The story featured DJ, Nyema Landry who was hell bent on staying single and keeping men at a distance. Her career’s high and emotional release was all about the music. Then Langston Goode, a respected guy from the business world, who one day hoped to catch her eye. The two didn’t exude a stable connection enough to be defined as friends. The better description was aggravating non-friends. The story is nicely written, and both characters highly likable. Langston was a real catch, and it took him a minute to get Nyema to see them as a great couple with lots of chemistry. Langston’s Carlton Banks side was preppy and dressed to the nines, and then his young Denzel gangster mindset could put it down in the bedroom. The man made you want to call him out and sing his praises in the same sentence. A side note: Neill’s hilarious with his scheming behind the scenes. The other ancillary characters gave stories to hope for in the future. With Niko, Jayde, and cutie Paul Lawrence. The 90s show drop-ins had me laughing and reminiscing. The stories many layers, and the saying opposites attract proved correct in this story. Nyema and her music was an excellent way to carry her side of the story. The author did a great job bringing Nyema to life in a bold musical story and, a woman about her business. I so love a female with a quirky personality and a man with the nerves to love her despite their differences. So, so good. 5 Stars.

Review – A Natural Transition, by Nicole Falls

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