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Deep In My Feelings by A.C. Taylor

Her past made her the enemy. 
The way he loved her made them a target.

Kamille just wants to move on from her rumored past. She’s had a target on her back since before she was born, and after a scandal puts her at the top of everyone’s most hated list, it only gets bigger. The people who despise her don’t care about her claim of innocence. They only care about keeping her away from anyone they love, and that includes Malik Brand.

Malik doesn’t play by the rules. Especially when the rules involve staying away from Kamille Jansen. But his family wants him to do just that. Their hatred for her runs deep, and they make sure everyone knows it. Despite their objections, Malik isn’t willing to turn off his feelings just to please them. He knows what he wants, and he’s determined to get it. But his family isn’t the only thing standing in his way. Kamille is a stubborn woman and pushing him away has become her routine. She refuses to allow her stained reputation to rub off on him, and she doesn’t want to cause problems between him and his family.

But Kamille’s attempt to keep them apart only pulls them closer together, and before they know it, they’re no longer in control. Fate has all the power, and they’re forced to make their minds align with their hearts. But making that decision comes with a price, and no matter what, it’s a price they’ll have to pay.


Transformation: The Metamorphosis Series Book Three by Bailey West

Former NBA star Zechariah Aldaine’s world shatters with a career-ending injury, leaving him to navigate a life outside the basketball court’s spotlight. Known for his competitive spirit and charismatic presence, Zec now faces the challenge of finding purpose in a world where he’s no longer the star player.
Wilhelmina (Billye) Couture, a poised and private businesswoman, inherited her mother’s legacy as the third-generation owner of a flourishing enterprise. Her world, unlike Zec’s, thrives away from the public eye. When she reluctantly steps into a public role on the planning board of the high-profile Noir Gala, her path collides with Zec’s, sparking a clash of wills.
Zec and Billye find themselves at odds. He sees her as a privileged know-it-all stepping into his domain, while she views him as an arrogant, controlling former athlete. Their mutual disdain is palpable, fueling a feud that neither one is willing to lose.
But when an unexpected crisis threatens the Noir Gala, Zec and Billye are thrust into an alliance. Can they work together to salvage the event and allow their antagonism to transform into mutual respect, and then something deeper?


Tension: The Arranged Hearts Series by C. Monet

Tension /ˈtenSH(ə)n/ The silent force that can either draw two hearts together or push them apart.

Dakota Buck a rough around the edges music executive, strides through life calling the shots with an aura of grit. Yet beneath his rugged exterior lies a complex man shaped by a past marred by betrayal and disappointment, leaving him guarded against true connection and trust. Although willing to open his heart, Dakota yearns for a bond that transcends the superficial or nothing.

On the other hand, Mariah Stanfill is a passionate high school counselor who brightens every room she enters. Done being a perpetual bridesmaid, she’s ready to finally experience the devoted love she’s witnessed for years in others. However, wary of judgment, Mariah hesitates to make herself vulnerable as she searches for a man who will value her long-stifled voice.

When Dakota and Mariah find themselves thrust into a whirlwind marriage by the elite matchmaking service Arranged Hearts, their union becomes an all-or-nothing gamble on love. From the outset, uncertainties and the contrasting promises of blissful harmony or utter chaos hang over their arranged marriage.

As they navigate this unconventional path together, Dakota grapples with his deep-seated trust issues rooted in past betrayals, while Mariah contends with her fears of vulnerability and opening herself up. Forced to confront each other’s insecurities, flaws, and the shadows of their pasts, the question remains: Will this bold leap lead them to an enduring love? Or will their marriage crumble under the weight of unspoken truths and external pressures? Will the arranged hearts commit to forever, or will I do turn into I don’t?


SCION: The Pursuit by D. Camille

The Man: Trey is back and in hot pursuit!

The Scion returns in full form and is ready to uncover more elements of the infamous Blueprint, along with his fearless team.

The Mission: Handle everybody involved.

As more secrets are revealed, Trey is put to the test as he confronts enemies old and new.


