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Christmas in the City by Bria Felicien

Zoe is trying to survive the holiday season without succumbing to winter gloom. By chance, she meets DeAndre, who approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse.



Dancing Through the Snow: A Sexy Holiday Short by Té Russ

From the moment Travis walks into Celeste’s ballet studio to pick up his niece, she knows immediately that all she wants for Christmas…is him.

Bonus throwback holiday short from 2016 included!

Interior designer Noel Kendricks has a strict rule about not getting involved with clients. But when it comes to Adam Byrd, Noel quickly realizes that getting a little naughty during the holidays can be quite nice.



All I Want: A Christmas Short by Alexandria House

Two souls reunite on Christmas, but at the end of the day, will they rekindle what once was or go their separate ways?

This is a VERY short story which contains profanity and sexual content. If you are opposed to any of these elements, this is not the read for you.



Remember the Way: When Love Visits by C. Monet

Maybe sometimes, love needs a second chance because it wasn’t ready the first time around. – Unknown

Those words were spot on for high school lovers Sharnice Thomas and Andreus Gibson. When Sharnice’s brothers falls ill, Andreus wastes no time coming to be a shoulder for her to lean on. Despite how she feels about him and how they left things many years ago, Sharnice can’t find it in her heart turn him away and out of her life.

She couldn’t if she wanted to, being that Andreus has always been like a brother to him. They are connected without a connection. Andreus understood that, but after one look at her, feelings of love punched him in the stomach.

Thirteen years have passed since they shared a love worth living for, but the universe has a funny way of helping you remember the way. Love has come and gone for them both, however, a secret is being held that will bind them together forever. Will Sharnice and Andreus remember the way, or will the secret between them be the thing that pulls them apart? Find out in remember the way.



The First Noëlle: A Novelette by Harleigh Rae

Four Christmas songs. Three chance encounters. Two estranged friends. And an Instagram post to start it all.

When tragedy hits far too close to home for screenwriter Noëlle Emerson, she heads for the highest hills; 3,000 miles from the comfort of her quaint Virginia town. After eight years, nostalgia grips her heartstrings, and the tunnel vision success strategy she’s maintained is subverted. Her emotions spiral out of her control as she grapples with the thought of finally venturing home for the holidays.

With three new Grammys making themselves at home on his mantle, crooner, and proverbial heart-throb, Ezra Graham wants nothing more than to cap off his year with the ones he loves most. With his on-again/off-again girlfriend in tow, he returns to the place where it all began.

NOTE: This is a novelette.



Second Chance Christmas (Calhoun Brothers) Book 4 by Keitra Crooks

With the holidays quickly approaching, Derrick Calhoun was anticipating plenty of Christmas fun with family and friends at the vacation home in Daughton, MO. But all that changed when he found out that London, the woman that broke his heart, was going to spend the week with them. It had been almost a year since he had seen her, after she packed up for Sacramento and walked out of his life; so, Derrick was a little weary on how he would feel when he was face to face with her again.

London Garrett was coming back home to Kansas City to surprise her family for Christmas but the surprise was on her; her parents were in Florida for the holidays. Not wanting her to be alone, her best friend Marissa along with her husband Erick, insisted that she accompany them for Christmas with the Calhoun’s and London begrudgingly agreed. How bad could it be to see Derrick again?

While Derrick and London attempted to keep it friendly, enjoy the holidays and move on; the love they shared with each other made them cross the line. Although he was enjoying London’s company, Derrick had to remember that she was leaving him in two weeks. But at the end of those two weeks, could he let her walk away again and lose his one true love forever? Will London want to leave or will she take a second chance with Derrick and stay?

Catch up with the Calhoun family along with Derrick and London’s second chance at love in Second Chance Christmas.



The Last Christmas: A Mistletoe Miracle by Aubree Pynn

After an uncertain doctor’s report, Valencia heads back home and braces herself for the impact, spending what could be her last holiday with her family. Her only concern is to get through the holiday without making her family worry while taking in all she can. But when her ex heads home she’s forced to feel things she thought she was over. At the top of the things she thought she was over is Ramir Patterson.
Ramir Patterson has been successful in every avenue of his life but love. After failing twice at it he’s decided to focus on his business and making a legacy that would hopefully out live him. But the more time goes on he’s starting to face the fact that the life he dreamed of with the woman he’s dreamed of sharing it with may never happen. That’s until Valencia crosses his path again.
Now that Ramir and Valencia are back on each other’s radar can the love they once shared be rekindled or will life end everything where it stands? Find out in The Last Christmas: A Mistletoe Miracle.



When it Feels Like This by India T. Norfleet

Amiko Childs would be the first to openly admit that she wasn’t over her ex, Quan Briggs. Six years worth of time flew by, and she’s still trying to figure out exactly when and where accusations of wrongdoings took root. While attempts to get over him harbored moments of finding new love, Amiko’s heart still only longed for one man.

