Readers, you’ll need to read all three books for clarities sake. Book -1 Life’s a Beach, Book 2 Falling Out, and the current book in the series, War, then Love Book 3. This review encompasses all three books.

In book one, Cameron and Keri were on vacation in Myrtle Beach S.C. Although one would think the two would be having the time of their lives, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Being away from their two children added some measure of joy, yet the vacation did not bring the bliss they had hoped to achieve. By the time the holiday ended, nothing changed in the way of getting better as a couple. During the entirety of their vacation, Keri mostly resented Cameron for having the easiest part of the parenting model. Keri believed she had the hardest job. Furthermore, she did not think Cameron realized her upset moments were associated with him not paying attention. By the time book one ended, this couple had trouble in paradise. Book One 4.0 Stars.

In Book 2, the drama was still making a presence in their marriage, and things did not look promising for the couple.  Keri chose to go to counseling without Cameron because she was in such a rut. She needed someone to vent to, and hopefully, gain some insights into the way she could save her marriage. Keri was struggling with feeling unattractive to her husband after birthing two children and the fact that Cameron still maintained his attractiveness.  Her resentment for him came across as anger when they spoke to one another.  After her session with the therapist, Keri was still unhappy. Later that evening, Cameron did what Cameron always did by offering no help with his children, fueling Keri’s anger even more so when he wanted to cuddle. I was a little sad when Keri started to belittle Cameron about his hygiene in an unnecessarily mean manner. She was nitpicking; rather than having a conversation with her man.  Their arguments dissolved into a significant stalemate, and neither would win. At the close of book two leading into book 3, their marriage was on the brink of disaster.  4.5 Stars

Book 3 opened with Cameron’s decision to stay in a hotel, instead of dealing with their problems head-on.  The children, caught in the middle did not know about the issues.  When Keri’s sister Allison tried to be logical with Keri about looking at the marriage from a different point of view, Keri was not willing to entertain the idea she might be wrong about Cameron’s motivations. Thankfully, the children were the catalyst to getting the couple talking again and thinking about something other than their anger for one another. So now Cameron was suddenly interested in his grooming. Initially, I was frowning and giving him a side eye. Then it was clear what was happening. Cameron was in marriage survival mode. And if that included better grooming, he was up for the challenge.  Once Cameron and Keri talked, she gasped at the thought of her husband as more than a sex object, he was also their children’s father, but also, he was the man she still loved. The author parceled the story into three enjoyable episodes, and the way the third one ended, it’s likely we’ll get another episode. In the end, this was a nicely told story about marriage and the struggles associated with merging two lives as one.  Keri and Cameron decided their worst wasn’t nearly as complicated as the best if their goal of being better together was ever possible. Overall, 4.5 Stars.



Review – The Marriage Chronicles Book 1, 2, and 3, by Tina Martin

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