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Wins & Losses by Alexandra Warren

Nasir Valentine has one thing on his mind: winning a championship title in his first year as head coach of the boys basketball team. But when his team captain’s father is murdered just before the start of the season, he quickly learns coaching high school basketball in the inner city is a lot more than just drawing numbers and arrows on a dry erase board.

Struck by the tragedy of her father’s murder, Carmen Wellington is faced with the tough decision of keeping her life away from home or coming back to her hometown to support her little brother through his senior year of high school. It’s a decision that will change her life in more ways than one, especially with her brother’s handsome basketball coach in the picture.

Carmen is supposed to be focused on what’s best for her and her family. Nasir is supposed to be focused on what’s best for him and his team. But with those two worlds colliding and an undeniable attraction developing because of it, the two can only hope for more wins than losses…



Bae Watch by Tina Martin

He couldn’t help but follow her. He wanted her back. She was his. She would ALWAYS be his. No one else’s.

Kenzo followed his estranged wife Kira to Johns Island, South Carolina. He’s on vacation and with a new outlook on life, he’s looking to renew and rekindle what he and Kira once had. But after two years of separation, that could be a long shot.

Kira has moved on with her life, learned to live without her husband who ‘checked out’ on her a year after they married. Now, he seems to be following her around the beach, hinting that he misses her. She can’t help but notice he’s a different person – physically, he’s in shape, has muscles for days – so different than he looked before. Mentally, he’s confident – sure of himself. But she can’t see what he’s hiding in his heart – the pain of losing her. Can one week in paradise bring these two back together?

*This is a 22,000 word standalone novella – a second chance romance. If reading novellas are not your preference and you prefer longer, in-depth works, you may want to skip this one and check out other novels from Tina Martin Publications.*



The Lonely Hearts by Nyerra

After accepting her husband’s last name, Karina Newsome, never expected her life to take a turn for the worst. She gave her heart to Ivan Newsome, with hopes of living a long life of happiness, but unfortunately, he’d turned her world upside down. Karina is left devastated, with a heart so damaged that she considers murdering Ivan. However, her conscience won’t allow her to go through with it; so, she seeks a divorce as the next best option.
While preparing for her separation, she learns that the CEO of the company she works for is retiring and his son, Brandon Vapor, is taking over. Karina kept her lust for Brandon a secret for years, as she’d always respected her marriage. But now as a free woman, Karina can’t help but test the waters with Brandon. Will she succeed in finding a healthy home for her heart to reside, or will she drown while testing the waters too soon?

Kylie had always been by her best friend, Ryan’s side, even after he moved out of his drug addict mother’s home to better himself. When a situation occurs that forces Kylie to stay away from her sister’s home, she moves in with Ryan, and with them being so close, it makes it hard for their hidden feelings not to be revealed. As their young hearts fall in love, Ryan is secretly hiding his addiction to painkillers, while silently suffering from an unknown sickness he’s been fighting for years. Not wanting to worry Kylie with his illness, he relies on his longtime friend, Ashley, to keep him stocked with meds. But when Ashley decides to confess her feelings for Ryan, their situation becomes extremely complicated.

They say true love shall never remain a part, and if only the strong survives, who will remain with a lonely heart?


Deception Uncovered by L.R. Lee

Deception in the courtroom….
Self-declared ice queen attorney Cara Phillips has a secret; a secret that she wanted to be free of. She has no one to turn to except…
Romaine Jacobs is a fellow attorney, but also the next in line to inherit the kingdom of Jacob’s law firm in downtown Chicago; who also has a secret of his own. He is in love with Cara and she has kept the cold between them for years until…
The ice-cold shell began to crack when they were put on the same case; a case that was a reminder to Cara of a violent and dangerous past that she would never forget.
Will Cara tell her secret and put their lives in danger? Or will a promise keep save them?



