamor as high-profile journalists. They got it all…except a shot at being more than friends.

Years later, Touré is an award-winning investigative journalist and Niomi is America’s most popular morning-show host, but they both feel like something’s missing. When their alma mater recruits its most famous alums for an interview during homecoming, every look, every touch is electric. The air hums with what could have been, and they’re tempted by what they could have right now, if only for one weekend. Have they traveled the world, chasing something special, when all it took was coming home?

Featuring the musical stylings of Southern University’s marching band, Human Jukebox!


Pharaoh: Wolf Warriors MC by K.C. Mills

Pharaoh Vaughan was the type of man that you don’t want to cross. As Wolf Warriors MC’s, enforcer, if you were on his radar, you had better be prepared to dance with the devil.

When it came to women, there was only ever one he considered giving his heart to, but the debt he felt he owed the only family that ever showed up for him forced Pharaoh to choose loyalty over love.

Yahri Hall decided at a very young age that her heart belonged to one man and one man only. Pharaoh Vaughan was forbidden fruit and what made matters worse, he’d crushed her teenaged heart.

Ten years later, Yahri landed herself right in the middle of a complicated situation. There was only one place she could go to feel safe and protected. That safe space just happened to be the home her father forced her to leave in order to keep her disconnected from his very dangerous life. All things came full circle when the love that was forbidden years ago became the only person who is man enough to keep her out of danger.

Pharaoh and Yahri have the potential for a second chance at love, but the price may be higher than either of them is willing to pay.

Pharaoh and Yahri

“If you’re going to give your heart to someone, make sure they’re a rider.”
-Wolf Warriors MC


Soul Snatched by Lex C.

Sanay “Nay” Bailey is ambitious, goal driven, and loyal to a fault. That fault lies within her family. She has been the glue that keeps everyone together for too long, and now her life has become nothing but a sticky situation. After giving more than anyone would have imagined, betting on her success as a hairstylist, she finds herself losing what’s left of her instead.

Oren “O” Valyn is a boss whose heart now beats to the sound of his business. A tragic accident washed away the life he loved and cherished, leaving him with nothing but a point to prove. That is, until the perfect candidate ends up in his office to complete his team of hairstylists for the expansion of his business.

Oren was looking for an asset to his brand. Nothing more, or less. Sanay was looking for a second chance to regain her independence and flourish in her passion. Neither of these two were looking for the messy mix of business turned pleasure, that might just have the power to become soul deep.


Foreplay by Robbi Renee

In every game, some rules are made to be broken.

For Lennox Black, never could he imagine that the effortlessly pretty, coy, yet mysterious new woman in town, Tia Alexander, would become his most formidable opponent to date.

Has he met his match? Or is Tia in over her head?

Pomegranate Incandescent (Urban Greek Book 2) by Kaige Keira

Love. The four-letter word that brings long term progress or problems depending on who’s lips it falls from.
When an unexpected love comes knocking her off her feet, Kori is caught up in the whirlwind that new love brings. Aidan is everything that dreams are made of or so she thinks. With all the right words and moves, is he really who he claims to be or is Kori merely meeting a representative of who Aidan thinks she needs?
Bound together by circumstance, Heidi and Zack must contend with the love they lost long ago. As Zack continues to spread himself thin with no regard to her or their marriage, will the weight of Heidi’s frustration boil over, sending them to a place of no return?
Is love truly enough to sustain these relationships? Read between the lines of Pomegranate Incandescent to find out.


The Last Time: A Valentines Day Short by L. Renee

Roux Dunn has finally picked up the pieces of her life after her heart was shattered by the man who held her heart in his hands. She has devoted her time to building her brand and running her small business, but opening old feelings has Roux wondering if she is missing out on something special.

Alistair “Ali” Greer had an ego and a chip on his shoulder that caused him to lose the only woman he loved. With nothing holding him back, the poet embarks on a journey in the record industry writing songs for some of the world’s top musicians but life is missing something and when Ali sees Roux after almost two years he realizes just what is missing.

With them both living back in their hometown unbeknownst to each other, they have a chance encounter that sparks old flames, but can they mend old wounds? This Valentine’s Day could be the last time they see each other, providing the healing and closure they both need, or could it be the start of their forever together?

This Valentine’s Day Short will be filled with growth, forgiveness, and true love.

*Disclaimer: Fictional Cities in real states*

Notch Afraid: Notchin’ Boots Series by Jade Royal


Corinne is the one that got away, my first love. A chance meeting allows me to right the wrongs and claim my one true love. Trauma makes the past an unforgiving problem we can’t ignore. I’ve changed, but if she doesn’t give me a second chance to show it, how will I un-break her heart?


