Okay, Aja decided to drive a hard bargain by bringing readers a sexy one-two punch with this sensational story. Zora and Khalil were what the author described as ideally suited to be together as a couple. Although Zora wore many titles and hats, one eluded her. She was not a wife. And to her credit, she had all the qualities to make that happen, she’d never met a man who withstood her strong opinions regarding men.  Zora was a leading podcaster in her market.  One night, she received a call from a guy who sounded much like her. He might’ve outshined her in opinionated ideas.  Khalil was smarty pants personified, who’d grown up with his head in books. He was unlike the other boys who were inside a pair of panties or between thighs. Later, because of his progressive knowledge and business acumen, Khalil amassed a fortune with his inventions and software products.  When Khalil decided to research his latest app, he took the reins and chose to do the research himself. He heard a podcast and decided the lady did not have a clue about which she spoke, so he called in and gave her his undivided opinion about her podcast contents. The two confabulated and then drew conclusions about the other’s state of mind, and they left the conversation angry as a Frantic Frizzly Fox and a Red Rooster.

The way the story brought this couple together was enticing. Neither wanted to reveal too many personal things about themselves to the other. The possibility of that scenario working with alter egos the size of Neptune didn’t say so much about who they were; it showed how much they each had in common, intellectually and emotionally. I did not like Zora’s reaction to a situation when it was clear she should’ve picked up on the facts better. And Khalil was trying to prove his point that real love didn’t exist just to make his argument. Zora, the Spicy Sista, met the Ironclad Intellectual with a heart of gold. The irony in this tale, they were, in fact, soulmates from the conversation he initiated. A good story, I rated 4.5 stars.

Review – She’s Got Soul (Soulmates Book 1), by Aja

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