The story was an exceptionally nice story that sometimes had me in my feelings. Although Demetri was all so alpha man, he was nothing like that around Marley. The two had a forbidden relationship. Demetri was much older and the best friend of his secret girl’s brother. Marley was in a situation with her live-in guy named Drexel.
The story had so much going on, and the sexy love scenes drew my attention to the point of being highly interested in each new love scene. Drexel and Marley, the couple of record were on the last leg in their relationship. The other couple was heading toward the second year of being in a two-year clandestine relationship unknown to her brother and his best friend. Demetri Savant was not willing to continue their relationship until they told his friend when Marley implored Demetri to hold on a little longer. He gave her an ultimatum and then the thing happened they did not expect. Marley planned to carry on hoping to keep her head buried in the sand and anticipated ways to keep both men in her life happy. Things did not go as planned as life did not implode as she’d thought it would with their big reveal. The story continued to flourish and rapidly blossomed. Overall, the story was a good story, and quite enjoyable. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Every Kind of Way, by A. Jones

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