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The Stones We Cast (Casting Stones Book 1) by Chelsea Maria

In shadows of Hollywoods glamor and fame, two souls find themselves entangled in a tumultuous dance of desire and vulnerability.

At the pinnacle of her facade, Sunnie Austin, a mean girl with a heart scarred by past wounds, hides a vulnerable heart, yearning for love but hesitant to relinquish her guarded exterior. Her world collides with that of Ezekiel Donovan, a man whose name echoes through the corridors of adult entertainment, reigning supreme as the industry’s crown jewel. Their connection is immediate, yet fraught with the weight of their individual burdens.

However, their path to love is burdened with challenges as they grapple with letting go of the personas they’ve crafted for themselves. Sunnie struggles to shed her mean girl image and embrace vulnerability, while Ezekiel wrestles with leaving behind the allure of his adult entertainment career for a chance at true intimacy.

As they navigate the treacherous waters of their desires, their bond deepens, fueled by shared traumas and unspoken desires.

But beneath the veneer of their budding romance lies a tapestry of pain and longing. Ezekiel’s struggle to relinquish the allure of his past threatens to tear them apart, while Sunnie grapples with the demons of her persona and the relentless pursuit of self-worth. Their love is a fragile beacon amidst the storm, tested by the stones they cast at each other and themselves.


Chemistry: The Chemist (The Grey List Book 1) by Grey Huffington

I am not a drug dealer.

I am not a seller…

I am not a handler…

I am not an abuser…

I am not a promoter…

I am not a smuggler…

However, I understand that I can not save the world or the people who have chosen those paths. So, making substances safer, grander, and extremely unique is my life’s work. What I have created can’t be duplicated, stepped on, or mistaken for anything else. I’ve curated one thousand eight hundred twenty-seven strands of the purest, rarest white on the market. I am not interested in or addicted to even one of them.

It is not a manufactured substance that I’ve chosen as my drug. It’s a person. A woman. A storm. What she is can’t be duplicated, stepped on, or mistaken for anything else. God curated one strand of the purest, rarest woman on the planet. Her name is Egypt Johanson. She’s faultless. She is flawless. She is pure. And, not even rehab could cure me of my addiction.

I am Chemistry.

I am a Chemist.

The Chemist.

And, I am, in fact, an addict.


Passion: The Arranged Hearts Series by Monica Walters

Passion /ˈpa-shən/: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept

Giselle King refuses to wait for time to pass her by without obtaining everything she desires. After fulfilling her goal of becoming a dental hygienist and having financial stability, she knows she’s ready for a family. Years of dating proved to be a waste. An arrangement was made to bless her with two beautiful children, who keep her busy, but she’s still not totally happy. She wants a loving relationship with the man of her dreams… a man that’s perfect for her. Impatience with the dating process causes her to make another arrangement. Arranged Hearts has a reputation of pairing couples, promising a high success rate. If an arrangement worked for having her babies, why wouldn’t it work for obtaining a husband?

The party scene of lust and temporary fulfillment was no longer appealing to Gentry Fleming. Those years have flown by in a haze, and now, his desires have shifted. As a successful veterinarian, the love of animals isn’t enough. He desires a family: a devoted wife and beautiful children. He’s already set his life up perfectly to accommodate them. The problem is the women he meets only intrigue him physically. While that’s important to him, it isn’t all that he needs. He wants a woman that would be his perfect complement. His patience is running thin, so he decides to hire someone to weed out the undesirable for him. Arranged Hearts seem like his best option, and he’s down to take the risk.

If the pairing is successful, love will eventually come. That can happen quickly, or it could take some time, but Giselle and Gentry are willing to work toward it. Their attraction and chemistry couldn’t have been matched better, but opposition rears its ugly head. Gentry doesn’t work well in an environment filled with drama, and Giselle isn’t a fan of it either. However, at this point, it is out of their control. Will the arranged hearts commit to forever, or will I do turn into I don’t?


WRATH (The Love Is Cure, Vol 1. Vices & Virtues Series Book 6) by Brookelyn Mosley

Lauryn James is a wayward waitress wrestling with a wrecking within. Asher Truesdale is a promising psychology student who is pure at heart. Lauryn’s got wrathful ways. Asher has Prince Charming principles. Her temper is explosive, and he has the patience of a saint to be her calm. How they met was divine timing. What they create becomes a magnet for miracles. A mistake they believed should have never happened was actually a catalyst for something always meant to be.


