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It’s Not Love, It’s Business (Young In Love Book 2) by Elle Wright

How one night turned into fifteen and counting is beyond me. I never imagined ending up here. I’m a Marriage Broker, not a matchmaker… Especially for myself! It was always a ruse. Perception, not reality. For a purpose, not for always. Business, not romance.

Want to know my plan? A simple assist, a favor.

Want to know my potential downfall? Him. His sincere eyes, his intoxicating smile, his scintillating personality. Oh, and our out-of-control chemistry.

Formal galas, public dinner dates… that’s what this was supposed to be. Lazy mornings, Netflix and chill, impromptu road trips… that wasn’t our thing. Until it was.

Spoiler alert: I can’t resist him, so I won’t. Everything is bad but he’s so good. Ironic, huh? I thought so, too. Just like I thought this arrangement was only temporary. Except… what if it’s everlasting love?

IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S BUSINESS is book two in the Young In Love Series, featuring the very large, very fun Young Family. If you love romance with layered characters and laugh out loud moments, snag your copy. This novel contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subjects that some may find triggering.


First Last & Forever by Ivy Laika

Can a weekend in Vegas lead to genuine love?

Dreaux meets hopeless romantic Wisdom, who challenges his belief system that love doesn’t exist. 
After an encounter with Destini Noah believes that he has found the woman his heart belongs to. The only problem is, he belongs to someone else.

These four individuals go on a journey to discover what love truly means to them. But, in the end, will they find their forever? Or will a weekend in Vegas just be a weekend in Vegas?


Executive Entanglements (I Can Have it All Book 2) by Tia Love

What do you do when the love isn’t enough anymore?

Five years. A husband and a set of twins. A new business. Calliope has achieved every goal on her vision board since leaving her job as a personal assistant to one of Seattle’s prominent tech CEOs to marry him and have his babies. Now, with her eccentric twins turning six, it’s time to focus more time and energy on her PR agency, Creative Connections. As she’s establishing her name as the go-to for public relations on the West coast, the furthest thing from her mind is getting pregnant again, but her husband has his own plans. 

Brandon Sims is used to two things: success and getting his way. His life as CEO of Payout, Inc, and husband to one of the baddest women in the world has taught him that there’s nothing that he can’t have or do. That’s why Calliope’s adamant refusal to even entertain the idea of more kids has him having thoughts that threaten to topple everything they’ve built together.

When their bond is tested, and misunderstandings put the relationship in danger, can they hit the reset button and remember what brought them together in the first place? 


Seducing a Savage (Boss Babe Novella Series) by B. Love

Savage: Not able to be controlled. Untamed. 

When Toussaint returns to Memphis, his memories are bittersweet. Though it always feels good coming home to family and friends, it is also a reminder of how long he’s been away… and how much has changed. After having spent the past seven years actively securing his place as an international financial juggernaut, the simplicities of home are a stark reminder of how much he’s given up making his financial dreams a reality. Now used to finer experiences, luxury living, and modelesque girlfriends, the down home, southern charm is like a foreign breath of fresh air… until the sight of Vanessa nearly suffocates him.

Once the typical girl next door, Vanessa Givens became the definition of overnight success when a well-known celebrity stumbled across her line of natural skin and haircare products. She went from barely booked to so busy she had to quickly enlist the help of a small army to process the orders that came in. No matter how much money Vanessa makes, she’s never lost connection to her roots and what matters most… which is why Toussaint’s mother begs Vanessa to help remind her son of the priorities he’s forgotten.

Vanessa is given seven days to help Toussaint regain the importance of family and community. He’s become known as a brute savage, valuing only his next investment. No woman can capture his attention for more than one night and leave him wanting more. Will Vanessa be yet another woman who falls victim to Toussaint’s priorities, or will her feminine charms influence him enough to finally plant his roots as she tries to seduce a savage?


His Love Is More Than Enough : Harlem and Constance by Mel Dau

Harlem Samuel LaCroix is a self-made man who moves how he pleases. He’s a street dude but doesn’t do street dude things but the one night he is forced to show his hand is the night that changes his life. “She’s a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash”, becomes a literal statement when his discovers an abandoned baby in the trash of his trap house. Being the honorable man, he took this as a sign to promise himself to this child and be her father. Sammi Harlem LaCroix is the crown given to her by her father and she would grow up to be the diamond she was intended to be under his watchful eye. 

Constance Za’Tashca Parker is a woman just trying to make a way for herself in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being a teacher was definitely her passion, but the pay was her pain causing her to seek other means of income. Landing a prime position as a personal receptionist/caregiver for the owner of Suds Brothers, she is pushed head first into the life of Harlem and Sammi. Her love for teaching and being a servant leader makes this position one more of love than work. All is well until her past comes to hunt her of actions she 
took many years ago. Will her past be her demise?

When these two lives become intertwined in business and love will Harlem’s love be enough to carry Constance past her past. Will he be strong enough to love a woman who isn’t perfect and life decisions could have had a tragic end?

Find out in this Final Install of the Novella Trilogy, His Love Is More Than Enough.


Ride My Wave by Avalon Scott

Osiris wanted it all. A wife, children, a happy home and he worked his way up from the bottom to make the dream his reality. However, his dreams didn’t align with his reality, and he was forced to adapt to the circumstances given.

Khari’s dream of becoming a singer was finally happening, that is until she is blackballed because she wasn’t willing to relinquish control of her career to her greedy manager. With her back against the wall, and her career up in the air, Khari’s forced to reconsider the path she is on.

