The ‘V Club’ was a bad bunch of beauties whose mission was unclear, mysterious and had me biting my lips with excitement. That was the point of V, to go unnoticed as they accomplished their secretive assignments.

In the second story, the ladies of V had their mission, and as they each delved into the task, it was apparent the leaders had no plans to divulge the full plan at once. V the second, as I called this story, and it was as amazing as the first edition. The second part picked up in the same thrilling manner as the first left off. Khloe was the leading V in this story. Her name was the epitome of correctness in the way she handled her tasks and targets. Versed (Khloe) was always a few steps ahead of the plot, even when she wasn’t clear on the plan. Improvising was her middle name. Versed’s job was to get information on high profile individuals at the university where she attended. As the V club profiled their projects, the university had many parties during the freshmen’s indoctrination into the V. One event that occurred during a party will have you mad as a wet frizzled hen.

Later, the Panda dance and the outfit you will find steamy and exciting. Pay attention to everything, as many events happen during the story. The backstory with the roommates and V’s targets, although interestingly developed and filled with mystery, the story took readers on a raucous ride. Yee Haw! Professor Russell and Khloe will make you grin with glee as their sexual scenes steam up the pages. The story excited, radiated, and had many plot twists to make the story more interesting and worth the wait with each installment. The parts with the university connection had me guessing and wondering what’s the relationship between the university president, the police and the unknown man. Some parts revealed the culprits and other parts will need discovering in part three.  Readers, the story is ramping up for the finale, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. 5 Stars!

Review – V is For Vicious (The Women of V Series Book 2), by Danielle Allen

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