BOOK ONE of The Collide Series

Sometimes love comes unexpectedly…

Lauren is a spoiled daddy’s girl, brought up under the protection of Miami’s elite black society. With a law professor for a mother, and a state attorney for a father, she has been raised to understand the law down to its most fundamental form. She’s what they call, in every sense of the term, a Good Girl. As her father prepares to take on the biggest case of his career–going against Miami’s most notorious kingpin, Silas Montgomery–tensions begin to rise, and our Good Girl becomes Silas Montgomery’s newest target. Now on the radar of the most dangerous man in Miami, Lauren’s perfect world goes up in flames. Everyday becomes a constant battle to stay alive.

Kain is about as close to Silas Montgomery as most people can get. Unlike Lauren’s world of sheltered ease, his world is dark and dangerous. He’s been raised by the code of the streets, hardened by life’s harshest lessons. Not many people are out here doing Kain any favors. Especially not the kind of favor he extends to Lauren. Protection–that’s what he offers her. Protection from the most dangerous man in Miami.

Lauren and Kain’s story is tale of love crossing over to the different side of the tracks. Their’s is a tale of what happens when worlds collide.

Book one is told entirely in Lauren’s point of view.

Book Spotlight – When Worlds Collide (The Collide Series Book 1), by Millie Belizaire

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