“Asher could do better than me. A lot better. He has a heart framed in love and I have a heart shadowed by rage. Because rage fueled me before meeting him and kept me safe. Ironically, Asher changed that. I hated men and wanted nothing more than to cause them as much pain as just one man caused me. But Asher was different. Asher is the guy a girl like me is supposed to only crush on but not actually attract. I have issues that are way too deep to solve. A life that was ruined before it could really begin. My past is way too dark to see light anywhere in it and yet he’s looked past all I think is bad to see my good. Even if I could accept that I got lucky getting the attention of a man with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint, there’s no telling how long it will take for him to realize that saving me is impossible. Not without losing himself.”


“I want to be the better Lauryn needs. She was never the plan, but then again, I don’t really follow plans all that well, anyway. I’ve never experienced hardship in my life, so providing the safe space she desires is an honor. Her issues are not her own and I want her to know I don’t find them to be the burden she thinks they are to me. Before meeting her, I believed I ruined my life, a life I’ve never quite been happy living, to everyone’s surprise. All that changed when I met her. She requires patience, a lot of patience, and I’ve got more than enough to give. Besides, love is kind and patient, and she deserves at least that after all she’s been through. If only she could see that I fully understand and I will meet her needs. If only she knew she was saving me just as much as she believes I’m saving her… if not more.”

Wrath is a passion that inclines humans to act with a desire for vengeance. The passion by itself isn’t good or evil, but it can take on a moral quality that is rooted in intent. Wrath, in this context, is a strong feeling of resentment and a thirst for revenge. Like every vice, there is its heavenly virtue. One that overcomes and transforms the opposing vice. And patience is wrath’s countering virtue. But can the patient one soothe the wrath in another, transmuting this vice by providing refuge with reason and love? Or will this wrath be too great and too justified that it ends up consuming them both?

WRATH is a standalone and book six in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. WRATH contains references to sexual assault, suicide, and depression. Please read “Message from the Author” for more detailed content warnings. This book contains sexually explicit content and profanity. Seven books make up this series. SLOTH is next…


Tell Me: The Prelude (Tell Me Series Book 1) by Tina Martin

I never wanted to fall in love.

At thirty-seven years of age, I haven’t taken the plunge, nor do I plan to. I’ve seen the damage love can do. It pretendsto care, but then it tears a person down. It’s manipulative. Damaging. It lies. It hurts. It makes one weak. I know that all too well after seeing what it did to my dear mother. That’s why when women – beautiful, successful women – try to get my attention, I easily shun them. All of them. They see the exceptionally fine, black man with money. They know nothing of the dark secrets I carry – secrets I can never share with anyone.

And then SHE happened – just appeared in my life out of nowhere.

Her gaze left me speechless while igniting a fire in my soul, stirring emotions I swore never to embrace. Something awakens inside me for the first time in decades, and I can’t control it. I’m not supposed to have these feelings. I was dead inside. Where did these desires come from? Why do I have this potent yearning to be close to her? To touch her? To kiss her lips?

This can’t happen.

So, I fight it. I can’t fall for her. Love was never a part of my plan. But these feelings coursing through my body are real, and I don’t know if avoiding her is something my heart will allow me to do.

Tell Me: The Prelude is book 1 and the introduction to Tell Me You Love Me and Tell Me You Want Me.


Love In The Studio by Tay Mo’Nae

Kayleigh has the odds stacked up against her. Pregnant by a man who she learned wasn’t who she thought he was and starting a new career, she’s forced to step up and show everyone around her she’s more than the hothead, feisty, girl they believe her to be.
Legend scorned from a past relationship, gives up his lover boy ways, refusing to commit again. As one of the most sought out producers in the industry he’s about his business and doesn’t take his work lightly. When the pregnant beauty walked in his studio for a session, the last thing he expected was the impact she would have on him.

Two people who are more alike than they know, who refuse to settle down find themselves in a gray area. Neither willing to put titles on anything until enough becomes enough and the feelings get too strong. Outside forces are lurking attempting to break the duo apart, but the love found in the studio, just may be too strong to end.


Yours To Have, Mine To Love by Evelyn Latrice

Does a 𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓲𝓷 𝔀𝓻𝓮𝓬𝓴 make a sound if no one is around?

𝑺𝒉𝒆 didn’t think so and 𝑯𝒆 would beg to differ.

Candi is a lost soul in a new city trying to 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 herself.

Jayshun is 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 in human form.

When the broken meets the healed.
And the healed is broken.
Like a train derailed and a superhero saving the day, their two worlds collide.

