The Luminous Cruise Chronicles series is written by a group of authors who found themselves inspired during an otherwise stressful situation.

Love on the Luminous by Chencia C. Higgins

Dragged on a singles cruise by her sister, Morgan is dead-set against finding “love”. Fresh out of a decade long union, she’d rather just pick up the pieces of her life and try to create something she could be proud of again. Random glimpses and a few mind-scrambling encounters with a man who makes her heart beat wildly have her questioning her stance, but she manages to keep her hands to herself and her legs firmly closed until the last day of the trip.

When the return to shore is delayed because of health concerns on land, Morgan takes it as a sign to throw her caution into the wind and let that man have what he wants. Spoiler alert: he wants her.



Love on Deck by AshleyNicole 

Raegan is not on The Luminous to find love. That’s everybody else’s agenda. She’s only here for some sun, sand and simple relaxation.

All that floats away when she runs into the man who walked out on her and broke her heart. Can they stay away from each other until they’re back on dry land? Or will their love be rekindled on deck?



Love Overboard by D. Rose

Havana Lee boarded the Luminous with the sole intention of being her best friend, Marley’s wingman for the next five days.

When she meets Sean Pierce, her plans quickly change.

A night of lust-filled decisions takes them overboard, forcing them to decide if the time they shared was a fling or a relationship in the making.



Love on Cruise Control by T. Key

Synopsis: Malaysia Rivers was seeking a getaway. Now that social media was buzzing about what they THOUGHT were facts about her, she just wanted to escape. An unexpected gift from her best friend put her on the Luminous’s Singles Cruise. It her mind, it might not be a good idea. She wasn’t exactly looking for love. It was a man that her looking for a getaway in the first place. Damn industry men!

All that went out the window when she met Chance…

He intrigued her…

Was the perfect gentleman…

He had her thinking about changing her mind…her taste in men. She had plenty of time to find out when they were told they were being quarantined for the next two weeks. Would Malaysia and Chance make a love connection…or would their romance be a distant memory once they docked?



Love Unexpected by Turtleberry

Penny went on the cruise hoping to find love. She didn’t think she would find it in such an unexpected form.



Love’s False Start by Diana W 

Dragged onto the Luminous by her bestie, Aspen Lawless came aboard in an attempt to salvage her dating life. She wasn’t looking for anything but a good time and as her bad luck would have it, a blast from her not too distant past that she thought she would never see again, Jerome Nielson, happens to be on the ship too. Will their reunion be short-lived or proof that sometimes things are better the second time around?



Love Lessons by Honesty Price

Wesley needs a lesson and Charmaine is the best teacher.




Love Under Quarantine by Nicole Falls 

Juliette Taylor’s living her best life—she’s been blessed with her dream job and the perfect cutty buddy situation with the Captain of her ship. A little disturbance in the waves of her life, however, causes her to reassess just how perfect it is is as is and whether or not she needs to change it up to make things even better.


Series Spotlight – The Luminous Cruise Chronicles

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