Things have changed. I’m not the love-struck girl Seven remembers me to be. Putting my needs first, I won’t allow him to charm me with his sex appeal and smooth words. How will he heal the pain and abide by my rules if he doesn’t understand where we went astray? 

Are they destined to be together as soul mates or move on to something new?

The Billionaire’s Jewel Thief by Amber Ghe

Capone was a notorious street-smart thief renowned for targeting some of the wealthiest people in society. But she had been ready to call it quits, even taking a celebratory vacation for her retirement. Despite building up quite a reputation for herself, nothing could have prepared her for the adventure she was about to embark on when she stole an ancient medallion from billionaire Roman Wade.

Though they seemed worlds apart at first glance, fate soon revealed how their paths were meant to connect through something even more significant than any score ever made—love… Until her sister came knocking on Capone’s door with an offer too good to be true—a lick big enough to set them up for life— one she couldn’t turn down.

Except the ‘mark’ wasn’t just any old person, it was Roman – a man she’d taken quite a liking to. Still, the black diamond was too precious to pass up, even if its owner was someone special. What lay ahead may be much more complicated than the biggest heist imaginable…


Loving A Rogue: Shifting Hearts by Tamika Brown

What kind of witch are you when you can’t even use your magic? Not a good one that’s for sure.
Alise Davis has always felt the energy of her magic churning just below the surface. The only thing she’s been able to do so far is draw pictures that for some reason, make people feel exactly how she was feeling at the time she drew it–a manifestation of her emotions. But all of a sudden she’s been able to see the animals of the many shifters who live in Springlake Pines. She’d not been able to do that before. And it seems as if her magic is pulling her toward something, or someone. Inquiries to her father uncover her mother’s grimoire and the fact her mother has a twin sister. Family may be just who she needs to get the answers to her magic problem.
Michael Cante is a monster created. Turned against his will. A monster too dangerous to live amongst the Springlake Pines Pack, relegated to the outskirts of the pack. But now, his wolf is on the hunt. Stalking a woman he’s never seen before in town. It’s dangerous for him to be in town. For the people that is. He didn’t understand why his wolf fixated on this woman, until he scents her and locks eyes with her.
The monster has a mate and she is the only one who can make him powerful enough to defeat the one person who has answers for the both of them. His Maker.


False Pretenses: Men of Motor City: Book 1by Jamila Jeffries

While woman across the globe have been fangirling for Desmond Cole Montague, I’ve been his ever-faithful, platonic bestie for years.

During the off-season or when he wasn’t on a five-game road trip, DC always made time for me. He would pop up unexpectedly to witness me coach my high school girls’ basketball team to a championship. Or send me flowers at the slightest hint of a bad day. He has always been thoughtful, generous. And that was the case long before his celebrity athlete status and his hall-of-fame basketball career with the Virginia Victors.

Desmond has more money than he can ever spend, and the world is at his fingertips. Now that DC’s ended his six-month sabbatical and he’s launched officially into retirement, he has more time now, too.

I should be ecstatic, right? Who wouldn’t be?

I’ll tell you who. Me, Cairo Clayton, the woman who started catching feelings for said bestie.

For some reason, I can no longer pretend that he isn’t the most beautiful man that I’ve ever seen. I can’t ignore his mesmerizing gold eyes, or his chiseled body that stretches to nearly seven feet.

And when Desmond asks me to marry him temporarily to avoid a blackmail pregnancy scandal that threatens to collapse his business ventures, I should consent, right?

So, I do. Even if it means jeopardizing our friendship and revealing my deepest secrets.


Only Devils Left by Mel Dau

Sometimes, a lack of closure teaches you that no closure is the best closure to have.

Gabriella Bridges was denied the silver spoon that was rightfully hers all her life because of hate and envy from the very person that should have loved her. While her mother’s mission was to destroy, Zion Falls’ mission was to help restore. Life has a funny way of ensuring that people eventually get their just due. When a detrimental life change happens in Gabriella’s life will she be strong enough to separate the love for self from the hate of others? Will she allow the darkness of hate to kill the light of the newfound love around her?

Learning to love self comes before learning to love others. A part of loving self is being able to restore what’s broken.

Restoration is not only your responsibility; it’s your right! Even the Devil can’t take that.


Instant Love: An African American Black Love Contemporary Romance Dating Suspense Urban Fiction Valentine’s Day Lovella Novella by Sheila Murdock

Her last name is Love, but Tamara has been the unluckiest person in love with love. But given that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic and loving day of the year, she has always believed that this would be her year . . . but she’s been believing this for years with absolutely no prospects near.

