Does anyone remember what it was like to get the last taste of your first kiss? Well, I do, and it was nothing to write home about. Sheesh! I wondered for a few minutes about the significance of the title and later realized how profound the title was to the story overall. Another thing I realized was the fact that I don’t recognize all the new artist these guys write about and include in their books. Old school and I’ve got you in spades. And thanks heavens many of the authors add the songs at the end of the books for us to peruse.

But here is the thing I must say to the avid readers; I can’t begin to say how much I enjoyed this story. Much of the narrative had me in stitches, as this author has a way with words and telling a story. She had me hollering out loud and holding my stomach with her snappy dialogue and sometimes pithy discussions between characters.   Calista Franklin was a romantic at heart, even though her love life was non-existent. Her best friend chose to have a quick wedding, and Calista was the maid of honor. She would connect to the best man by way of the groom. Kirk Langley was the best man in the wedding. Kirk and Dustin were best friends, as were Aeryn and Calista.

And then there was the witch from the West named Kimberly. I could tell by the way the author framed the story with the protagonist and antagonist at odds during the entirety of the story; we were in for a catch-22 type of story. We had to decide whether to maim the antagonist or punch her in the face.

And then there was the littlest character with the most considerable part of my heart stolen and taken hostage by her sweetness. Ciel was the niece of Kirk who’d come to live with him after a tragedy in their family. Her story tugged at my heart and pulled many emotions as the story progressed. I enjoyed the way Kirk fell in step and never looked back once faced with his life-changing challenge. I was happier when he and Calista decided to go with their hearts and make magic together. When they finally shared a last first kiss, they hoped it would hold them for more than a while.  I delight when mentioning the extras because they are the backbone of many stories and provide readers with the villain to hate passionately. The author always provides us with the chance to be happy and offers moments of reflection. Camari, Kyle, Dyana, Jacoby, Kim, Ryann, Tashima, and Deonte, along with Kirk’s parents added more than enough oomph to the narrative to keep readers engrossed in the story. The love scenes were hot and steamy. The story had many facets and was well worth reading a few times. The splendidly written story overwhelmingly captured 5+ Stars.

Review – Last First Kiss, by Nicole Falls

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