When fate unexpectedly brings them back into each other’s lives, every feeling she’s ever felt for Quan returns, and Amiko wonders if a new beginning is in their future as she gets lost in the present. But when the past rears its ugly head once again, Amiko is left wondering if she should just leave well enough alone and hopes that her heart learns how to mend itself with time…

JaQuan “Quan” Briggs has never stopped loving his ex, Amiko. Ending their relationship was one of the hardest days of his life, but he refused to be made a fool of or love a woman who wasn’t trying to reciprocate it. The years away from her left him in constant unrest. But he forced himself to move on with his life until the day she walked back in it. One minute, anger fuels him away from her and the next he can’t keep his hands off her. Before he knew it, he was falling all over again. Just when he feels he’s getting too loose with his heart around Amiko, the discovery of damaging revelations leaves him unsure of everything he thinks he wants.

When parts of the past start to resurface, it becomes glaringly obvious that someone is trying desperately to keep something buried. Amid sex, lies, and jealousy, truths are revealed that could trump forgiveness and ultimately rewrite their futures forever.



His Royal Highness (The Al-Amins Book 1) by Aisha Onekata

Sufyan Muhammad Al-Amin has always craved a simple life. Born into royalty, it’s the one thing he can never have. After the sudden demise of his elder brother under strange circumstances, his worst nightmare comes to be as he automatically finds himself next in line to the throne of a powerful emirate.

But he isn’t the only one with problems. Tammy Adebayo, an average class career woman can’t seem to keep her life from falling apart as she suffers from yet another heartbreak and loses her job too in an unending string of failures.

When a chance meeting brings these two from opposite worlds together, a friendship develops that soon turns into a beautiful love. However, trouble brews in the form of a scheming, manipulative ex-fiancée, and soon Sufyan is faced with the dilemma of choosing between preserving his family’s royal legacy and the woman he loves.

While he grapples with the choice of pleasing his heart or bowing down to tradition for the sake of family, his attempt at finding closure for the death of his brother eventually brings him face to face with a long-standing secret. One that threatens the safety of his family and could mean the end of their rule in the emirate.



Gift Me You: A Holiday Short Story by B.M. Hardin

December is use to spending the holidays alone, but that is about to change. Not only does she find herself swept off her feet by the handsome and successful, Andre, but there’s another man after her heart.
Her Ex.
The only problem is, she doesn’t know which ex it is. For 12 days, December receives gifts that remind her of what love is supposed to be, but the sender of the gifts remain a mystery.
Who are they from?
Who wants her back?
And which man will she choose?
True Love sometimes comes by surprise. And sometimes it’s the person right in front of your eyes. But on rare occasions, true love could be your ex. Take this holiday journey with December to see what happens next!



Courtship: A ‘Snowflake’ Novel by Nia Forrester

Ibrahim Carter needs to chart a new course for his life. Having returned home after almost a decade in prison, he is no longer father to a young son nor husband to a deferential wife. Now, his son is a father himself, and his wife, Jada, is a woman changed by her newfound independence.

Struggling to figure out his future, his marriage, and most especially his very identity, Ibrahim finds that to move forward, he must look back …

Over the course of one weekend, he and Jada revisit the first heady days of their young and often immature romance, remembering the courtship that ripened into love, and trying to decide whether the bond they once shared can be revived or is gone for good.



A Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Smalltown Romance) by Tasha L. Harrison

“He looks like he could plow my north field without a horse.”

Sonja Watts needs to re-enter the workforce after divorcing her husband of thirteen years. Taking the advice of her sister Birdie and her best friend Estelle, she signs up for a six-week course for entrepreneurs; hoping that she will learn everything she needs to know to build a business to support herself and her kids.

On the first night of class, Sonja is able to ignore the fact that most of the students were younger than her by ten years or more. It was what she expected. But when the instructor walks in, she debates packing up her new twelve hundred dollar laptop and walking out.

Sonja couldn’t remember the last time she looked at a man with little more interest than she give a sturdy dining room table. She was just disinterested.

But wow, did Atlas James grab her interest.

Atlas hasn’t been interested in dating since he moved back home from California. Adjusting to new found success in the town where everyone sees him as that big, geeky guy who cut grass for pocket change when they were in high school has been awkward. Aside from a couple of one night stands, he hasn’t really wanted to pursue a relationship with anyone until sweet, shy Sonja signs up for his class.

Compact, curvy, and juicy in all the right places, being in the same room Sonja Watts ignites all of those giddy feelings he felt when he had his first crush. He wants to know her and he’s pretty sure she wants to know him — despite the age difference that she seems to be so fixated on.

With her future riding on the success of her new business, Sonja has no time for distraction. Will she be able to keep her eyes on her own paper or will they remain glued to Atlas’s biceps and thick thighs?



The Christmas Grind by K. Harris

From his former crush to her current lust, practical strangers Jeffrey and Tamela have a past that only one of them is aware of when they meet after years of living different lives. Though Tamela was considered as one of the popular kids, she despised their bullying actions. Having outgrown their silly taunts of yesteryear, Jeffrey comes face to face with the chocolate angel that stole his heart many moons ago. Introducing her to the success story that overcame those torturous teen years became his obsession as he lavished her with the love he always dreamed of.

