B. Love gives readers a variety of stories to choose from in her repertoire. The titles usually pique my interest enough to want to read the story to see what she’s conjured up this time. As a kid, many of us used our parents’ relationship as the model for what love should look like when we married. In my family, I had an excellent version of love. My father was the king of our castle, and I know he loved my mother with a reckless abandon, his queen, because I witnessed their passion unfold each day. In this story, Nola Williams was not as fortunate to have the same type of example bestowed upon her day after day. In fact, Nola had a skewed view regarding love and relationships. Logan had similar beliefs about love and commitment. Relationships were taboo in their eyes.

Nola was determined that she’d hold onto her heart until she reached her goals and could allow someone passage into her heart’s cavity. She did quite well until Logan Hart decided he wanted the pieces of her being that she’d held onto tightly for all those years. Logan was drop dead in your tracks attractive. He was wealthy and charming to boot.  He also held power to make or break Nola’s much-held dreams of success in her business career a reality. Logan’s proposal came with a stipulation that they each thought was safe at the time of its inception. Later, they would both discover, love does not have a timeline, and their love did not have an expiration date.  Their plan started out as a make-believe arrangement and quickly became the real deal in no time.

The story told from both the male and female points of view was readily accepted by this reviewer. They each had goals and a mission to accomplish with a minimalistic amount of fall-out from their decisions. The real test came in the form of dreams and desires for both Nola and Logan. They were both bull-headed at times. They were comical and had me laughing out loud many times during this read. The story was emotional and took me places I enjoyed many times over. Logan and Nola were meant to be together. A great read, once again. 5 Stars.

Review – If You’ll Let Me, by B. Love

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