*This is an instant 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 story*


Mister Chocolatier (The Mister Series Book 9) by B. Love

Supreme and Nicole have a love full of unyielding loyalty, understanding, and unhealed wounds.

For Supreme, the scars of his past run deep. Witnessing his father’s emotion-riddled act that claimed his mother’s life left him with deep-rooted trauma that shows up in his marriage and lack of a desire to be a father.

Nicole carries her own burdens. Her new desire for children is hard to push to the side because of her unconditional love for Supreme. Years of tiptoeing around trauma mixes with an unfulfilled longing that gives way to a pivotal moment when she issues an ultimatum: either they start a family, or they part ways.

Will healing lead to a deeper bond that draws them closer, or will their different paces of growth lead to them permanently severing their bond?


The Coach’s Challenge : Desperados Book Six by Dandridge Monroe

He’s overcome tragedy, remade himself into a champion, but winning the heart of his soul’s mate is the greatest challenge he will ever face.

Douglas Stewart Jr. made history as the NFL’s youngest African American head coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl. Before his playing days were cut short by a catastrophic knee injury, he was known as The Axe because of how he cut down quarterbacks. No longer the playboy he’d been, he devotes his time to his passion projects in between leading his team. A chance run in with a not quite damsel in distress, has him setting his sights on her being his latest and greatest passion. But this woman is guarded. Past pain becomes present problems and with two boys in the crossfire, Stew has to move carefully. But the one thing he refuses to do is fail. Will the man known to turn tragedy into triumph succeed this time? Or will the woman he desires allow her fear of history repeating itself to win over her faith in destiny?


Feuding with My Rival: An African American Romance by Ja’Nese Dixon

He’s a billionaire with a vendetta. I’ll give him my body, but not my heart.

Jermaine Knights is back in Madison Grove.

Our explosive unresolved chemistry threatens to set this small town on fire. But I’m not the woman he left with a broken heart.

I’m CEO of Crown Jewel Brew, and Jermaine’s plans could ruin everything I’ve worked for.

He’s set on revenge, and my life’s work is caught in the crossfire.

Yet, there’s something about him that always had a lasso on me.

Smooth chocolate skin, steamy bedroom eyes, and when he touches me, I forget he’s my enemy.

Every heated glance, every accidental caress reignites a flame I thought I’d extinguished.

I’m torn between the thrill of us and the scars of our past.

But as secrets unravel, I wonder if there’s more to his plot than just revenge.

If only I could trust him again.

And now, I must determine whether Jermaine’s a friend or foe.


Syx & Fluency 2 (This ain’t love Book 14) by Kennedy B.

The same two connected souls are back with more… Returning with even more complications than before. We thought they were going in different directions, but were they really?


Her Best Match: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel by Kemi Owonibi

A love letter, but with the wrong address!

What happens when love wiggles its way into the boardroom?

Lily L Stevens is an accomplished business executive and a socialite. She is desperate to find a man to call her own, and now, following strings of failed relationships, her only hope is an ex-lover with whom she had a turbulent three-year-long relationship. But things change when she gets trapped in an elevator on Valentine’s Day. Lily quickly finds herself trapped in a complicated love triangle – a battle of lust for a new love interest and an imaginary love for another man. With it comes an error that plunges her into new betrayals threatening her sanity.

Tony Ettang is a nerdy business consultant who has a longstanding crush on a certain lady in the boardroom. Lily Stevens. Knowing he can not act on his feelings, he focuses on their professional relationship. His big break came when Lily accidentally began to lean on him for support out of desperation, culminating in an elevator mishap, and the temptation to compromise his values and satisfy her desires.

Will Tony be able to take his craving to the next level? Will he be able to keep the faith? Will Lily be able to disentangle herself from the tangled web and find her best match? And is there someone behind the scenes pulling the strings? Her Best Match is a contemporary romance and faith-based novel, a feel-good story that takes readers on a journey through the complexities of love, relationships, and marriage. It is a story of love, passion, betrayal, wellness, faith, and community


A Lifetime Of Love: A best friends to lovers romance by Kat Kelley

Coryn is trying to get her life on track, but having to retake her final class was an unexpected setback. To add to the chaos, her roommate is graduating and her current job won’t pay the bills. Ethan knows Coryn needs help, but she’s not the one to ask for it and he has his own battles living alone in another state. Will he be able to convince Coryn to move home with him? And if he does, will he be able to keep the reason a secret? When things heat up between them sparks fly, but will the consequences be more than either of them are willing to sacrifice?