The SCION books are a continuous saga – NOT A SINGLE LOVE STORY (with elements of suspense, mystery, mysticism, and romance). The books end with what some will consider cliffhangers and subsequent books pick up from the ending of the previous story.

NOTE: For a complete comprehension and understanding of the SCION saga, It is highly recommended that ALL previous Diamond books have been read. This is NOT a stand-alone.


No Business Catching Feelings by DeeAnn

Jedidiah and Zealous have an undeniable connection, behind and in front of the lens of his camera.

Jedidiah has his heart set on pursuing Zealous despite the fact she is seeing his friend, Westin. They both know Westin is no good for Zealous, but is she willing to allow Jedidiah to show her how true love is meant to be? Catching feelings for someone who is off-limits can be dangerous, but Jedidiah is willing to take the risk and give Zealous the man she deserves.


Roomie, Lover, Friend: A New Hope Novel by Shon

BLAIR BELLAMY’s luck for the past year has been tenuous, at best. Nothing is going right. She lost her job, her relationship and now, her housing.
She needs something—just one thing—to go right. And when she downloads the Roomie app, she thinks she’s headed in the right direction. That’s until…

ELIJAH CUNNINGHAM’s life is simple. He has a job that doesn’t drain him, a workout routine he’s perfected, and favors his own company over anybody else’s. Teased all his life for being a homebody, imagine his surprise when the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep. He’s not looking for a roommate, but something about Blair won’t let him leave her alone…


Azaleas: A Black Sapphic Romance (The Love Flower Series Book 3) by Aricka Alexander

It’s been 2 years since Autumn and Winter tied the knot, officially becoming The Noble-Hughes Family. Winter officially adopted Sydney as her daughter and they’ve grown closer as a family, but there’s one small problem…

Autumn has an extreme case of baby fever.

After witnessing various family members and friends welcoming little ones, Autumn realizes that maybe she does want to have another baby. So, after much discussion and research, Autumn and Winter start on a new journey. But there’s one annoying factor that keeps trying to add its way in.


This is a story about love. About family. Facing fears. And about learning how to move on.

This is the story of how Autumn and Winter became a family.


Mums: A Black Sapphic Romance (The Love Flower Series Book 4) by Aricka Alexander

Cassidy and Willow are finally here and everything is as it should be. Autumn and Winter finally feel as if their family is complete and can’t wait to see what the future brings for their family of 5. Sydney is excited to be a big sister and cherishes her siblings dearly. They’re all happy and things are going great…at first.

Autumn and Winter are thrown for a loop when someone from their past comes back into their lives. Someone who’s connected to Ben. One stressful situation leads to another and soon anxieties and stress are at an all time high.

But their love is stronger than that. They decide to trust each other and lean on their friends and family for support, especially when it comes to dealing with Ben and his family. The final showdown commences.

This is a story about love. About secrets. About trust. And about deciding when enough is finally enough.

This is the story of how Autumn and Winter lived happily ever after.

Thank you for tuning into The Love Flower Series.


Here Comes the Sun : A Grumpy/Sunshine Romance by Mycah Edwards

“If Sundae wanted to be my remedy, then I was going to let her try.”- Hendrix Crusoe

One day Sundae’s perfect world is obliterated when she’s robbed by an unknown assailant. Hendrix stumbles on the crime taking place but he’s doing his favorite thing… having a drink. After nearly failing to save the bubbly maiden, Hendrix recognizes that it’s time for a change, but some things are easier to say than do like severing ties to our addictions, trauma, and comfort zones. The very things that have kept us alive despite the turmoil we’ve constantly been in. What starts as a goal to return Sundae’s hypnotizing smile to her face quickly festers into something obsessive and all-consuming neither of them can seem to abscond. Can Hendrix heal years’ worth of trauma to become the man Sundae needs, or will his past be the reason her light finally fizzles out for good?


Sincere (Miller Family Book 3) by Rae Anderson

“My time with him often felt like I’d left my body and traveled to the sanctuary of another planet. I was always left void of gravity, speechless, and blessed to have that level of access.
When he orbited away, leaving behind residual stardust, I was left confused. Utterly demented, I was trapped inside a delusion that there ever was an us.”

