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The Sweetest Escape (Falling Like A Johnson Book 5) by Rilzy Adams

Jasper Johnson played with fire and is still trying to sift through the charred ruins of his life. When his sister-in-law suggests he disappears for a while to put himself back together, Jasper jumps at the opportunity. The sweet, beautiful, tropical island of Antigua provides the perfect backdrop for the healing he needs but he is not prepared for Reign.
Reign Thomas is battling demons of her own but she holds them at bay by keeping herself painfully busy. When Jasper walks into her bar on a rainy evening, Reign could hardly imagine he would make her want to slow down.
Jasper and Reign soon find that there can be no future unless you conquer the pain of your past. And, sometimes, the sweetest escape can be found in the person wrapped in your arms.



In Tandem (Equilibrium Book 2) by Christina C. Jones

Best Friends Forever.
Just friends… forever.
That’s the only possibility she’s ever considered, the reality they’ve accepted, and a relationship that’s allowed them to thrive. Through distance and tragedy, grief and insecurities, their friendship has been the one constant they could rely on.
Each other.
They’ve grown, they’ve changed, they’ve… transformed.
So maybe their relationship should too.



Forever Ain’t Enough by J. Chary

I knew the moment I met her that she would be my wife. The question was how long would she make me wait to claim her as mine? -Xander

He saw me for everything I was and everything I thought I wasn’t. -Hayven



The Fold (Book One): Thou Shall Not Run… by Sabrina B. Scales

Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s middle child, Jadalynn.
Having met when they were just twelve years old, Jadalynn and Andrew experienced some of their best and worst moments together. Falling in love was inevitable as they grew older and remained close. And falling out of love was just as certain when the two finally bumped heads.
After a lengthy separation based on a lack of communication, fate and the hand of God himself brought the two back together, forcing them to either continue running from love or stop and surrender to it.
Take this journey of heartbreak, laughter and everything in between in this story of love lost and found in the first installment of The Fold!



Our Little Secret: Charleston Cougars-1 by DM Brockington

Gina’s business is launching a new product and in need of tech help.

Michael is the hot 20-something friend of Gina’s son, and he just happens to be the guy contracted for tech help.

She thinks he’s hot, and he likes older women.

Gina has to decide if she can move past just looking to something a bit more. And if she does, can they keep it their little secret?

A Sexy Short Read (15k)



CLUTCH (A ONE LOVE Short Story Book 3) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Ruth Mason has known great love. But since the death of her husband, she’s also been hurt more times than she cares to count. Calvin “Clutch” Williams has given up on love, the dating game leaving him bruised and battered.When their adult children conspire to bring them together, setting them up on a blind date, neither is sure they should trust the process. Dating has always been a major fail that has left both their hearts broken. But when love bites, promising them forever, both must also face that their happy ending will never be what either had hoped.



Believe in God, Believe Also in Me (God’s Hand Book 3) by Desiree Francies

Welcome back! I’ve missed you. I’d ask how you’ve been, but we’re not going to pretend like I don’t already know.

So, where were we? Ah yes, I remember…

The idea that love looks or feels perfect is not only a myth, it’s a dangerous delusion.

Everyone has control over their own actions. What they cannot control are the responses to those actions. We’re all aware of the usual suspects’ ability to have a good time. That has never changed. They’re famous for it. The whole crew is back again, and the family is growing.

But each of their pasts play a major role in who they are today…

So, what happens when your past shows up to threaten your future, and the people that you love question not only you, but themselves too?

Can you believe that after all I’ve done for them, they still question so many things? I’m insulted.

Hello! Standing right over here waiting to be asked. You know, just watching the world spin, twiddling My all-powerful thumbs and whatnot.

Let not your heart be troubled, as you believe in God, believe also in Me…

(This is the third installment of the God’s Hand Series and the conclusion of Mary & DC’s story)



Pretend You’re Mine by Keitra Crooks

After a failed engagement, I ran away from my hometown and landed in Houston for a fresh start. And to be honest, I never had a big reason to return; not until my brother announced he was getting married. Of course, I had to attend the wedding, but after much ridicule from my family on being the only sibling without a mate, I knew I couldn’t show up empty handed.

