Rowan and Reid’s story was a steamy tale for this author. The way the story unfolded was nicely developed and kept me engaged in the story. In this story, Rowan worked for a community center for underprivileged citizens. The center barely stayed afloat from one month to the next. When the center was nearly on the brink of having to close due to lack of funding, a gift horse fell in Rowan’s lap without her having to look it in the mouth. A benefactor approached her with a deal she could not resist. The morality of the offer was unique. As the benefactor made his wishes known, the plot thickened.

Readers, trust me when I tell you, the encounters were hot and mysterious and had me panting at the sheer desire the author described. I can’t imagine the thought of being placed in a situation so dire, where one would have no choice but to do something outside of one’s moral character. Would the sacrifice be worth it in the end? The relationship between the hero and the heroine was so amazingly depicted.

Rowan was another powerful female character. Reid was hot, sexy and had all the mystic of an enigmatic creature of desire. Their connection was ultra-stimulating. The story had so much going on; a reader could feel the drama emanating from within the pages. I loved, loved, and loved this couple both collectively and individually. The story was 5 stars of excellence.

Review – A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement, by Christina C. Jones

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