Every male in the family has scaled the marriage mountain only to take catastrophic tumbles.
They’ve dubbed their issue, The Chandler Curse.

Unrequited love sucks! Dione Harris has spent years waiting for Logan Chandler to see she’s grown-ass woman. Then…he does.

This is everything Dione’s longed for. Shouldn’t she be happy? She wants love and lasting commitment, but Chandlers have a long history of broken relationships. Logan has sworn off love and marriage, so how can he be the right man for her?

One wild Vegas fling results in a pregnancy and a hasty marriage of convenience. Logan is certain they can build a solid life together based on friendship and compatibility, without the mess that love brings.

Dione gave him her heart years ago, while Logan’s is locked up securely in an impenetrable vault. Can this marriage survive or is this another Chandler union bound for heartbreak/disaster/never-after?


New Release Spotlight – A Toss of a Coin (A Chandler Billionaire Romance Book 2), by Lynn Mapp

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