So, I asked my best friend and next-door neighbor, Zane, to accompany me home and pretend to be my adoring boyfriend. It was simple; just four days of phony dating bliss and then we could go right back to being friends.

But Zane was sexy and charismatic; making it tough to remember that he wasn’t the real thing. And the more time I spent in his arms; the further I realized I didn’t want to pretend he was mine anymore.

I wanted Zane to be mine for real.



Layla’s Love (The Ivyhurst Series Book 2) by Ava Bleu

Love ain’t for the faint of heart, and it ain’t for Layla Smith, either.

Who’s got time for romance when there’s Layla’s Gourmet Pizza Shop, a charming restaurant that won’t run itself?
And then there’s the growing pressure from the newly developed New Ivyhurst community members, determined to make her declare loyalty and allegiance to the new town over the old.

Layla just wants to make pizza.

And … she might just want to sample a taste of Raymond; handsome businessman and Wednesday night customer, Mr. Double Cheese, himself. Raymond; tastier than all the toppings of her very best pizzas put together.

With loyal workers Darryl and Lucas pressuring her to live her best life, and Layla just trying to live one day to the next, all she knows for sure is that love might just be the most dangerous thing of all.

So it’s a darn shame it’s creeping up on her all the same.

Layla’s Love is approximately 25K words; it’s a sweet, standalone, HEA novella. It can be read on its own but it’s much better read in order with the series.



A Little Taste by Franny J

In love with her boyfriend of three years, Skylar won’t deny that they have issues. But what couple doesn’t? However, after long hours of him being gone and not getting the attention she feels she deserves, Skylar is craving the affection of a man. A strong man who knows exactly what he wants out of love and lust. That’s exactly what she gets to.

But not with Bryan, her boyfriend. Having never been unfaithful before in any relationship, Skylar takes a journey to the dark side of passion and meets Osiris, who ignites desires in her that she’s never felt before and a one-night stand will change the course of their lives forever.



Yearn for Me by Ivy Laika

Disclaimer: This is book two of the For Me series. Feign for Me must be read first.

The cat is out of the bag, well more like the baby is out of the bag. The weekend is over and Mac and Christela have returned to their old lives. What has been revealed about Mac has the two in a limbo with neither one sure of how to move forward from it. Mac vowed that he would wait on Christela no matter what. But is what has come to light only going to lead to him waiting in vain?

Christela still has a dream job opportunity in Boston that she planned to take but will what she now knows about Mac cause her to change her mind? She can’t deny that Mac is the only man that can love her and bring her to multiple climaxes.

Their strength may be tested. Their desire may take over. Their seemingly unbreakable connection may break.

The only thing that is certain is that the two have been yearning for each other. The question is, will they give in or will they give up?



Blood City III: A Big Easy Vampire Short by T.P. Miller

Armed with the info about the person that changed her life, Chloe sets out to help the one person in the world that knows what she’s been through. Terrance. But given the limited amount of time they’ve known each other, can he be trusted or is he still working from the inside. What secrets will evolve as the two find more questions than answers on the streets of the Crescent City.


Conquer with Me: Book 2 in the Tony and LeAndra Bad Boy Meets Good Girl Romance Series by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

Tony has done the unthinkable: he’s chosen LeAndra as the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with. LeAndra has done the unthinkable: she’s blown Tony’s world apart-literally. As they try to put the pieces back together they will both have to decide: is the love they have worth fighting for?

Tony isn’t as bad as he thought he was. LeAndra isn’t as good. When they’re together, it fits. It works. Sort of.

Can he set aside his pride? Can she be strong?



