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Distorted Perceptions by Diana W.*

Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

For Cassandra Watson, witnessing her husband Elliott’s infidelity first-hand gives her enough grief to send her entire world into a tailspin. Painful scars, long buried from her traumatic past, begin to reemerge emotionally and even physically in the form of her ex, the charming and persuasive Julian McCoy. Cassandra finds herself wrapped back up in Julian, but soon realizes he comes with his own transgressions towards her. Dangerous discoveries of murder, cover-ups, and lies cause her to question if the reality she knows is even genuine.

How true are your “truths”, if they’re only related to your perception?



All I Want for Christmas by Nicole Falls*

The holiday season is a perfect time for second chances with your first love.


If shorts aren’t your jam, you may want to bypass this one in lieu of forthcoming longer Nicole Falls projects. Also, it helps if you’ve read sugar butter flour love before venturing into this one.



Gingerbread Wishes: A Sexy Holiday Short by Té Russ*

When Eve Harper is assigned the task of trying to convince the owner of a cookie factory – in her hometown of all places – to sell, she gets more than she bargained for when she runs into the owner’s nephew, Gabriel Meyers.



On My Way To You: An Urban Love Story by Monica Walters

Keisha Landry is in a fix like none other. She went against the code of the hood, and now she is paying for it. One loyal yet twisted decision leads to Keisha hiding in a closet, in desperate need of help. Ryan sends the help she needs, but when she sees that help, she’s mesmerized. From that moment on, Keisha doesn’t want to imagine life without him, and she doesn’t even know his name yet.
Sheppard Andrews has only been in love once. That love was reserved for the mother of his daughter. When she was killed in Iraq, Sheppard entered a depression that no one could seem to pull him out of. Doing his best to walk a straight line comes to a screeching halt when he receives a call from long-time friend, Ryan, to save a chick named Keisha Landry. He doesn’t know her, but if Ryan thinks she’s worth saving, then that’s all that matters. The moment he sees her, he knows that she possesses the power to have him groveling at her feet.
So many obstacles stand in the way of Sheppard and Keisha’s connection. He vows to take care of her and protect her from her not so over drama, but after blasting his way to her, they both realize that her troubles are following her wherever they go.



One Night Affair: Love in 24 Hours by Kendra Reeves

There’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between ~Unknown

Presson Palmer is more than a pretty face. The successful businesswoman has the confidence and intelligence to match. Constantly focused on the direction of her business has landed Presson a meeting with Mr. Kross Alexander. Despite her efforts, Presson can’t deny the fiery attraction to the handsome man.

Kross Alexander never expected to find an attractive, bold and brilliant woman at this business meeting until Presson entered the room. Captivated by her personality, he wishes for his chance to spend time with her alone. Who knew that one meeting could lead to one dinner that has Presson and Kross torn between one night of passion or their destiny? Join Presson and Kross as they discover if their one night is not enough for them after all.



Rekindled (A Time To Remember Saga Book 1) by Parker Kingston

Graduation day was set to be the best day of Michael Harrison and Brielle King’s lives. With a ring in hand, Michael planned to take the plunge and ask his college sweetheart to marry him in front of all of their family and friends. However, an old mistake of Michael’s strikes disaster, casting a dark circle over the couple that they couldn’t overcome.

Fast forward almost two years later, and after successfully managing to avoid one another at all costs, the twosome finds themselves forced together much to each of their dismay. Despite their desire to stay out of each other’s path, sparks fly when a tragic event causes Michael and Brielle to reconnect.

It seems as if the couple is on the fast track to working their way back into each other’s hearts, but dangers lurk in the shadows desperate to keep them apart. Figures from Brielle and Michael’s past rear their ugly heads, and by the end of it all one of them is left with their lives hanging in the balance.

Is it too late? Or will Michael and Brielle beat all odds as their old love is rekindled?



Ace (The Negus Effect Series Book 3) by D. Camille

Ethan Hall is The Ace. As the next to answer the call from The Master, he picks up the mission to protect the residents of Detroit. Known for his handsome face, wicked tongue and smooth moves, Ethan is put to the test, when he tries to uncover the tangled web of corruption surrounding the city.

In the midst of the investigation, Ethan discovers more than he bargained for, including the woman who wins his jaded heart…



Something New (Moore Friends Book 1) by Celeste Granger

Love was in bloom all around her.

Lynette Jones resigned herself to living vicariously through the extraordinary love of others. She had not found that kind of impassioned, overwhelming affection herself, and Lynette was okay with that, even as she attended the wedding of her best friend, Samantha McLemore. Lynette was happy that real love was possible, although, for her, love remained a distant fantasy.

What she didn’t know is that someone had a gleam in his eye reserved just for her. That, someone, was Elijah Sinclair. When he saw Lynette, nothing else seemed to matter. He was enamored with her, and Elijah determined that he wouldn’t let another moment pass by without making Lynette his something new.

This is a short story that does no end on a cliffhanger.



New Year Kiss: a short story by D. Rose

Nina Wilkerson wants nothing more than to bring in the new year and her birthday in the arms of her boyfriend and rapper, Mecca Watson. But with him away for work, she is forced to make other plans.

While on tour, Mecca devises a plan to make sure Nina celebrates her birthday in the best way possible.

Will his surprises be enough to make up for his absence?

