A taste for savory is what he craves… salt on old wounds is a bonus.

Ryan Washington is the eldest of the Washington clan. Like his brother and sister, family and legacy are at the forefront of their focus as they manage their real-estate conglomerate. Being a bloodsucker never looked so good. With tattoos of his family crest lining his hands and his staple custom suits, he looks like a debonaire menace. Although he’s only been dating Char Williams for a few months, he’s clear on what she means to him.

As an artist, Char is prepping for her next art exhibit, and things aren’t always on track. Char grew up in privilege, although it never stopped her from going against the grain. From her wild hair to her obsession with bold, bright colors, she doesn’t fit the mold. Looking to move their relationship to the next level, Ryan has a plan. Plans are meant to be broken, right? 

Will they be buried under the rough terrain ahead of them or come out smelling like roses? 

Join the Washington clan in a three-part stand-alone series.


Pre-Order Spotlight- Salty Fangs: Book Two, by Nicole Whitfield

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