Oriana: The Firebreathing Series, Book 2 by J.D. Mason

Rafa Abioye’s wildest dreams have finally come true. The young film director has just won the Academy Award for best motion picture and overnight, has become the most sought after filmmaker in Hollywood. The future is a wide, open road of success just waiting for him until she appears. Tangee, high priestess of Oya, and caretaker of the goddesses’ dragon daughters, has come to snatch the rug out from under him. Rafa is suddenly taken from everything he knows and loves and is sent back in time to 1971, to fulfill a destiny he never wanted, but can’t escape.
Oriana Benoit was born and raised in the swamp of Dumpling, Louisiana and after coming home from a long night of partying, discovers a “ghost” in the lake near her house. Dressed like one of the Temptations, he’s more handsome than any man she’s ever seen. She can’t hear him and he can’t hear her and the two of them can only share space for brief moments of time before their images disappear She has no idea who he is or why he’s here, but her dragon is awakening and the without Rafa, it will come forth without its soul and become a deadly beast feared by all, loyal to no one and hunted by both sides of this impending war.



Almost Paradise by Trina Crooks

Sandy beaches.
Amazing blue water.
Rest and relaxation.

These were all of the things that Kenya Burrows was looking forward to when she arrived in Jamaica for her best friend Marley’s destination wedding. It was going to be a wonderful week in paradise…well almost. Except for the fact that Maurice, Marley’s brother and Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, was bound to be in attendance too and he was the last person she wanted to see on her tropical vacation.

Maurice Parrish couldn’t wait to get to Jamaica for one reason only—Kenya. It had been three years since she walked out on him and in that time, he had grown and matured; just as she wanted from him all along. And now that his sister had asked Kenya to be her maid of honor for this wedding in paradise, it was the perfect set up. He needed to be face to face with the one and only woman he ever truly loved so that he could get her back once and for all.


When Love Becomes A Purpose by Tay Mo’Nae

After being in a toxic relationship for two years Isabella finally becomes fed up with the constant mental abuse and decides to walk away. She’s a model trying to strive but with her constant fight within herself, she’s holding herself back.
Enter Neal, sexy tattoo artist who’s been all about Isabella since they first met. After he’s constantly friend-zoned Neal starts giving his attention to someone else causing a rift in his and Isabella’s relationship.
The chemistry is there between these two but how can someone battling internal demons be happy with someone who wants to heal her? Find out if Neal can break through the wall that’s surrounding Isabella or will her constant pushing him away finally work?



Love Despite: A Christian Romance (Faith in Love Book 3) by Michelle Stimpson and Gina Johnson

Faith got what she wanted, but at what price?

Faith Caldwell-Hawthorne is an ambitious banker who is trying to reconcile her crazy past with her very sane, almost too perfect present. As the conflicts and secrets grow in her new marriage, will she destroy the gift God has given to her?

Blaise loves his wife with all his heart, but will her dysfunctional ways kill the dreams he’s had for nearly all his life?

Faith’s best friend, Kya, finds herself in the middle of Faith & Blaise’s marital issues. Where should her loyalties lie – with her best friend or with the truth?

Love Despite is the third book in the bestselling “Faith in Love” series by Michelle Stimpson and Gina Johnson.



All 4 Love by Sharain Hemingway

What happens when four friends discover that life after college isn’t the fairytale they once dreamed it would be?

Brooklyn James, the wild card, desires fine dining, seducing men, and an unwavering appetite for adventure. When she falls for an unexpected suitor, it forces her to take a hard look in the mirror as she suffers the consequences of her reckless way of living.

Riley Harper, the cautious one, swore off men after giving birth to her daughter as a teenager. With her daughter preparing to leave for college, Riley is finally allowing her heart to heal and is opening up to the idea of allowing love back into her life.

Michele Peterson, the moral compass of the group, has to balance her career, being a full-time mother of twins, and a devoted wife. While doing all of this, she is determined to continue being a supportive and loyal friend.

Candice Montgomery, the focus driven friend, has only wanted two things her entire life—a successful marriage and a family to call her own. When both are put to the test, she has to fight not to lose herself and everything she stands for.

