I had to finish reading the previous books before reading this story. I was a few books behind in my reading, so I had to binge read this entire weekend to write this review. Book 8 picks up where the last story concluded.  Jordan Rose and Selena Strauss were seeing one another for a while making sure to stay out of the prying eyes of their friends and family. At some point in their relationship bliss, Selena decided she did not want to be tied down. The emotional challenge was the thing that prompted him to put his driving force in motion to get his girl.

Selena and the girls had me laughing a good bit of the time. Their antics and the wedding shop crazy moment was too funny. I just wanted to rehash parts of the story over and over.  Selena’s family issues between her parents were wreaking havoc on Jordan’s relationship. They both needed to come to terms with some family matters neither expected. Together they were able to navigate the choppy waters of actually loving one another.

Here’s my critique: Several times the love scenes were nearly identical as in previous stories. The men all seemed always to tug their lady underneath their arms the same way, and a few of the sexual scenes were also similar in the style narrated. Additionally, each story had many forehead kisses. I realize everyone doesn’t read at the same level of discernment, so it may not matter to some readers, and on the other hand, the stories were all enjoyable. I’ll wait to see if there is a book nine. 5.0 Stars.

Review – The Sweetest Surrender (Falling for A Rose Book 8), by Stephanie Nicole Norris

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