Settled and happy where life has led her after a few bumps in the road, Melody is content with being a single mom, navigating her best through life. All she wants to do is be an amazing mom, a good friend, and a better version of herself than the day before. 
Malcom is successful, sexy, and a ladies’ man. With no real commitments or loyalties to anyone, which he vehemently avoids, he moves freely through life on a daily basis. 
A trip to the gym causes the pair to meet. Not wanting a man in her life, Melody denies the passes while Malcom is persistent. Taking his chance, Malcom is intent about proving himself wrong with Melody, yet problems still arise. 
Will what has been naturally selected withstand the tests they face, or is it easier for Melody and Malcom to just cut ties?


New Release Spotlight – Natural Selection, by Cherish Amore

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