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Benefriends by Chencia C. Higgins

It wasn’t too long ago that I would have told you I was too smart to fall for the friends-with-benefits okie doke. I would have said it was a setup that was doomed to fail each and every time. I had friends who had been there, done that, and got the keyed car and broken windows to prove it. I didn’t need to experience it for myself to know that I was good on that. That’s what I would have said before if anyone wanted to know my opinion. In a way, I still thought like that, except…

I’d known Aisha since I was thirteen years old and if you would have asked me, I would have said I knew her pretty well. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, and when she revealed some things to me—things I had somehow missed over all these years—I found myself uttering words I never thought I’d say. It was just an agreement. You could almost call it a selfless act on my part. I was just being a good friend.

The thing was, I forgot who drew the lines in the sand and before long I found myself caught up in the more-than-friendly benefits with my very good friend.

Author’s Note: This is short, steamy read featuring explicit language and situations. If either of those offend you, this might not be the story for you.



Displacement: A Building 402 Novella by Alexandra Warren*

He’s her only option.
Her best friend.
The one she can count on for anything.
The one she… might have a little crush on.

She’s the last girl he should be checking for.
His best friend.
The one who desperately needs a place to stay after being displaced by a fire at her own apartment building.
The one who’s always had a piece of his heart even if she never knew it.

While Monte and Nicole have always both been incredibly respectful of the boundaries within their friendship, there’s something about Building 402 that has a way of shaking the table…

Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂



Wonder by Christina C. Jones*

It all came down to me.

The one who followed the rules, never went looking for trouble – I kept to myself. I just wanted to take care of my family. To not constantly look over my shoulder, worried about the things that went bump in the night.

I just wanted to survive.

But that wasn’t meant to be.

As luck – or fate, or something – would have it, the trouble found me.

I followed a rabbit through the wreckage of a half-ruined world to get back what was mine, and wound up at the end of it.

In Wonderland.

But there’s nothing magical about it.

(While Wonder does feature a central love story, it is not a contemporary romance novel



Thief by B. Love*

Thief: A person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence.

Luca Kareem and Riana Santee made an exchange a little over eight years ago – a heart for a heart.
Riana had no problem relinquishing her heart to Luca, but Luca preferred spreading his love and his body thinly to almost every attractive woman he came in contact with. After a year of warring for a place in his heart, Riana finally gives up, but when Luca leaves her, he takes her heart with him.
Riana Santee and Herbert Jacks made an exchange a little under seven years ago – a life for a life.
Herbert had no problem saving Riana’s life, knowing that one day, she’d be able to return the favor in the most lethal way. She’d become a heartless, emotionally detached hit-woman, stealing the hearts of men on her path just for fun. It’s when Riana chooses to leave her life of crime that Herbert decides to cash in on that last lethal favor.
When Luca and Riana’s paths cross again, Riana has the opportunity to not only reclaim her heart but stop Luca’s as well. There’s just one problem; the Luca of now is not the Luca from back then. This Luca has the ability to not only return Riana’s heart but make her love him twice as deeply with it as well. Will Riana finally receive her revenge, or will she end up losing more than she ever thought was possible because of her love for Luca Kareem?*Please note: This is an urban romance with explicit scenes and language. If either of these offend you, please select another B. Love book to read.*

Chocolate Covered Murder (Holiday Shorts Book 1) by Necole Ryse

True-crime addict Brianna Coleman wants nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. But when her best friend comes down with the flu and can’t attend Single & Sexy, the city’s most romantic Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, she agrees to go in her place.

Nate Harrington couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, especially when his grandmother is dying of cancer. Her nurse switches her Single & Sexy ticket to his name in hopes that spending time outside of the hospital will distract him from his problems.

When a blizzard blows in, trapping Nate and Brianna inside the luxurious P Hotel, their weekend gets a little more…sexy. And when a body turns up things get a little…sinister.

Can Brianna solve the crime and get the guy before the killer gets away?

Bonded by Fate (Because of Her Book 1) by Lex C.
One fire.
Two souls.Legend has it, the Phoenix is known for life, death, rebirth, and healing. Phoenix Wells’ life doesn’t really seem to begin until she experiences the ashes and finds herself in need of a couple of those meanings. When a fire ravages her apartment building, secrets are planted in her heart, and a loss of words uncovers her passion.

Immanuel Owens, better known as Iman of “The Camp”, is at the peak of his career, but he lost everything he had to get there. He can dance, rap, and have just about any woman he wants, but what happens when none of those women are what he really needs?

Immanuel and Phoenix only cross paths for mere minutes in the midst of flaming destruction, but that exchange could hold the power to bond them for a lifetime. With her life in his hands, Immanuel develops an innate need to never let go.

So, what happens when letting go is the only hope?

Please note: This is a standalone series. Each book features a different couple. No book ends with a cliffhanger.

Never Moore (All That and Moore Series Book 5) by Celeste Granger

He was her best friend. She was the girl of his dreams.

Charity Moore is on the cusp of becoming the neurosurgeon she has always dreamed of becoming. As a student physician for world renowned Emory University Hospital, Charity demonstrates her intellectual prowess in the classroom and in the operating room. Charity has been plotting her course of becoming a surgeon for as long as she can remember. She plays by the rules, colors within the lines and does what is necessary to make her dreams come true.

O’Shea Ali, is also a student physician at Emory Hospital. As the son of international industry giants, financial security has never been an issue. For O’Shea, becoming a neurosurgeon isn’t about prestige or financial gain. His desire stems from O’Shea’s passion to charter new medical territory and save lives. O’Shea lives his life passionately without restriction. He fights for what he believes in and is a fierce protector of the one’s he loves. That includes Charity.