Call Out My Name: A Dark Bodyguard Romance by Wynta Tyme

Hardships and struggles frequently visited thirty-four-year-old Prime Cavalier as a boy. When you grow up in the hood in London, and your father’s nickname is ‘Queen’, trouble makes it way to you whether you send for it or not. Luckily, Prime turned his skill of fighting into a very lucrative business. With two consistently growing bodyguard companies, struggling is a thing of the past. The shadows of the ghosts who haunt him make sure he never forgets where he came from… when he’s tasked to guard and protect twenty-eight-year Rouge Holloway.

Life for millionaire heiress Rouge has always been consistent of doing what’s best and never venturing away from her routine. The renowned cellist’s life is guided and directed by her big brother, Jaime. His controlling ways has prevented her from exploring life in every aspect. With guards around her every day, she’s only left with her books, imagination, and musical notes from her cello. However, she’s given the chance to live in London for two months with her guard, Prime, and there, she finds out what real love and freedom is and the ghosts he’s running from.

Prime and Rouge find comfort and loads of bondage sex between each other, but will his ghosts and her brother’s smothering ways prevent their possible happily ever after?


Finding Joy in Orange Valley: An athlete hero, Workplace Romance (Hearts Unveiled Book 3) by Aminata Coote

She knows he’s the one. Now she has to convince him.

From the moment Willa Barnes met Ben Hudson, she knew he was the one. Yet, her heart’s certainty is overshadowed by a persistent shyness that grips her whenever he’s near. Forced to collaborate with him at basketball camp, Willa has two weeks to convince the assistant coach they’re meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Ben is still reeling from a devastating breakup. Scarred by an ex-girlfriend who dismissed his dreams, he struggles to trust that Willa won’t try to change him. At the camp, Ben finds himself drawn to Willa’s vivacious spirit. But can he let go of his fears and trust that she’s God’s perfect partner for him?

Willa and Ben must confront their insecurities and embrace the possibility of a future together. Amidst the tumult of emotions and external pressures, they discover that true love requires faith in God’s perfect plan.

Finding Joy in Orange Valley is an uplifting tale of faith and love. Willa and Ben embark on a journey of trust, learning that sometimes, the greatest blessings come to those who wait.


Mansion Hill: Entangled Hearts by Bruce Grant

Love, deceit, and forgiveness are intricately woven together in the characters’ lives in “Mansion Hill: Entangled Hearts.”

Weldon Rose is surprised to catch his girlfriend Chelsea Waters having a secret affair with coworker Brandon Vale. Weldon seeks comfort in Nikki Vale, Brandon’s wife, resulting in a passionate affair.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s sister, Chrystal Waters, harbors her own secrets, including a pregnancy with an unknown father, threatening to unravel the already fragile bonds within their family.

As the truth comes to light, tensions escalate, and relationships fracture under the weight of past infidelities and hidden truths. Chelsea and Weldon must work on trust, forgiveness, and their relationship amidst the complexities of love and desire.

“Mansion Hill” is a captivating novel that dives into human emotions and showcases the unwavering resilience of its characters. The story confronts the characters with the truth and forces them to face their flaws, leading them on a transformative journey of self-discovery and ultimately, redemption.

Filled with heart-wrenching drama, passionate romance, and unexpected twists, “Mansion Hill, Entangled Hearts” is a captivating tale of love, loss, and the enduring power of forgiveness.


Schemes N Love by Jomi Oyel

Iyawa Jaseth, the life of every wild party and the queen of tipsy Instagram escapades, finds herself in a sticky situation. She’s roped into a fake engagement with none other than the guy she can’t stand, Matthias Bade.
Matthias only agrees to the sham to settle a debt, and Iyawa hatches a plan. She will make him fall head-over-heels for her, and then she’ll shatter his heart. It becomes a wild challenge between the two.
But as the heat rises between them, the carefully constructed walls around Iyawa’s heart begin to crumble. Could Matthias be the one to offer her the love she secretly craves? Or will her wild past be too much for him to handle?


The Prodigal Son’s Second Chance by Barbara James

Rhonda Huggins was Gerard Troyes’ high school crush. Ten years ago, their friendship went awry, and they never spoke again. He’s now the prodigal son, returning home after a broken engagement. This time around, he risks losing his heart and his job when he finds himself working closely with Rhonda at her family’s company. She broke his heart back then, but they are both far more vulnerable now.


Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Zaddy Inc. Series by Kaylynn Hunt

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” follows Dem, a former street kid turned Pediatric surgeon, who enters the world of male escorting due to failed relationships and disdain for games. Despite a troubled past, he rises above dysfunction to establish himself.

