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To Buy a Vow (The Vow Series Book 1) by Chencia C. Higgins*

What if we could buy a vow to right our wrongs?

For Nedra Phillips, the strain of portraying a strong Black woman to outsiders is finally taking its toll on her. Her marriage to her college sweetheart has begun to fizzle out, with conversations dwindling down to nothing and intimacy becoming sporadic at best. Unwilling to endure the stigma of being a 30-something divorcee, she does everything in her power to hold onto her marriage, but Chris isn’t just on a different page, he’s in a whole other book entirely. Despite their disconnect, her vows meant something to her and marriage is supposed to be forever. When all seems lost, she makes a last-ditch effort in hopes of generating results, but what exactly does a Hail Mary look like between friends and lovers?

Jermaine Hawkins is nearing the end of a prominent career playing professional basketball and is ready to put his retirement plan into action. That plan includes many things but most important on the list is putting an end to his status as a hermit and starting a family. A chance encounter with a firecracker of a woman makes him think he’s found his capital F. But whether that F is for “future” or “frustrating” is to be determined. Can Jermaine convince Nedra that everything happens for a reason while also getting her to give him a chance at something real?



Good Old Soul (Love & Passion Series Book 3) by Aja

If I were to tell you I wrote a story about a May/December love affair between music and a saxophone named Her, would you believe me? I didn’t think you would but it’s true. Music has been here since the dawn of time. It’s been the melody of life, unfettered, free, and always waiting for us to-dare I say-tame it and guide it with our voices and with our instruments. The musician may have picked up the sax and breathed air into Her, but it was from the music, the jazz that was created, that love was found and where it grew.

Amina Perrin isn’t looking for love. In fact, she isn’t looking for anything. She’s got her yoga, her massage therapy and the community she serves, keeping her plenty busy. That is until she bumps into a stranger who may change her free-spirited mind.

Gabriel Slade is living the good life. Financially secure, nice condo overlooking the city, and the occasional “drink” with a beautiful woman—he has no intention on getting caught up, especially not with one so much younger than him, but here he is… getting all caught up and picking up a long forgotten saxophone he calls Her.

If you’re opposed to sweltering love scenes between two passionate adults, this book isn’t for you.



Believe in Love by Sheena Binkley


Marcus and I have been through a lot in our short relationship. No matter what issues occurred between us, we both found a way to get through them together.

In recent months, our lives have changed drastically, from becoming parents for a second time to our busy professional schedules, we’re finding it more difficult to spend time together. Now that I’m going into my residency, I’m having even more challenges trying to compete with my colleagues, including the arrogant and obnoxious Drew Harrison. With him constantly on my back, and the struggles accepting Jackie’s death, I feel as if I’m going to explode. I don’t know if I can talk to Marcus about it, especially when he has his own problems to deal with.

If I can’t talk to my husband, then who can I talk to?


Cheryl and I had a rough start to our relationship six years ago. From miscommunication to trust issues, the two of us were able to overcome our dilemmas and be there for one another.

Lately, things between us have started to fall apart. With our busy schedules, we barely have time to see each other, let alone have alone time. We did reconnect recently, but things are not the same between us. I want us to get back to what we had together. I need for us to.

Now that I’d opened a new club in another city, I’m spending more time there getting the new staff settled. There’s one person in particular that is helping me more than anyone, which is a good thing, but could be dangerous once Cheryl finds out.

I know she’s hiding something from me, which is driving me crazy; but should I be upset when I’m doing the same thing to her?



Princess of Zamibia (Royal Brides Book 1) by Delaney Diamond

“Live in the moment with me.”

That’s what he asked Dahlia to do, and she did, because after a near death experience, her motto was to live life to the fullest. She gave him everything. Her body. Her heart. Then it all came to an abrupt end. She didn’t anticipate he wouldn’t trust her. She didn’t anticipate she couldn’t trust him.

He wants his son.

Three years later, Prince Kofi returns and he’s not the same man. He’s bitter and angry and knows he has a son. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring his heir back to Zamibia, even if it means marrying the woman he believes betrayed him.

Dahlia must now raise her son in a culture she doesn’t fully understand, but when a nightmare strikes the royal family, will it bring her and Kofi closer together, or tear them apart for good?



City Lights: A Short Story by J. Nichole

Life was going as planned, until now.

Danielle graduated from college and moved to New York for a design job at a hip firm.  Her boyfriend of years, Taylor, moved to New York with her so they could avoid a long-distance relationship.

After a few years in the city, she expected to be flossing a shiny diamond ring.  She expected to be planning her wedding.  But the proposal she was anticipating didn’t come.

Danielle felt that Taylor would rather kick it with his friends than build their relationship.  Should she continue to wait for him to propose or should she keep it moving?

City Lights is a quick read but a full story of what happens when love doesn’t go as planned.  Author J. Nichole has penned another African American romance that emphasizes the beauty of black love.



Deniesha: No More Soul Ties by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Am I ready for what Fletcher means? Deniesha wondered.
More than a year earlier, he was getting a transfer to Montgomery from their hometown of Jacksonville but was offered a one-year assignment in Miami that doubled his annual salary with an amazing bonus. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. He and their twins, Mic and Marc, moved and though he had flown the boys to see her several times, she only saw him once when visiting the boys for Christmas. It was short and sexy. Now he was on his way to Montgomery with their sons and Deniesha was unsure. There was no commitment other than the boys but, in her heart and body, she had been faithful if not to what was but what could be.



Crossing Jordan (Wiley Brothers Book 2) by Brenda Barrett

Romance always spoiled a relationship. At least that is what Shawn Mason thought. She valued her friendship with Jordan Wiley too much to complicate things with romance.
And that was fine with Jordan, even though he wouldn’t mind being more to Shawn than her platonic best friend.
Through the years they had flirted with the idea of being more to each other, but they resisted changing the status quo. They both valued each other’s friendship too much to jinx it.
However, Shawn decides to get married, and she wants Jordan to be her man of honor.
And suddenly Jordan was not too sure that man of honor was the title that he wanted to have in Shawn’s upcoming wedding, husband, partner, best friend forever was more appealing to him, but he wanted Shawn to want more too…



At First Sight: A Model’s Dream by Ray Griff

Danesha’s journey to becoming an independent woman with a successful career hasn’t been an easy one and she has faced more than her fair share of criticisms, all of which she has taken in stride. However, despite her success, Danesha has the feeling that something is missing in her life and she finds it on a basketball court standing seven feet high. When Nathan Law, a professional basketball player with a gorgeous smile and a gentle heart, sets his sights on her, Danesha has her doubts about their relationship but she finds that when love is meant to be, nothing can stand in its way.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!


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New Release Round-Up March 5th-11th

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