In Too Deep: Savona Kennedy (TKF Series Book 2) by Nako

In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family is an urban mystery by National Best-Selling Author, NAKO. Jacob Kennedy, leader of the The Kennedy Family, known in the underground as TKF. Jacob was never interested in settling down until he met the love of his life.
A million-dollar wedding that had the streets talking for months, five children and a few fairytales later on one tragic day, hell broke loose when his wife was found gunned down in the street.
Jacob went to war to get to the bottom of who would even think about harming his wife being that he had no beef with anyone.
The Kennedy Family was devastated but no one was more hurt than Jacob’s children, Sienna, Savannah, JJ, Jordan and baby Savona.
Nako, author of The Underworld series and The Connect’s Wife has penned a book series so gritty and riveting that readers will hang on to every page in anticipation of wanting to solve the mystery and discover the hidden truth surrounding the death of Jackie Kennedy. It was unfair to be left alone without their mother and once a few layers are peeled back, the children will bond together in hopes of having justice served for their dear mother.
But what happens when loyalty is put to the ultimate test?
When blood isn’t always thicker than water, can their relationships withstand the late nights and early mornings that comes along with being a Kennedy?
What if being apart of this family is a burden more than a blessing?
In Too Deep is the perfect summer read.
Book 2: The money and fame didn’t impress everyone, especially not Savona who rather be broke and in the streets than belong to The Kennedy clan. When she meets the love of her life, she warns him that she’s forbidden treasure and he seems to not care about her last name being Kennedy. Once the family learns of her relationship, The Kennedy’s will do everything in their power to keep them apart.



Baby, I Need You Bad by Scorpio Love

Lyric has it all. She’s a woman that has the career she’s always wanted and lives carefree in New York City. Everything seems to be falling right into place, except her love life. While visiting her family in Long Beach, California, her hometown, tragedy strikes forcing her to stay in town a little longer than expected. Since she’s left home, she limits her visits back home because they’ll remind her of the hurt and pain she left behind ten years ago.
Messiah is a real estate developer in Long Beach, California. To the outside, he seems to have the perfect life. He has the home, successful business and a beautiful family, but none of that makes him happy. He longs for the chance to make things right with Lyric, the true love of his life. Ten years has passed since he saw her last, and the love he has for her remains the same. When tragedy hits, they are forced to work together to help her family. Will Lyric be ready to forgive Messiah? Can Messiah and Lyric finally figure their relationship out or has too much time already passed? Will they find out who really needs who really bad?



Beauty After Brokenness 5 (Ashes to Beauty Series) by Kia Summers

Will Pastor Brayden keep it together now that he realized his mistake? Can Jordan & Pastor Brayden allow themselves to heal and be real about their pain and grief, before allowing God to bring love into their lives? Find out what will happen in part five of Beauty After Brokenness!



Mr. Right Now (An A-Town Romance Book 1) by Keeley Charles

Thirteen years ago, Tyra watched Lincoln Scott walk out of her life without looking back and she’s hated him for it ever since. Now, years later Tyra’s stranded in a snowstorm and their paths cross again as Lincoln, now grown, sexy and successful shows up to save the day. But, accepting his help means Tyra’s trapped alone with the one man she hates more than anything; the one man who knows how to satisfy her every need. It may be cold outside but things are heating up indoors. Can she stand her ground or will Tyra lose herself to lust and along the way rekindle love with her Mr. Right.



No Love in His Heart: The Preface by B. Love

“There ain’t no love in his heart, Blue, so he will never be able to love you.”

Blue Fleming has gone her entire life with a distorted view and definition of love and loyalty. After being conceived during an affair, she had to grow up without a father and a drug addicted mother. Though she has developed a tight bond with her half-sister and her best friend, Blue was convinced she’d never know how true love felt – until she met Messiah Edwards.

Messiah Edwards has been trained to believe that women are disloyal, discontent, and unable to be satisfied. Because of this, he’s made his focus building an empire. Love, to him, is an inconvenience that needs to be avoided. For his twenty-one years of life, avoiding love has been easy – until he met Blue.