**this short story is a prelude to an upcoming series**



Holiday Surprise: A Collide Series Christmas by Millie Belizaire

It is not recommended you read it without having read the accompanying series.

A short and sweet Christmas novella starring everyone’s favorite couple–Kain & Lauren from The Collide Series.

Distance has a way of making you second guess your relationship. Join Kain and Lauren for a glimpse into their post-Collide Series life, and the every day challenges that come with long distance love with a holiday twist.

Holiday Surprise is a short novella written as a gift to fans of the Collide Series, who wanted more from its dynamic couple.

(A sneak peek of The Garden of Eden’s prologue and first two chapters also included.)



The Mirage of Love by Micaiah D. Yhisrael

Mimi and Aaron’s friendship started off with pure intentions. Somewhere along the way they opened up Pandora’s box. Because sometimes we let our hearts speak and we ignore logic. We would rather bask in the glory of our lust filled desires.Lust left unbridled often leads to drama and consequences.Consequences often lead to innocent victims and death.Because what’s done in the dark, has a way of crawling towards the light.And you know what they say, friends make the best lovers except when they belong to another.And if the saying is really true,then why do we often ignore what we needIn search of the superficial things that we want.Sometimes you discover, what we call love isn’t really love at all.It’s more or less a convenient cover, laid over hidden intentions.It’s lust and chemistry, dressed up like love.Love builds you up and is self-less.Love challenges you to be your best self.Anything else is just smoke and mirrors.Anything else is just the mirage of love.



Boy Meets Girl by Kierra Walker

Cedric’s perfect world is turned upside down, when he receives a phone call saying his mother is in critical condition. As if losing his mother isn’t enough, he must face his pregnant girlfriend and father about their affair and plot to kill his mother. Living up to a promise he made his mother, Cedric leaves Phoenix behind for medical school in Los Angeles where he meets Harper. She’s stolen his heart and ran with it, until Cedric finds himself in yet another predicament. Harper isn’t who she claims to be, and neither is he. How will Cedric cope?



Snowflake by Nia Forrester

Running away from his feelings is the one race he’ll never win …

A star athlete and Olympic prospect, Kal Carter is bound for greatness. Everyone says it, only he’s not sure he entirely believes it. Because he’s lost something he can’t replace, and most days feels like he’s holding up the sky; and doing it all on his own.

To maintain focus, he never lets anyone close except in the most superficial ways and he’s become very good at it. Until a long, cold week when the solitary girl next-door who never speaks, smiles or makes eye-contact barges into his life and seems poised to upend the whole doggone thing.



Something About His Love: An Urban Love Story by Lex C.

Giana Belle Stephens has heard that trouble doesn’t last always, but between the drama of her son’s father thinking she’ll always be partly his and her boss who seems to be obsessed with making her job hell, trouble does seem to last always.

Colton “Colt” Harris is the epitome of a real man. Not only does he pride himself on being a real man, but he’s got a heart that won’t allow anything less from the men who cross his path. While Colt may be a little rough around the edges, he loves hard, and with just cause. Colt’s world is full of women who need him, and when Giana finds herself on the cusp of a life changing decision, it just so happens to land her at the center of it.

With Colt’s love in high demand and Giana’s love being something she’s not sure she wants to give, these two find themselves in a drama-filled whirlwind that not even a love like Colt’s may be able to weather until the end.



Second Time Around: A Potter Lake Holiday Short by DL White

Potter Lake, GA is a small town filled with life and love, where the hustle and bustle slows down just enough to notice what— and who is around you.
For recent transplants Sage Owens and Bennett Alexander, their greatest losses marked the end of to have and to hold. While time marches on, it doesn’t move in reverse; it doesn’t bring back the love of your life.
These two souls are drawn together in this quaint town and discover that their meeting is not so accidental but fated. What time may bring this holiday season is a second chance at love.



On The Naughty List: A Falling for a Rose Christmas Special by Stephanie Nicole Norris

She was tired of waiting, and his starvation for her had reached its ultimate peak. So when a Christmas party brings Eden Alexandria Rose and Derek James Clark face to face again, sparks turn into a detonation of desire that lands them both, on the naughty list.

*Authors Note – This is a short story and only meant to give you a look inside Derek and Eden’s Christmas together. This is not their full story which will come early 2019.



All I Want for Christmas by Zona Bullock

All Scott wanted for Christmas was to make Natalie his wife, but his family despised Natalie and if they had anything to do with it, this was not going to pass.
All Natalie wanted for Christmas was Drake her husband whom was locked up, or so Scott thought, sometimes we don’t get what we want for Christmas or at anytime……Part one of a three part series short story ebook



Love Grinches by A. Jones

Two people living on separate coasts have one thing in common, they’ve sworn off love.
They’re grinches to the mere thought of it, but one special holiday brings these two strangers crashing together.
Regardless if they like it or not they realize when it comes to love they aren’t as grinchy as they once believed.
Join Eden and Andre on their journey to love this Christmas season.



Love Impaired by Tonya Franklin

Kiki Bankston hated men. She was completely done with them, and nothing and no one would change her mind… until Jared Graham collided with her coming out of the supermarket parking lot. A chance meeting between two people unintentionally causes Kiki and Jared to look at the three fingers pointing back at them instead of the finger pointing at others that will change their viewpoint about each other as well as love.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!




New Release Round-Up December 24th-30th

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