Loraine has serious quams with God. Sick with grief for her son lost to gun violence – with loneliness and financial struggle for her husband lost to a spineless thot – she prays, yet there is no small-still voice to give her peace; all she could hear, in the quiet of her home, is the hum of the refrigerator. Hope comes by a mysterious note: Follow the heart.

She encounters a proverbial dark stranger. A sharp dressed man enters her boutique, drops a third her year’s salary on a heart-shaped pendant and, out of the blue, presents information that muddies the facts of her son’s murder. A disinterested Chicago P.D., however, sits on the investigation, satisfied with the young man they already have in custody.

Loraine, investigating on her own, learns that a hidden enemy threatens from the shadows, wanting the truth to remain hidden, but Loraine is a woman on fire. Obligated to no one and wronged by everyone, Loraine transforms into the most formidable entity known to man: a woman with a vendetta and nothing to lose.

When the dark stranger, a gentle drug king named Face, returns after having the chain adjusted on the heart-shaped pendant, Loraine has an epiphany. She remembers the omen, Follow the heart, so she does, literally. Determined to uncover what more Face knows about her son’s murder, she follows the sapphire heart out of the boutique, tailing the crime boss, by car, into his crime world where she is later surrounded, guns drawn. From there on, the life Loraine once knew would never be the same.

Book Spotlight – The Harvest: Follow The Heart, by Rod Palmer

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