The Brooks family is growing a close second to the Johnson family as a group to want to be a part or in their life. The story was short and a good read. A little housekeeping: So, you’ll know the hero was cocky and got on my last nerves, but he also had me cheering for his cockiness by the time the story ended. The playa Brooks and golden boy was allergic to being with one woman and hard work led this story. He’d made his career living off his good looks and charm. I don’t know any men in his financial bracket, but it still baffled me this man thought it was okay to live off his family’s wealth and not add to it. When he later made a move to change his mother’s image of him by getting a real job, I was happy. Stephan Brooks was finally going to make his mother proud. So, he took a job at his mother’s agency. Once he was there, his quick interest in his mother’s number one assistant proved to be a problem with his immediate plans.

Roselle Parker caught his eye, and the rest, as they say, was history. After a problem with one of the sales, a vacancy cropped up in the crew that was heading to an assignment in Paris. With the great job Stephan was doing, his mother appointed him to go to Paris with Roselle. That trip proved to be the temptation and the added desire to satisfy both women in his life. Although Roselle tried hard to resist the magical charms of one Stephan Brooks, her hard work failed to come to fruition. While in Paris, the two decided that two nights would be enough to quell all the emotions bubbling between them. That proved to be the biggest lie ever told. Despite the way Stephan got on my nerves, as earlier stated, he was a nice guy when you looked at him close and personal. Roselle enjoyed the up-close view. You’ll love this story. My rating 4.0 stars.

Review – Two Nights in Paris (Brooks Family Book 5), by Delaney Diamond

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