If you have not read the Wright brothers series, what are you waiting for? The collection has compiled all three brothers’ stories into one book.

The first story, Getting Schooled, features Reese and Jason. Reese worked with her mom as a graduate school assistant and Jason was one of the students. Jason and Reese’s story was the epitome of goodness. I laughed, cried, rejoiced and had the best time with this couple. They are still one of the best bantering couples to date dealing with opposites attracting.

The second story, Pulling Doubles, features Dr. Joseph Wright and Devyn Echols, a smart-mouthed nurse on the unit he worked. Their attraction was fun to watch and easy to believe. Their connection was nicely detailed. I laughed at how Joseph was so uptight. Watching his irritable ways with Devyn was fun. Once the attraction started to ignite, I knew it would be a treat to witness the good doctor crumble at Devyn’s will. The story was an enemies to lovers story.

The third book, Bending the Rules, featured Justin Wright and Toni. They were the best of friends until an incident pulled them apart for several years, only seeing one another occasionally, and using unnatural courtesy anytime they spoke to the other. Toni and Justin developed a list of rules they could not break to preserve their friendship. When Justin broke one of those rules, it led to their disconnection for several years. Many years later when they came back together, they had to navigate the fact they’d always had strong feelings for one another beyond friendship.

And finally, Christmas With the Wrights was a quick update on what has been happening with the lovely family since the conclusion of the initial series. This story took place about a year after the last book’s release. Readers got the chance to catch up on what has been happening with our favorite Wright family. 5 Stars for each book!

Review – The Wright Collection, by Christina C. Jones

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