While waiting for her Valentine’s Day date this year, she reminisces on past disastrous dates on this day, and gets a surprise in more ways than one when she finally feels as if she has moved on.

But when her date shows up, she can hardly believe it. This is not her kind of luck. And she finds out he has been just as unlucky in love as she has. But something about the two of them click, and she feels that instant love once again . . . .

Until she finds out that her date may have more going on with him than she ever thought, and she is now all caught up in the middle of it which could result in some instant consequences she never saw coming.

Will instant love turn into instant regret?

Will she have to begin to find love all over again?

Rose Is Still A Rose : A Moore Sisters Story (The Moore Sisters of Center City Book 3) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Rose Moore is the quintessential middle sister. She’s bold, fiery and hood proud. She’s also the mother of Amber and Ebony her daughters with Reggie, the love of her life and mostly reformed bad boy, who is confined to a wheelchair. While many think of Rose as the high maintenance Hood Queen, she’s Reggie’s love and he’s #TeamRose on everything. You cross Rose, you’re crossing Reggie. Together they are fire.


So This Is College…: The Other Side of the HBCU Experience by Darlene Cunningham

Growing up, Diane was always in control of her life. A non-emotional mother and a sometimes father forced her into adulthood at an early age. Determined to leave home and never return, she got accepted into “Thee Illustrious Howard University”. Diane understood working hard and making the right connections would guarantee she’d have the life she wanted.

Being the great, great-grandson of one of the most prominent men in the Washington, DC area, Jared wanted to have one accomplishment of his own. He felt everything he’d accomplished up to this point was because of his family’s influence or name. As an undergraduate pre-med student, Jared was looking forward to becoming completely self-sufficient. Being a doctor was first on that list, and second, finding his forever woman to share it with.

They both had control of their lives and thought nothing would prevent them from having a successful journey in college and beyond. That is until the first attack…

Trigger Warning: Oedipus Complex, Drug Use, Campus Violence & Abandonment by a Parent

If you have experienced any type of trauma, proceed with caution


Suitors & Sweethearts: An African Romance Box Set

Suitors & Sweethearts limited-edition box set.

6 contemporary romance stories celebrating African Joy.

Journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana, from Curepipe, Mauritius to Las Vegas, USA, and meet swoon-worthy book baes. The happy ending is guaranteed!

Pre-order your copy for only 99 cents! The price goes to $3.99 after release.

This limited-edition box set introduces 6 exciting and heart-warming book series by African authors. Prepare for enthralling stories of passion, love, and African joy!

Tropes: second chance romance, forbidden love, one-night stand, rockstar romance, and billionaires.

BOUND TO FATE by Kiru Taye

All Ike wants to do is to keep out of trouble and get through the one-year internship required for his degree program. But trouble finds him, in the form of the intelligent and brave Lara who turns his world upside down. Falling in love is forbidden. So why does it feel so right? Love like theirs cannot be denied. But catastrophe lies in wait and one-night changes their lives forever.

VEGAS NIGHTS by Unoma Nwankwor

A woman scared of being hurt again is bent on playing it safe.
A man determined to stay focused and never experience poverty again.
One night on the wild side that changes everything.


Blaise is on the verge of taking African Francophone countries by storm with his new style of music. Learning how to sing in French without butchering the beautiful language is harder than he thought. Multi-linguist, Lamisi is the key to his success. When his presence in her life puts her in danger, will he end the budding relationship in order to keep her safe?


When Lord—his given name, not a title—sets his sights on Chantelle, he has more than work on his mind. Yet, even the infamous playboy couldn’t have predicted the magnetic attraction from the moment they met, nor the evening ending with more than just an interview. But now he has to convince Chantelle that their one-night stand wasn’t a mistake… and that not all bachelors are heartbreakers.


Eldest sister of the Hemant sibling trio, Lara, returns to Mauritius as a divorcee and she comes across Eric, the man she loved as a teenager and gave up because their interracial relationship would not stand a chance on this island. But here comes a second chance: Eric wants her back in his life, and he will stop at nothing to win her back. Will Lara be her own worst enemy and thus end up unhappy ever after?


“Efe Sagay grew up and went to school in Nigeria. While attending school she met the love of her life, her soul mate, the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…Kevwe Mukoro. And the feelings were duplicated by Kevwe. As soon as Efe graduated, they would be married. This was the dream and this was the plan. But real life doesn’t always see things the way we do. The perfect future can always be destroyed by unforeseen circumstances.” ~ Martha A. Cheves, Author.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up February 6th-12th

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