The story took place in a three-part series, and I wanted so much to like this man, and I wanted to hate his loyal wife. I tried to call her a dumbass and all kinds of ugly names, and in the end, I got it. I understood her position. She forced herself to deal with a horrific situation with a supposed baby’s momma who acted like a tramp with a capital T. However, after pulling back the covers and looking through all the sheets, the ex appeared in a different light as well. I still did not like her even after the plot revealed more of her story. Logan and Atarah’s story spoke about a woman able to love her man past the pain from his actions. Throughout the three books, I told myself repeatedly, the wife acted like a nut case. By the time I reached the final installment, I had praised his wife more times than I cared to admit. One thing that endeared her to me was her conviction to stand by Logan. The other dealt with his willingness to show openness enough for her to hear his side. The author believes this woman’s choice was the right decision for Atarah. My husband can attest to the fact, it would have taken more than three books to win my heart again. I’m not saying I would not have forgiven; I am saying it would ‘ve taken longer. I applaud the author for making me believe in this heroine. 4.0 stars.

Review – Their Impenetrable Bond, by Shenaé Hailey

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