Fate brought these two together but was it for a blessing or a lesson. The pair must figure out if they can help each other overcome their personal battles or ride the wave of happiness together.


Natural Selection by Cherish Amore

Settled and happy where life has led her after a few bumps in the road, Melody is content with being a single mom, navigating her best through life. All she wants to do is be an amazing mom, a good friend, and a better version of herself than the day before.

Malcom is successful, sexy, and a ladies’ man. With no real commitments or loyalties to anyone, which he vehemently avoids, he moves freely through life on a daily basis. A trip to the gym causes the pair to meet. Not wanting a man in her life, Melody denies the passes while Malcom is persistent. Taking his chance, Malcom is intent about proving himself wrong with Melody, yet problems still arise.

Will what has been naturally selected withstand the tests they face, or is it easier for Melody and Malcom to just cut ties?


Temptation : A Center City Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Center City it seems is in a season of Temptation. There is a new mayor, Stefano Bridges who brings fresh and innovative ideas but it seems that is the least of the changes going on. Relationships and friendships are changing— not all for the better and instant decisions wreak havoc on lives. But Center City and it’s inhabitants always manage to right their wrongs— but has the tides turned? Will they grab what they want in politics and life— simply because they are tempted?


Silly of Me by Bree Wright

The last thing on Jewel Montgomery’s mind was men. Jewel is in the prime of her life creating a name for herself. She prides herself in being a woman and a Project Manager. Jewel is working in a male dominated field, but that didn’t put fear in her heart. If anything, it put fear in everyone else. Unlike Jewel’s work life, her personal life was placed on the backburner. After dealing with her own trauma with men, Jewel’s guard was up higher than ever. She spent most of her time weeding through the good and the bad. 

Sammual Longhall was a man with money on a mission. He had a goal to give back to his community, which involved creating outlets for them to grow. He wants to build a future not only for himself, but for his kids and their kids. Sammual knows it is going to take a strongminded person to help with this job, which is when he is introduced to Project Manager Montgomery.

When Sammual is introduced to Jewel, he is immediately smitten. He was never a man to believe in love at first sight, but he was witnessing it. Jewel, however, is unimpressed. But with Sammual’s consistency and vibes, Jewel finds herself opening up to him, however, is it safe for Jewel to open up to Sammual? Should they mix business with pleasure, or will Jewel end up letting down her guard, falling crazy in love with Sammual, and allowing love to make a fool of her?


The B Side by Zahara

Hidden in the shadows of her sister’s, Aurora Mason has always longed for the love of one man only, her father. Desperate for him to love and accept her she enters a relationship that promises to keep her in his sight. An unexpected betrayal lands Aurora miles away from her comfort zone.

Up and coming producer Sincere “B Side” Abate is trapped in a relationship that has lost its spark. Loyalty and manipulation keep him bound to his long-term girlfriend. When tragedy strikes Sin packs up leaving everything behind to advance his career.

What happens when these two worlds collide? Will Rory and Sin find comfort in each other or will secrets and past traumas threaten to tear them apart? 


Better Days Ahead 2 (Dare to Win Summer Games) by TD Bryant

Friendship Comes at a Cost… But How Much?

Someone firebombs the home of volleyball player Nona Clay and her father, resulting in death. The young boy accused of setting the fire holds a special bond with Nona, but the relationship between her and the boy’s mother turns bitter.

The unfortunate incident compels the Summer Games Bronze medalist to search for answers to unite the family that befriended her after her mom’s death as a teen. 

Nona and her fiancé superstar hurdler, Blaine McDonald, don’t agree between her friendship and loyalty and demand that she cut ties with the family.

Nona faces choosing sides once more or leading with her heart.

Will the couple’s odds block their second chance at romance, or will they stride forward into the future?

Better Days Ahead is a short

fiction that’s the second in the Sports Series Dare to Win Summer Games

centered around different athletes and their stories of courage and overcoming love challenges.

*Steamy but not explicit.


The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon

When a personal trainer agrees to fake date her client, all rules are out the window in this “fun, heartfelt, and totally relatable” romantic comedy (Abby Jimenez, NYT bestselling author of Life’s Too Short).

When it comes to personal training, Taylor Powell kicks serious butt. Unfortunately, her bills are piling up, rent is due, and the money situation is dire. Taylor needs more than the support of her new best friends, Samiah and London. She needs a miracle.

And Jamar Dixon might just be it. The oh-so-fine former footballer wants back into the NFL, and he wants Taylor to train him. There’s just one catch—no one can know what they’re doing. But when they’re accidentally outed as a couple, Taylor’s game plan is turned completely upside down. Is Jamar just playing to win . . . or is he playing for keeps?


Surrender: An Erotic Short by Rilzy Adams

“In twelve years unless we’re with other people I’ll fly you somewhere and you’ll give me two nights…”

The pact was so ridiculous, Yara forgot about it soon after it was made.
What were the odds she and Lennox would still be single in twelve years?
What were the odds they’d still have the hots for each other?
Practically zero, right?
Until they weren’t.
Yara is tempted to decline when Lennox emails her plane tickets and a reminder she promised him two nights for the full exploration of her body, but her curiosity gets the best of her.
What follows is more than either of them could ever bargain for and Yara learns that sometimes the key to indescribable pleasure is to surrender.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 16th-22nd

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