—From the poetry accompaniment, Luna

“She’d undeniably gotten closer than any woman ever could. So close she triggered a pulse in my heart. So deep, she made it skip beats. So raw, she made me question myself. So pure, I had to sabotage her efforts. I was just trying to put the head in, not invite her into my head. For ten years, I sought to erase her from the sea horse-shaped organ in my head that stored memories. It hadn’t worked. She’d wiggled her effect deeper, the same way the moon’s energy forces us to face the innate and hidden parts of ourselves. I tossed my hands up in surrender and threw my hat back into love’s arena. A man can love many times in his life but only plunges the hilt of its depths a single time. Only one woman inspires such range.
I wanted Luna back.”

Luna and Sincere have a decade-long history of love, misunderstandings, heartache, and pain. This complex story of trauma, grief, inner work, and healing is the third installment of the Miller family series. 

This is a dark romance with a heavy focus on childhood abuse, grief, and trauma.

Second chance romance
Family drama


Professor Zaddy: A Potomac Falls Novel by K.L. Hall

A promiscuous college senior. 

A handsome professor with secrets. 

A kidnapping and shocking campus crime. 

When I stepped onto the campus at West Bridge University four years ago, all I wanted to do was get my degree.

Now, I’m one class away from walking across the stage in the spring. 

Graduation is so close I can taste it. 

That’s the onlyreason I signed up for Professor Hill’s erotic poetry class. Well, not the only reason. 

His seductive cocoa brown eyes, salt and pepper beard, and sexy tattoos precede him.

I never intended for him to become my muse behind every poem, every fantasy.

One glance across the lecture hall and a moment alone after class is all it took to make him mine.

But there are consequences to breaking the rules, and my all-consuming desire lands me in heart-pounding danger. 

How was I to know the debonair, well-dressed professor was living a double life as a drug kingpin? 

I guess that’s why they say some men are off-limits for a reason. 

Professor Zaddy is a standalone forbidden professor-student novel based in Potomac Falls.


The Talk of Dreams (Maidenhair Coven Book 1) by Simone Sims

Practical Magic meets Romeo and Juliet in this Southern witch romance that unearths magic in the most mundane of places. When ancestral witch Maggie Leprevost finds herself in need of a contractor, she’s shocked that the only person applying is Remy Baptiste, the eldest son of her family’s oldest enemy. It seems no matter how much bad blood flows between them, their off-the-charts chemistry seems to be written in the stars and ratified in their dreams.

Note: This is a romance with very light urban fantasy and magical realism elements.


Law Grove University: Freshmen Year: Whole World Against Me Spinoff by K. Nicole

They say college is a whole different life, and the gang from Whole World Against Me is ready for the experience.


Freed by Desire by Riley Baxter

The phrase hard times call for desperate measures rings true for Alecia Jones when tragedy forces her to drop out of college shy of receiving her degree. When she falls on challenging times, it lands her at the front door of Club Casanova Reverie. There, she quickly learns to use her looks to earn a living, but Alecia will soon realize that her assets can often tempt the wrong kind. Her adopted grandmother continues to remind her that things will turn in her favor, but with every lap dance and stage performance, Alecia is reminded that God doesn’t know her name. However, a performance on a night that seemed no different than any other brings her a connection with a mystery man whose captivating gaze makes her forget her rules.

Freedom is the one thing Omar Clark is in desperate need of experiencing after spending years in prison. Despite his physical release, his soul remains a hostage to the penal system. His friends convince him to celebrate his freedom and his reluctant agreement places him at Club Casanova Reverie. Omar is only half engaged until his eyes land on a beautiful dancer with mystery and pain dancing beneath her gaze the way she did across the stage. The minute their eyes connect, a soul-stirring jolt of electricity charges his body in a way that silences everyone in the room but her.

