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Diamond (The Heirs Series Book 2) by D. Camille

“He who marries beauty, marries trouble…” ~ Nigerian proverb

Diamond Black is the oldest of the Heirs, raised and trained to be elite. Since the day she was born, Diamond has been her own person, and not afraid of anyone or anything. After graduating college and traveling the world for a few years, Diamond is returning home to her family and the newest mission for the group of Heirs. Awaiting her, will be the one man who’d taken over her mind, with a mission of his own…to claim the heart of the woman he’s always loved.

Xavier Jackson has the power to read minds, but he only wants Diamond’s heart. Her return means the chance to show the only woman he’s ever loved, that they are meant to be together. However, an urgent mission requires them to go undercover and become immersed in a world of darkness, danger and deceit, resulting in Xavier displaying a side of him, that Diamond has never witnessed.

When Xavier’s alter ego emerges, the couple is challenged as reality clashes with the covert. Diamond is tested to see if she can love the man behind the mask and face both the future…and their family.

FYI: Diamond readers, this story contains intense urban culture and language, including events not usually contained in D. Camille books. However, was necessary to maintain the authenticity of the storyline.



Fifteen Years Delayed by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Fifteen Years Delayed is a love story. James Broadnax is sentenced to twenty-five years at age twenty-two, leaving behind his first love, Crea Flournoy. For fifteen years there are no visits or communication, twelve years of James being incarcerated and three years living in another city…

If you need lots of drama and angst, this isn’t for you. Fifteen Years Delayed is about adults who have been through… and are ready to love and be loved… no gaming.

James returns to the scene of the crime, so to speak and Crea is still there…

Fifteen Years Delayed is their story… after reuniting. It is not a story of his incarceration nor is it a story of Crea’s life when they were apart. It’s a love story, not just about them but the people in their lives… it is about what happens when lovers are reunited after fifteen years of delay.



Inheritance (Welcome to Sea Port Book 2) by Katrina Jackson

Lorraine Freeman is running away. And what better place to do that than Sea Port, Middle of Nowhere. With a new job as the town librarian, she can start over. Again. But a small Southern town is not where she expects to meet a beautiful, bearded contractor with baggage of his own named Jonah Brown, who brings to the surface a desire Lorraine never knew existed: to see and be seen.

Inheritance is the second book in the Welcome to Sea Port series, a collection of novellas about a small town no one can find on a map, unexpected love, sizzling sex and the occasional baked good (or two or three).



Dilemmas of A Damsel: Part II by Monique Elise

Blair Montgomery never saw this coming. A popular artist, she loves her life and all those that are in it. Everything seems to be perfect before things take a shocking turn. Instead of toasting to her thirty years of life and a new milestone, she is faced with the ultimate betrayal. Jayson, her longtime boyfriend, and love of her life cheated and got another woman pregnant.

With her life and heart seemingly shattered into pieces, Blair struggles with her next move. Does she follow her heart or listen to her intuition? Every couple has problems, right? Blair loves Jayson with all of her heart and wants to believe it was an honest mistake. But another part fears that this type of deceit is unforgivable, especially when there’s a baby involved. She’s torn between two sides of herself, her heart and her consciences, what will she choose?



Is She The Reason by Nako

Yara Moreland was a complex woman, full of mystery, compassion and way too much love. She would do anything for her husband, including going to jail for ten years. When she’s released things aren’t the same and she’s left confused and wondering whose to blame.
Kamala Crawford is madly in love with Kadeem, she’s counting down the days that his wife is released from prison so that he can divorce her and they can get married and live happily ever after.
Kadeem Moreland mind is somewhere lost in the jungle, he fails miserably at being a father to his three children, leaving them in the care of his mother.
Is She The Reason gives you perspective from everyone included in this love triangle. Will karma keep Kamala’s wishes from coming true? Will Yara seek revenge on her husband? Or will she realize that their love was never real to begin with?
National Best-Selling Author Nako is back with a spell-binding novel that captures the attention and hearts of her readers.
Author’s Note: Is She The Reason is a full-length standalone. Characters were previously mentioned in Giselle: Creme De La Creme, however you do not have to read the story to enjoy Is She The Reason.


Her Hero Valentine by S. Anne

Nova Slater was the only child of a mother
who had suffered from an illness.
This led to the young woman dropping out of school
Going to work at a service station
Right across the street from the house

Randall Clover, had an eye on his employee,
Nova Slater practically from her first day of employment,

He wanted her for his Valentine for life.
He loved Valentine’s Day because
It was one of the few days of the year
That everyone seemed to be a little happier!



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New Release Round-Up April 2nd-8th

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