Single mother Tamela Scott is finding it hard to give her daughter everything she wants and more for Christmas when her teacher’s salary only covers the monthly expenses. Taking on a part-time job as a barista at a popular coffee shop, she meets the gorgeous attorney Jeffrey Stanford. Only after awkward commentary over the origin of his name did he reveal that he was also the owner of Common Grind. From that day to the next, Tamela tried to ignore the many inappropriate lustful thoughts that she had about her boss turned friend.

When their past tormentor comes back to start some unnecessary drama, Jeff attempts to distract her but the building lust between them takes over blurring the lines of friends and lovers. Can Tamela see past her trust issues to let Jeff show her the love she lacks or did him withholding valuable information ruin his chances?



Unconditional by November Sinclair

What happens when a Queen finally meets her King. Everything seems to fall in place or does it?
Recent graduate with her PhD. Queen is ready to step out in the world all while establishing her psychology practice. One night of celebration lands her in the arms of her knight in shining armor.
Brandon is a successful accountant living in Atlanta. Women seem to fall at his feet and he never settle for one until Queen walks into his life.
Will the life of love and luxury continue to prosper for ATL’s hot new couple with so many wanting a piece of Brandon. Will their new found love be able to pass the test and remain unconditional?
This fast paced novella will have you wanting more!



Honey by Maya Mahree

When two women realize they’re in love with the same man, all hell breaks loose…and all hearts crumble.

Trinity Vaughn is in pursuit of one thing: a safe place. As a woman who only bears witness to pain and abandonment, she has no choice but to believe love is the only safe place there is. The only problem is…she’s looking for it in all of the wrong places and doesn’t even know it.

Fed up with being reduced to her longtime boyfriend’s bed buddy, she finds comfort in the arms of his best friend, Kelly, and their one-night together turns into a full-fledged undercover affair. But Trinity only sees love, and she’s willing to risk it all for it. But in an effort to convince him to do the same, she makes a desperate decision that she can’t take back.

Meanwhile Kelly’s girlfriend, Vanessa Anderson, is a woman of happy endings, and there’s no happy ending without him. Naïve to Kelly’s betrayal, she refuses to think that the shift between them is anything other than a rough patch, because they promised that nothing would ever tear them apart. Ignoring all of the red flags, Vanessa is determined to fight for Kelly and hold onto their relationship, even as her ex begins to sneak up on her promising her a love she deserves.

A couples vacation causes Trinity and Vanessa’s worlds to collide in a way neither of them saw coming, and they find themselves forced to face their biggest fear – losing the one man they love the most.

But love is a losing game…right?



Destiny (Rose Creek Book 1) by Kimberly Marchand

Destiny Hardy was getting married!

Destiny wasn’t a happy bride to be. Doubts lingering and worried was she making the right decision, her bestfriend decided to announced on Destiny’s wedding day that she was in love with Destiny’s fiancé.
Brokenhearted, Destiny abruptly left the city. Her car broke down in Rose Creek, Louisiana. A handsome sheriff Brendan Giles entered her life. The last thing she expected was to find love.
Will she allow Brendan to love her?
Can she open her heart again?



Tis the Season to Fall in Love by Pamela Campbell

Christmas was always Mariah’s favorite holiday. She always went all out with her Christmas decorations for her home and her business. She loved shopping for her friends and staff at the Spring Creek Therapy Center.
Calvin began to hate Christmas, ever since he lost his mother during the holiday.
This Christmas, Mariah was finding it a little challenging to get herself completely into the Christmas spirit after the bad news she received.
Can Mariah and Calvin experience a Christmas miracle and fall in love? Will they get back their love for the Christmas holiday?


Dial My Heart: A Novella by Wynta Tyme

Peppermint Mills has lost her mother to cancer. Alone and devastated, she turned to the only person she felt she connected to, her boyfriend Demonte. However, Demonte had demons of his own.

Fully exposed to the real him, Peppermint was thrusted into preterm labor. Peppermint made her peace with leaving Demonte, but she wasn’t prepared for the impact of postpartum depression. When the depression struck, Peppermint was losing her fight against her insecurities. To make matters worse, she was gradually disconnecting from her newborn child. In the mist of teary eyes and a broken heart, Peppermint misdials and connects to a complete stranger.

Brayton Middleton may not have known what postpartum depression felt like, but he knew all too well the first-time parent jitters. After answering a call from a complete stranger, he’s forced to sympathize and push aside his past troubles with love.

Both Peppermint and Brayton are faced with a fresh chance at love, but not everyone is happy for their union. An old obsession with Brayton turns dangerous and although Peppermint is in love, she struggles with being loved.



Sleigh Squared: Extended Version (Love Me Later Book 2) by Grey Huffington

Ever had a man to put you first?
Prioritize your presence.
Emphasize your existence.
Maintain his focus… on you?
Over everything?
As if it was nothing?

I hadn’t either, not until him.
Not until Harlem Knight.




If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 9th-15th

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