Upon their first meeting, Messiah makes his character clear. He’s a beast. A beast with absolutely no desire to love, value, or save any woman. The more he hardens himself against Blue the more she’s drawn to him, and the more she’s drawn to him, the more Messiah finds himself softening towards Blue. There’s just one problem; Messiah’s heart has been void of love for years, and he doesn’t think any woman has the power to change that.



A Woman’s Design: Redemption by Chelle Ramsey

Ambiance – After discovering her husband’s illegitimate child resulting from a lengthy affair, Ambiance’s world was torn in two. His untimely passing leaves her feeling she has been robbed of the chance to deal with the betrayal. Seeking to give herself a fresh start, she packs up and moves cross country to the West Coast. Finally pursuing her dreams as a business owner in the fashion world, she’s on top of the world, until the man who caused her to question her marriage comes knocking. Will he mend her broken heart, or will she cut all ties to her past?

Naomi – Dealing with empty nest syndrome, she discovers everything everyone ever said about her is true. She has no life. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and entering the dating world after years of being alone, she’s unprepared for the games that lie in wait. Juggling her feelings between two very attractive men, she will soon learn that one is playing a very deceptive game.

Paige- Barely escaping a deadly snare created by her own devices, she is searching for healing and redemption. After two years of therapy, Paige is finally ready to face her demons. It won’t be as easy as it seems, when accusations are constantly launched at her, and people from her past continue to pop up. A lover from the past is not ready to let go, and she soon finds herself making similar choices from her past. Will she open her heart up to love and be loved, and will she be convinced to open her life to Christ?

Three best friends search for healing and deliverance from their emotional wounds in the arms of men, and the arms of a Savior.


Darien’s Heart: Meet the Averys (The Averys Series Book 1) by Lynette Frazier

Every family has its secrets and the Averys are no different. Darien Avery seems to have it all – Trenton, who is the love of her life, a successful marketing career, family, and friends. But when matters of the heart lead Darien on an unexpected path, she begins to question everything she holds dear. A once seemingly perfect life starts to unfold, and what Darien discovers is that nothing is what she thought it was.
Forced to do some soul searching, Darien leaves the city, taking a much-needed trip to the country in Southeast Texas. When Darien arrives to her childhood home, the family’s matriarch Mrs. Sarah Ann Avery is there with loving arms. What was meant to be a few days away to mend Darien’s heart turns into a search for truth into her past and a reconciliation into her heart with the God that she’s strayed away from.
Dormant feelings of unforgiveness awaken as Darien embarks on the journey of learning the Avery’s family secret. Her quest for the truth guides her heart to another direction. But nothing could prepare her for the answers she’d find nor the loss she would endure along the way.



Unforeseen Consequences by J.J. Andrews

In the second installment of the Unforeseen series, life has become quite different for both Terrilynn and Donovan. Terrilynn is having a hard time letting go after her ultimate betrayal. She loves Donovan and always will. She now realizes what her mistake may have cost her. All she wishes now is for his forgiveness and to be granted the chance to prove to him that she is indeed the right woman for him and the chance to have their ‘happily ever after’ together as man and wife. Things aren’t looking good for her, however, she has one final card to play and she’s counting on her last ace to be her saving grace.

Donovan is fighting for his life. After witnessing with his own two eyes; Terrilynn and his brother, David’s betrayal and discovering the identity of his assistant, Nonii Sullivan, he is involved in a horrific car accident, leaving his fate in question. If or when he awakes from his coma, will he even remember what occurred before the car crash and continue to live life with Terrilynn as if nothing ever took place or will he simply wash his hands of both her and David?

David truly feels horrible with the turnout of events between him and Donovan and would give anything to have the opportunity to do things differently. Instead of sneaking around behind his brother’s back, he wished he’d been man enough to tell him he wanted Terrilynn for himself.

Was it worth losing his brother over a woman, if he has in fact lost his brother, or will this betrayal be the point of no return for his brotherly relationship and the start of new beginnings for him and Terrilynn?

Find out these answers and more in: Unforeseen Consequences.



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New Release Round-Up July 9th-15th

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