Transitioning from being best friends in college to successful women, All 4 Love depicts the story of lifelong friends committed to maintaining their sisterhood despite the unexpected obstacles that come. Whether it’s finding your soulmate or finding yourself, all four women are seeking to experience their very own version of “Happily Ever After.” U



Diary of a Wallflower by Glory Abah

I have always been a wallflower—too quiet, too shy, with a boring life that revolves only around work and church.

But boring is about to get a twist: Alex, my high school boyfriend, pops back into my life, though he hardly seems to recognise me and appears to like my friend, Chioma. And Simon, my best friend? Seems he has feelings for me!

Did I mention I might still be in love with Alex?

Suddenly, I am thrust into a daunting love triangle … Two choices lie before me: best friend or high school boyfriend?

Do I bury my head in the sand and go for my best friend? Or do I fight for my ex, for a love that was always meant to be, it appears?

What would a wallflower do?



Love With A Familiar Stranger (Stranger Series Book 2) by Marie Nash

Janet Tyler lay awake, looking at the ceiling in her bedroom, again. This was getting ridiculous. Lusting after her good friend and self-appointed big brother, Colin Winters was slowing driving her insane. Serial dating wasn’t helping, and she didn’t know what else to do at this point. The bottom line; Colin is off limits. Not that he thought of her in that way. Her mind had yet to grasp that message. So, here she was. Having another sleepless night.
In the past, Janet would have called her best friend, Tara. But Tara recently married and had a baby a couple of months ago. She wouldn’t appreciate a phone call in the middle of the night. No, Janet was on her own with this one, which meant that she had to get past this attraction to Colin. Because nothing would come of it but heartache. She was seriously thinking about cutting down her contact with him. She would only see him when necessary.
It would be strange at first, but that was the only way to protect herself. Colin has been busy the last few months so he probably wouldn’t even notice her absence. She would miss him, though. He had been in her life for a long time. But she was tired of pretending to be his friend. She wanted more and had for a while now. She had never told anyone, and probably never would. Not even Tara.
She turned over and pulled out the drawer in the bedside table. She hated taking a sleep aid, but she had to go to work tomorrow and needed at least a few hours of sleep. She opened the bottle and shook out a tablet. She swallowed it down with a sip of water. All she had to do was wait for it to take effect. She sighed and closed her eyes.
Colin stared out his bedroom window, lost in his thoughts. He was convinced he was breaking some moral code having naughty thoughts about Janet Tyler. They came out of hiding the night the two of them had dinner at Tara’s place. He had been looking out for them as a brother of sorts for a long time. The carnal thoughts he’s been having lately about Janet were not brotherly. That night opened his eyes to how smart and beautiful she had become. His attraction for her had been dormant for years. He never thought it would go anywhere, and then, wham!
If she had any idea what he wanted to do to her, she would give him a strange look and asked what drug he was taking. Of course, there was one time when he thought she looked at him with longing in her eyes. But when she caught him staring back, she flashed that beautiful smile, and he figured he must have imagined it. For the rest of that evening, she never looked directly at him again. Could it be possible that she was feeling the same way about him and like him, she thought they couldn’t cross that line between friends to lovers?
He turned from the window and sat down in a chair across from his bed. He couldn’t go on like this. One way or another, he had to resolve this situation. He had to find out what was in Janet’s head. He wanted her badly. He had to know if she wanted him, too. If she didn’t, it would be hard, but he would have no choice but to move on. And if she did, Tyler had to find a way to get over his guilt for wanting her. Because he would pursue her to no end.
A plan was forming in his mind to make it happen. He hoped he didn’t regret his actions.
Janet stopped at the entrance to her office. Colin was here. She would know his scent in a crowded room blindfolded. She didn’t have to guess why he was here. She hadn’t returned any of his calls. She should have known he would drop by and check on her. They kept in touch with each other regularly, and she hadn’t spoken to him for about a week now.
She took a deep breath and walked into her office. Colin had his back to her, looking out of her window. His wide shoulders were very prominent beneath his jacket. He stood with his legs apart, oblivious to her presence.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we’ll add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 12th-18th

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