The story began in the usual Love Belvin style, and then it quickly evolved into another special piece of work. Initially, I thought the leading man would make me want to hurt him but, soon discovered this man was a smooth-talking man who knew what he wanted and made no bones about getting what he wanted. Sadik wanted Bilan. The story had an emotional side and a spiritual portion. Ezra’s presence in the story leads us to believe he would have an emotional part in the life of one of the leading characters. The character Sadik initially annoyed me and additionally intrigued. Bilan conversely exasperated me for much of the story. I knew some unfathomable events would prevail in the telling of this tale. Many times, my heart bled deep red for Bilan. The emotional turmoil she endured was profound and emotionally draining. The way the author spoke about both Sadik and Bilan drew a vivid photograph in my head. Sadik was a complicated man; this was the best way to describe the man. The attraction between the two and Bilan’s gravitas engulfed the story with flames. Sadik had a family legacy to uphold, and that would prove to be a powerful wedge. Bilan was on a different level altogether from what he was accustomed to dealing with in a companion. Sadik Ellis was a pure Alpha male who had a precarious situation with his family’s dealings, yet he believed he’d have a bright future despite his family history. Once the couple began their relationship in earnest, the thrill was on. Although the story ends with a cliffhanger, this reviewer will be there to see what’s up with Bilan and the what will Sadik do with the information he will soon learn. The story was a nice gem worth 5 Stars.

Review – He Who Is A Friend (Sadik Book 1), by Love Belvin

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