Is it possible to project what you feel about yourself so much that you attract the wrong man? For Fanan, it seems as though that’s exactly what she’s done with her love life. Fanan, a busy woman and owner of Stylez Magazine, has gone on date after date with nothing left but a headache. With all her attempts, the same kind of men seem to come her way.

When her last date stands her up, Fanan is certain that she is no good at love. After some self-reflection and a drunken night of watching T.V., Fanan finds herself signed up for a Self-Love retreat. It’s her last shot at fixing the broken pieces that she feels men seem to latch onto.

For the smooth gamer Kazwell, bumping into Fanan is just another hiccup in his day. He doesn’t know what hit him when this bold, independent woman stepped into his path that seemed to be murky already. Kaz is back in his hometown with feelings of guilt and shame for leaving his aging mother. Although that’s his reason for being back, he can’t help but wonder about the powerhouse he spilled coffee on.

With Fanan convinced she isn’t good at love, Kaz works overtime to prove that she hadn’t found the right man. That right man is him! Will Kaz be able to change the mind of headstrong Fanan or will she forever be no good at love?


New Release Spotlight – No Good At Love, by Iesha Bree

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