Dallas and Delanie’s relationship story kept my interest and had me calling my Kindle names. The couple’s exes had so many issues I wasn’t sure everyone would get out unscathed. The title was fitting for this story.  *New Author Alert*

The couple made a foundation for their love. Their relationship was a showcase in the book, and the drama the couples endured because of their exes, the dramatics were tantamount to the villainous events both employed. Jasmine, Delanie’s ex, was bat-spit-crazy. Dallas’s ex Rick was equally as crazy. I don’t get it why folks don’t act right when they’re dismissed because they ruined their relationship and no longer needed? Why can’t they move on and get a real life?  I thought it was cool when Delanie and Dallas chose not to give their relationship a title, you know – my man, your lady, etc.  Not having a title seemed to work well for them. They knew how they felt about one another. It wasn’t necessary to label things. What they had the most trouble with involved the people who tried to ruin the love between them.  The couple’s happily ever after was much needed and deserved.  I hope to see what happens with Amber and Jax, they had moments of note in the tale. A critique note: There were quite a few random moments in the story to include the epilogue. The over-the-top nicknames sometimes distracted the story. Overall, the nicknames did not deluge the story, and the happily-ever-after part was on point. The tale was a delightful read. 3.5 Stars.

Review – Foundations: Dallas and Delanie (Book 2), by Nai. L.

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