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Acting on Love (Lessons in Love Book 2) by Té Russ

Starlet Roxanne “Rocki” Malone has been in the spotlight lately for reasons she’d rather not have put on display. Desperate to find peace, she goes back her hometown of Ragston, Michigan.

Seth Gardiner has been protecting Rocki for years, but there are some things even he can’t shield her from. A careless slip of the tongue lands them in an unusual position and they both soon realize that there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to their relationship.

*Note: This book is part of a collaborative series with Nicole Falls and Bailey West.

* Warning: This book contains adult content including profane language, as well as AAVE. There is also sexual content. If any of these situations aren’t you cup of tea, this may not be the book for you.



Lawlessly in Love 2 by Mercy B.

Both Sosa and Gauge’s worst fears have come to fruition. In the second installment of the Lawlessly in Love series, the two face the most combative circumstances that may prove that their co-existence is impossible.

Sosa, under the influence of possibly losing his freedom indefinitely, makes a split decision to leave his expecting girlfriend behind as he flees the city after finding out some less than commendable information on whom he’d let into his bed, heart, and bank accounts. On the night of the raid at his suburban home, Sosa discovers the leading detective on his case is none other than Destiny Shaw, the mother of Gauge Morrison. No amount of time or experience in the streets could’ve prepared him for the shattering of his heart.

It was loud.
It was boisterous.
It was obnoxious.
It was undeniable.
It was life-altering.

It’s exactly what leads him into his bedroom and encourages him to aim the loaded Glock in the center of Gauge’s forehead. 
Discover the statute of limitations on love so divine yet so lawless as two broken hearts fight for revival.



Allegiance to Your Love (Entranced by You Book 1) by Shanicexlola

One look required a double-take, and a double-take revealed his fate to love a woman who didn’t know how it felt to be honorably loved.

Naima Jenkins obtained a life many women kneeled to pray for. The exterior showcased a happily married woman with a beautiful smile so envy-worthy that she should’ve considered watching her back. Contrarily, she was sleeping with the real enemy – a man who promised to love her endlessly, but his actions didn’t correlate. Enough becomes too much to bear when her scars run out of time to heal before another is enforced.

Anxious to reclaim control over her somber life, Naima is determined to stand up for herself. Focused on the bigger picture, being accompanied by another man didn’t fit into the plan. However, Mannix Campton wasn’t just any man. Harboring charisma and profound thoughtfulness, he was irresistible. A plea to trust him could change her life if she’s willing to give herself up again. If only she was willing, an unconventional introduction could lead to the electrifying passion she’d always craved.



Nirvana: The Finale by Alexis Cńe

In the first installment of this series, Nirvana James and Roland Washington’s love was ignited and then put to the test of standing against time by his deployment. That year proved to be more of a test than either of them could have ever imagined – especially Nirvana. Chasing her dreams came right along with twins Trell and Trez ultimately vying to occupy her most valuable possession. Her heart. A heart that belonged to Roland Watson.

Upon Roland’s return and reclaiming of Nirvana’s love, merging their new lives isn’t exactly as easy as the merging of their hearts has always been. It’s been said that with elevation comes separation, and that’s the last thing Nirvana wants from Roland. As careers take off and love abounds, hurdles arise, and an unexpected heartache threatens the fate of Roland and Nirvana’s relationship. Will their love fizzle and fade away, or will they ultimately reach that perfect state of nirvana?



The Sweet Way Duet: Two Historical Romances by Kianna Alexander

In this set of two historical romances, two lady bakers discover that true love is sweeter than anything they can concoct in the kitchen.


During the sultry Carolina summer of 1875, baker Rosaline Rhodes boards a Juneteenth cruise down the Cape Fear River. The wealthy free born Goodman family is sponsoring the cruise, as the maiden voyage of their newly built ship. Rosaline is there to serve her famous cinnamon spice cake to the well-heeled passengers. Her mind is on work until she runs into the man who captured her attention months ago.
Shipbuilder Will Pruett is also boarding the ship, for pleasure. Having built the vessel, he’s been invited on board by the Goodman family to enjoy the cruise. Little does he know that the close quarters of the ship will provide the catalyst for a life-changing decision.
They’ve denied their mutual attraction for a long time, but now the river won’t be the only thing ebbing and flowing.

*Drifting to You originally appeared in The Brightest Day: A Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology. 

A woman’s work is never done…especially when she is fighting for those who will come after her.

In 1881, Sarah Webster returns home to Fayetteville, NC for her mother’s milestone birthday. Her suffrage work is unknown to her family. Carpenter Owen Markham is intrigued by Sarah, and her father is playing matchmaker. When Owen discovers Sarah’s suffrage work, he’s not sure a love match can be made.

*This story originally appeared in Daughters of a Nation: A Black Suffragette Historical Romance Anthology. *


Pick Me Blues 2 (The KoKo Series Book 6) by Bien-Aime Wenda

Part 2 of Pick Me Blues from the KoKo series.
Love is in the air as Ivonka Roux, Koreen Wilson, Desiree Loren, and Isaac Charles all reunite for the wedding of the century.

With her desperate “pick-me” ways long behind her, Ivonka never would have guessed that she would be afraid to finally jump the broom, to a billionaire, nonetheless. Reuniting with her childhood friend, feelings being resurface. The only thing standing in their way is his wife, and her fiance. Will she overcome her doubts and walk down the aisle or will she leave her famous fiance standing at the altar?



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New Release Round-Up July 2nd-July 8th

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