Light one candle for love and six for sex. Enter this dimension with unlimited extensions of ecstasy. A meal for two, marriage proposals and pop-up pregnancies will ensue. Red light language infused with cautionary tales. Take off your blind folds and explore the untold. The rabbit hole goes deep with this collection of erotic poetry. The portal of seduction has been opened for your consumption. Let this divine wine rest on the tip of your tongue. This is where you and salaciousness become one. Get comfortably wrapped in between these sheets of sweet heat. Nasty like India Norfleet, this is erotica elite. Poignant poetry for the naughty and nosey. Get cozy on this comforter of sensuality. There’s no technicalities when it comes to extreme sexuality. A ripe and crude collection that will forever penetrate your reality. Lewd and laced with lust, this obscene read is a must. Let the flames that are caged in your frame of rules, be dismantled. Magic At Midnight is too hot to handle.


Book Spotlight – Flames: Magic At Midnight, by Aliada Duncan

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