“Sometimes, life forces you to take a detour. When you finally reach your destination, you’ll understand your journey.”

Love is a fickle thing that can take your life on the least expected detours. Creed Mason was learning that the hard way. Married to a woman who refuses to forget his past, he was burning himself out trying to prove that he was a changed man. Until he meets a woman who offers him the help he needs with healing, in more ways than one.

Kamaria Jones is living what she feels is her best life. Happily divorced, working a job she loves, and the existence of a much appreciated friend-with-benefits to take care of her sexual needs, love is the furthest thing from her mind. But when she meets a man that is determined to infiltrate her heart, she’s forced to decide if she’s ready to give love another try.

Will Kamaria and Creed be able to handle the shifts in their atmospheres and give each other the love that they deserve?


New Release Spotlight – The Love I Deserve, by Kay Shanee

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