Jake knew he needed to stay on the straight and narrow, but he vacillated about leaving the lifestyle he’d known and lived for years.  Jake watched his best friend almost lose his wife over the streets, and the lifestyle looked bleaker every moment he thought about his predicament. “Beyond the Bag” and this entire series was one of the best light urbanbooks I’ve read in a while. The author delivered another adult romantic tale about grown folks finding a more profound way of loving and the sacrifices they endured to move forward. Jake’s supporting cast included his family and friends we met in earlier books.  I liked that he embraced his relationship with his son, and the indifference between him and Sandra made better sense once their backstory was thoroughly detailed. In the story, the family dynamics were bittersweet, a little sad, and I’m intrigued by the changes to come as Ralph’s story in the next book releases. A few times, I worried that his friend Carlton would drag Jake back to the street games. Thankfully, he did not take the bait and was able to stay out of harm’s way. The best part involved Jake getting a second chance with the love of his life. That was super sweet because Aza was the one for Jake. It was evident the two never got over one another, despite the years they spent apart. Aza was the woman he’d needed all along. Their chemistry and hot moments together were a joy for eager hearts. Jake realized his old life was no longer a viable plan, and Aza was the cause, effect, and the solution to his heart’s desires. 5.0 Stars!

Review – Beyond the Bag: Jake’s Story, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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