When Dem encounters a client, sparks fly, leading to a unique journey where he navigates the complexities of love and intimacy. As he grapples with an attachment he didn’t expect, Dem discovers that true satisfaction goes beyond the surface, unveiling the intricate layers of his heart. Will love triumph over preconceived notions, or will Dem’s past shadow the potential for a genuine connection?


Secure in the Arms of a Thug by Tatum James

Syre Reign has always been seen as the family screw up. Wherever he goes, his reputation as a hothead with repeated run ins with the law precedes him. From a young age, Delilah Gold has groomed her sons and nephews to take over her online empire. Everyone has a place in the family business, even Syre as the head of security. Now that Delilah is retiring soon, she sets a plan in motion to merge her family dynasty with the infamous Black family through a marriage of convenience.

Royelle Jacobs has spent the past five years in prison thanks to her boyfriend Abel. Now that she’s out of prison, she can’t seem to catch a break. When an old friend offers her a job at the high-profile engagement party of Bishop Reign, Royelle seizes the opportunity. After taking on a job and biting off more than she can chew, Royelle races out of the party and runs into bad boy Syre Reign. Neither of them are interested in staying at the stuffy party and instead run off to Vegas for a night of fun.

After a drunken night in Vegas, Royelle and Syre wake up to more issues than their impromptu wedding ceremony. Somebody has taken out a hit on Syre’s closest family members. Now he must juggle his new wife and finding out who wants to kill his brother. In a bittersweet story of love and loss, Syre and Royelle form an unbreakable bond. Can their unforgettable love story last forever? Find out in Secure in the Arms of a Thug.


Cinnamon (Spice and Stone Book 1) by Brenda Barrett

Secrets and scandals.

Cinnamon Cooper’s biggest fear is that the world will discover she’s the daughter of the notorious Anise Crystal, whose high-profile escapades regularly make headlines. The latest bombshell? The late Richard Greystone leaves equal shares to Anise in his family company, creating chaos in the Greystone family and sending the public into a frenzy of speculation.

As the rumors swirl, Cinnamon can’t help but wonder: is Richard Greystone her elusive father? Had he been Anise’s lover?

Enter Jaxon Wilde, a charmer from the Greystone inner circle, who captivates Cinnamon at a lavish perfume launch on her twenty-fourth birthday. Instant attraction sparks between Cinnamon and Jaxon, but the looming revelation about her infamous lineage threatens to derail their budding romance. Now, Cinnamon faces a dilemma: continue the sizzling connection with Jaxon and risk the explosive truth or brace herself for being dropped like a hot potato when he discovers the shocking identity of her mother. Cinnamon must decide whether to follow her heart or succumb to the shadows of her mother’s notorious past.


In Sickness and In Health: What Did You Vow? by Lakisha Johnson

Jade and Alex met as children in the foster care system, overcoming obstacles and beating the many odds stacked against them. Over the years, people and life disappointed them. Yet, the one thing they could always count on was each other.

Even when jobs and school separated them, they always found their way back to each other. Seven years ago, they stood before a justice of the peace vowing never to give up on each other or themselves.

Then a tragic accident leaves one of them fighting to live. The other is thrust into the role of caregiver to a patient whose body, mind, and faith were all left broken.

Will their marriage survive the hardship and mental torment of trauma or will the In Sickness and In Health part of the vows shatter when they are put to the test?


Better With You by Tina Mechelle

Will two people from two different backgrounds come together to choose love or will their past dictate their future?

Nevaeh has always been the good girl; the go getter who knows exactly what she wants in life and in relationships. Relationship after relationship did nothing but take away her hopes of finding true love. She’s always been a great woman in relationships but the men that she encountered were the complete opposite. Red flags were shown in the beginning, but she always overlooked them. She found herself always giving, giving, giving and getting nothing in return but trips to the doctor. She gave up on love until meeting Brayden.

Brayden is a wealthy, handsome gym head, who spends most of his time traveling, working out and doing his passion; graphic design. Looks can be deceiving though because underneath all those looks, Brayden is falling apart. He’s a divorced dad, who is grieving and feeling guilty because of the death of his daughter. He can’t seem to find his way, but then he meets Nevaeh and it changes everything.

Nevaeh and Brayden both have a past and it keeps coming back to haunt them, but will they allow themselves to surpass their trauma and learn to love again, or will they jeopardize everything?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up April 29th-May 5th


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