But emerging desire crosses the friendship line, catapulting Charity and O’Shea out of the friendship zone and into dangerous territory. Charity fears their new entanglement is risky and may cost her the very relationship she treasures most. While O’Shea’s unbridled yearnings for Charity become harder to contain, he doesn’t want to lose what they have in pursuit of what he craves.

The All That and Moore series follows each sister in the Moore family as they navigate through the entanglements romance brings. Each book can be enjoyed if read as a standalone or if it’s read in the order of the series

Too Good at Goodbyes by Bre’Youn


Sometimes loving a person more than you love yourself can be worse than using any drug…
Twenty-year-old Averi Redd has experienced loss after loss, before she could even fully take her first breath. Losing a loved one can be hard on the mental, but feeling responsible for the death of your parents does something else to a person’s mindset. Averi, lives life day to day with the weight and guilt of her parent’s death on her shoulders, not to mention being the only family that her elderly grandmother has left. Talk about stress and responsibility.

God places people in your life if only for a season and a reason…
Kashington Henderson is a young handsome athlete that could possibly have any female that he wanted, but that’s not his style. Not a man that entertains women for sport, so running into Averi was strictly faith. For him she was a beauty at first glance, and he knew after the first date he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Although from the outside looking in Kashington had it altogether, but once you knock on the door and get inside you see things are a different story. With a drunken mother and a little brother, things at home are anything but good, but with Kashington’s personality you would never know.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies…-Aristotle
Grace Johnson is Averi’s best friend and whether Grace knows it or not, she’s her rock as well. A bond that truly cannot be broken, Grace has been there through all of Averi’s hard times and vice versus, but sometimes things slip through the crack. Grace always knows what’s going on with Averi, and Averi think that she can say the same about her friend. Not one to always say what she’s going through, Grace has a lot going on, but the thick layer of skin and the smile that she always wore doesn’t let that show.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to…
Devin Atkins is young, athletic, single, and a ladies man, who makes his intensions clear from the jump. When there’s a shift in his home life the one person he hadn’t thought he needed to lean on is there for him with no questions asked. Blurred lines is something that Devin try to steer clear of, but when his heart and mind start a war that he has no control of its kind of hard not to blur those lines.

This standalone is one to read because some people are just, Too Good at Goodbyes…

A Whisper of the Heart 2 by Ash Ley

Whisper Sutton was left with a hard choice to make – stay with the fiancé she’d fallen out of love with or pursue the new man in her life who promised her better. Though she made her decision, it unfortunately came too late. Because of it, she found herself with nothing.

Now forced to start over and pick up the pieces of not just her life but her heart as well, Whisper wants nothing to do with either of the men. She’s focused on herself, and as frightening as the thought is, she knows that it is her greatest decision yet. Unable to fully let go, both suitors are willing to do anything for her forgiveness. With a new attitude and outlook on life, will Whisper continue committing to herself, or will she allow someone to join in on her journey of self-discovery?

The Lonely Souls: Book 3 by Nyerra

As we dive into Book 3, things seemed to get even more complicated for these couples. Karina is left devastated after hearing the news of someone coming into Vapor Enterprises with corrupt behavior. When she decides to warn Brandon, the backlash she receives is far more than what she expected. She’s left wondering where her loyalty with Brandon stands as their love takes a traumatic downfall.

After learning the shocking news of her pregnancy, Kylie is doing everything that she can to ensure that she has a healthy delivery. But with the bad blood between Ryan and Kaleem, she can’t seem to stop herself from stressing out. And when a foul argument occurs between her and Ashley, she feels as if she’s been pushed to her limit.

They say true love will always return home, but if that’s where the heart is, where is the soul?

Chemistry by Tiye Love
She was his sexy Chemistry professor.
He was her hot student.
Like two magnets, their attraction was undeniable…Destined for marriage has always been Simone Austin’s belief and now that her career is where she wants it, she is ready for forever. In walks one sexy, Chris Alexander, apologetically late to her class and from the first moment their eyes met, he tempts her to forget her careful approach to love and focus on their tantilizing moments of the here and now…

“Why not? I’m telling you exactly what I want. Now, it’s your turn to be real with me. If you saw me out at a restaurant or a bar, and I approached you, you would have given me your number. And you would have spent the night with me that first night. I can tell you feel something for me, or I wouldn’t still be holding your hand.” He implored.
I then took a breath and a chance by giving him direct eye contact because he was right, I would have never turned him down outside of this situation. He was too freaking hot and the chemistry too strong to ignore. “You’re not wrong I am attracted to you, but I am your professor. I can lose my job and… and I need you to leave. I will forget we had this conversation and chalk it up to a mutual crush.” I rose to get him to do the same, so I could get him far, far away from me.
But when he stood, we were now within inches from each other and the energy between us was so overwhelming I almost swooned. He looked down at me and then at my lips and before I could say stop, he let go of my hand, wrapped himself around me and captured my lips with his rather full ones.

Be Mine Forever by Trina Crooks
Valentine’s Day was a day for lovers and this was the first year that Carmen Foster didn’t have a love of her own. She planned to make the best of her evening by enjoying the incredible hotel room her children got her for as a Valentine’s gift. Rest and relaxation were definitely on the menu. But unbeknownst to Carmen, her soon to be ex-husband Kevin had other ideas. With the help of his children, he was pulling out all of the stops in hopes of getting his wife back once and for all.
If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!

New Release Round-Up January 21st-27th

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