There’s a new release coming from Grey Huffington, and we have the cover!

While there is no official release date yet, you can expect it some time this Summer!


It was the only language I spoke…
And I was as fluent as they came.

It was the only emotion I’d witnessed.
In fact, I’d been conceived as a result of it.

It was the only thing I’d neglected my entire twenty-eight years of life…
That was until the day Ledger Billion and his golden locks came sauntering into the greenhouse.

It was the only reason I strived to avoid him and anything attached to him after that fateful day.
With one glance, the showcasing of pearly whites and miserable jokes on each of our ends, he’d become my kryptonite.

It was the only way to describe what I must’ve felt for him.
Mind-boggling, reassuring, undeniable and inexplicable.
All the things my mother had once told me my father had been to her.

It was the only cause for my heart to dance in circles each time I intercepted the smallest notion of his presence. Paramount, he’d become the highest mountain I desired to climb.

It was the only factor rooting against our union.
He was glorious, but he wasn’t mine.
Not mine to have, at least.

It was the only piece of reasoning I had to fight for his personal gratification, because I wasn’t it.

It was the only way to keep us both safe and unharmed.
Because, I was selfless and certain of two things:
1. He deserved more than the limits I’d been given.
2. I’d break his heart, miserably.

And now… the cover!

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Cover Reveal – Fact & Fiction, by Grey

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