Growing up Diane was always in control of her life. A non-emotional mother and a sometimes father forced her into adulthood at an early age. Determined to leave home and never return, she got accepted into “Thee Illustrious Howard University”. Diane understood working hard and making the right connections would guarantee she’d have the life she wanted.

Being the great, great-grandson of one of the most prominent men in the Washington, DC area, Jared wanted to have one accomplishment of his own. He felt everything he’d accomplished up to this point was due to his family’s influence or name. As an undergraduate pre-med student, Jared was looking forward to becoming completely self-sufficient. Being a doctor was first on that list, and second, finding his forever woman to share it with.

They both had control of their lives and thought nothing would prevent them from having a successful journey in college and beyond. That is, until the first attack…

Content Warnings: Assault, Drug Use, Drinking, Unprotected Sex,Non-Emotional Parenting, Fantasies of Sexual Acts with a Parent, Abandonment by a Parent, Murder, Death of a Parent, Consent Non Consent


New Release Spotlight – So This Is College…, by Darlene Cunningham

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