Ramsey St Claire is the man! We met him a few books back in the Baked with Love series;  then we saw him again in the Royal series. Ramsey and Gianna’s love story, wow! It was a great chance to get to know this couple more intimately. Ramsey was once again overbearing and controlling when it came to his wife, and it was hilarious how he would get under his wife’s skin.  I knew it would be another great adventure. Gianna was Ramsey’s little cupcake and aside from being the best baker in the city; she was also the love of his life. . Ramsey and Gianna were in the process of preparing for their baby girl. Another little St. Claire with Gianna’s mannerisms and Ramsey’s great beauty would be an extra treat for readers.

The other St. Claire men were also back with all their Alpha handsomeness to my delight and glee. Regal, Royal, and Romulus- Ooooo la lah! Regal, oh my Regal, might be my favorite of the brothers, with his slick mouth and bravado. Honey, honey! Felicity, Gianna’s best friend, also made an appearance, and if you read the previous books, you’ll recall that Regal and Felicity have a love-hate relationship. It was so much fun anytime the two were in the same location. And the same could be said when the brothers were around one another or in any scene.

The story had extra sexy love scenes between the couple even with the baby on the way and  gave readers a glimpse into the next account. I can hardly wait to see what the St. Claire men have in store for the women they invite into their lives. A great read 4.5 Stars.

Review – Ramsey (A St Claire Novel), by Tina Martin

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