The story was a very short and a delightfully quick read. The title gave inklings about the direction that the story would take. The framework for the story focused on Natasha Cambridge moving back home to be close to her family and to get back with Chris Thomas, the only man she’d ever loved. It was enjoyable the way the author showed Natasha’s more aggressive side with a feminine approach. The catch in her plan was the fact that Chris was engaged to marry another woman. Over time, Chris and Natasha’s love should have dimmed, but there appeared to be lingering feelings between them. It was evident when they saw one another at work the first day. The guffaw in their previous relationship occurred when Natasha turned down Chris’s proposal of marriage and moved away. She was back and although Chris had a fiancée, this did not deter Natasha’s efforts to reclaim her man, because, in her mind, the fiancée was a mere distraction. As the story unfolds, a few secrets revealed information neither Chris nor Natasha felt prepared to handle. Paula was the one Chris was scheduled to marry at the onset of the story, but she soon fell prey to a woman on a mission to take her man back. The story was short, yet it felt complete. The right couple found love again — my rating, 4.5 stars.

Review – 5 dates: (Crimson Nights Book 1), by Keina Daniece

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