As I read this story, I tried to discern if the writer reminded me of anyone, and I was able to determine whom the writing was similar. The writer in question is on my lists of to read, whenever she releases a novel. A. Marie Johnson is a sweet addition thus far.

In this story, Noni Clark was a wedding planner tasked with planning the wedding for her ex’s sister, Avery. Noble Preston was a celebrity and the once close friend to Noni.  Barbara was the momzilla, who was not happy to have Noni anywhere near her precious son. She made no bones about warning Noni to stay away from Noble. Even though the two had no interactions in nine years, his mother wanted to assure herself, the old sparks between her son and Noni would never reignite the flame they once shared. Just so you’ll be aware, I hashed a plan in my head to have a beat-down of Momzilla with Noni’s friends Lyla and Mia as my backup crew.

Much to Barbara’s chagrin, Noble and Noni made it back to where they were before their breakup, but Noni thought she would just ignore the man after a night of rekindled passion. However, he was not having any parts of that foolishness. Girl… I love a man who goes after what he wants respectfully and isn’t willing to let his conquest skirt his affection out of fear.  He called Noni out on her BS and made it clear his mother did not run his life. Even though it took her a minute for the facts to sink in, the missile finally reached its target, inside his mother’s heart. She had to acquiesce or lose her son entirely. Smartly, she chose to back out of his relationship to have a relationship with her son. The passion between Noni and Noble was hot and heavy. I loved the way the story flowed, even with the antagonism from his mother. Most stories have a villain and a few messy Millie’s and Michaels along for the ride; this story was no exception. It’s always nice when Love trumps foolishness every time. Overall, this was a sweet story with a good storyline. 4.8 Stars.

Review – If We Could Do It Again, by A. Marie Johnson

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