Something about the mysterious beauty challenges Omar, and he’s led to find out if she holds the answers to his restless mind. Alecia and Omar are faced with an adversary hellbent on making their lives hazardous. Will Omar discover that the key to true freedom can be obtained through a woman whose objective is to create fantasies? Can Alecia finally get the escape she’s seeking while doors continue to be shut in her face? Find out if the two can overcome barriers set before them within the pages of Freed by Desire.

Author’s Note: This was previously published on Kindle Vella under the title Alecia’s Peace. It has been updated and completed, so it will not read the same.


Unlock My Heart: Sapphic Romance (Hearts of Calverton Book 4) by Symone West

Hazel Ford has a secret. She feels things, but not for the man she’s dating, and it’s becoming too hard to fight. She’ll have to live in her truth or lose something real while continuing to hide.

London Fitzpatrick swore off love after a painful experience years ago. Now, she’s falling for a woman afraid to accept her feelings, and London fears she may never recover should things crumble again.

*This is a F/F romance. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. However, if you want details on certain situations, read CATCH MY FALL along with this one.


Their Chosen Surrogate by Qweyn of Love

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Everything you see on the outside doesn’t always match what’s on the inside. Just because you see a person smile doesn’t mean they’re happy. That’s how I would explain Zakarryn’s life. Having a wealthy family with so much money at his disposal still didn’t make him happy. At twenty-four years old, Zakarryn was missing the one thing his parents never showed him, which was love. For once, his parents showed they cared, but did what they did help or hinder Zakarryn?

Paleya has always been a spoiled brat since the day she graced the earth. Many would consider her a mean girl. Whatever Paleya wanted, she got, except the one man she’d been madly in love with since she was a teenager… Zakarryn Davenport. When she complains to her parents about coming to an agreement with Zakarryn’s parents, they make the ultimate sacrifice. However, Paleya has done something without her parent’s knowledge that will hinder the deal, but that’s where Kylayja comes into the picture.

Beautiful, successful, and wealthy are a few things to describe Kylayja Atkins, but like every person with money, if they don’t have a companion, none of that matters. Kylayja always believed in love and thought she had found it a time or two, but that was a joke. Loving yourself isn’t bad, but having someone else genuinely love you is the goal. When things didn’t work out in the love department, Kylayja gave up and did something she had always wanted to do. That was to become a surrogate. After blessing two families, she was ready to bless another when Paleya sought her out.

Kylayja always heard about the Millionaire Prince and Princess as what everyone called them. Not only did she hear about them, but she went to school with them; however, she was a nobody back then. When approached by Paleya, Kylayja’s first reaction was to turn her down, but after some convincing, she was reminded of her commitment. After accepting to be their Surrogate, Kylayja soon finds out what’s really going on behind closed doors.


Choose Us Azania by Bella R.M.

Navigating through life with dormant wishes, Azania Tema lives vicariously through other people – her colleagues turned friends, her clients and strangers on social media because of the sworn promise she’s made to her mother when she was eighteen.

When she mistakenly dials a wrong number and complains of a rough day in the world of beauty and makeup as a makeup artist, a tempting, spell binding voice fills her ears and travels to the rest of her body awakening the dormant feelings. Now at twenty-four she has a hard time remaining loyal to the promise she made.

A life she always dreamt and wished for was served on a silver platter by a certain Lemy Seriti, but it is what she has sworn herself into that denies her the pleasure of it all.

Will she choose to follow her heart, or will she keep her promise and continue living her life unfulfilled?


Fated Mates by Shantel Davis

Fate, love, and vengeance intertwine in this DARK fantasy. A half-human, torn between two worlds is destined to love a being from the very community she despises—werewolves. They took everything from her.

When her mate forces her back into their fold, she vows to make him regret dragging her into his world again. But the undeniable pull between them complicates her hatred. And there’s a big bad wolf who doesn’t care how she feels, she’s his, and he’s keeping her.

There’s also Emmanuel, the Haitian God, that’s not a God, who she would dance naked by the fire with every night if only she could choose her destiny.

In this tale of witches, werewolves, deities, vampire and African gods, magic exist, ancient entities awaken, and fate itself is challenged.

A why choose story

A Kindle Vella Story


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up May 6th-12th

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