Three orphans thrown together by fate and no family have forged a bond so deep that they adopted each other as sisters without blood. Ocean Tides – successful, rich and dreaming of love, but always jilted. Paulette Jeter – loves the sex men give, but hates the thought of dating or loving one to get it. Claudette Newman – loves shopping almost more than men. She’ll lie to her friends and her new husband, but nothing can keep her from that next pair of red bottoms.
Are the lies Claudette is hiding too much for her and Todd Newman’s young marriage to survive? Will Dr. Lynk Trent be the right man to make Paulette finally give relationships a try and take a chance on love? Can back from a long distant past Avast Hunter, woo a now jaded in love Ocean, or is the past love he left behind to broken to be mended?
With each suffering from abandonment, past abuses, and heartache, is it possible that the LOVE of one special person could be the key to break down the walls of life’s bondage and bring total release.


Book Spotlight – Only Your Love Can Release Me, by Cherida Franklin

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