Breaking Point: Chandler’s Choice is Book 2 in First Responder Fairytales
Chandler Gray never imagined during her journey to earn a nursing degree, she would encounter a distraction, in the form of firefighter, Moses Lawson. With the chaos of supporting her mother after her father’s passing and completing her internship and practicum, Chandler had no time for a relationship. However, Moses’ persistence, charisma, and rugged good looks made her think again. Perhaps a summer fling with no strings attached was just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, their situationship became much more than she bargained for. Now Chandler wants Moses to switch things up to be in a committed and monogamous relationship. His response causes Chandler to react in ways she may come to regret.

Years later, when their paths cross in very different circumstances, Chandler will have another decision to make.

Can she look beyond her own hurt to give of herself and heal another past their breaking point?


Book Spotlight – Breaking Point: Chandler’s Choice, by Carlotta Ardell

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