A Queen swore her heart to duty alone. Can he be the exception to her rule?

When the people of Lytua elected me to be their Queen, I dedicated myself to serving them.

Little did I know how much I’d sacrifice personally for that honor.

The moment I ascended the throne, I became a prize. My crown and its influence are all men desire of me. I’m simply a means to an end. Their chance to become king.

Love is an impossibility for someone in my position.

I’ll never trust anyone with the secret yearnings of my heart. It’s safer that way.

Yet when architect Joshua Riddick mistakes me for someone else, I seize the opportunity to be myself, instead of merely a monarch to be conquered. Riddick is, in every way, the sexiest man I have ever met. And that makes him dangerous.

When I get off on the wrong foot with the Queen’s feisty assistant, Khara, damage control is in order. I can’t risk tarnishing my firm’s reputation with bad PR.

I don’t have the patience to work for another useless royal with an overinflated ego. Been there, done that. No, thank you. 

I’ll attend the interview to salvage the situation, then get back to designing architecture for people who aren’t oppressing others. I saw more than enough oppression growing up in foster care. 

But this Khara’s brashness intrigues me. I don’t care how charming that island accent is, though, she’s still getting a piece of my mind.

Fans of Only for the Week and the Winston Isles Royals series will love International Incident. This is Book 1 in the Queen’s Desire duet, as part of the Crown and Heart series, and ends with a cliffhanger. Book 2 is coming soon!

Trigger Warning: memories of cancer and childhood trauma; profanity, graphic content, and kidnapping


Book Spotlight – International Incident: Crown and Heart Book 1, by Nikki Davenport

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