Alexandria House is an author to be reckoned with in the ‘authors whose book I love ‘ world. Wow! In book two of the McClain brother’s series, she brought the smoke and sizzle once again! Anytime I get the chance to see and talk about Big South; it’s a treat. Any family of Big South’s is welcome in my House.  Let me say, this author writes about each character well enough to have a good vision of how they walk, talk, act and move throughout the story.  In book two, she brought just as much steaminess as the first book.  Book one set the table for what we enjoyed in the second book and  the dish was served deliciously.

In this story, the author tackled a couple with a slight age difference. Leland was into older women and the way the author spoke about his attraction to slightly older women  was well done. Leland’s teammates liked to razz him about his affinity for older women. The age difference was just a set of numbers for me. They were two consenting adults doing what grown folks do, end of story.

Although the couple started out wanting to have a friends with benefits situation, there was a catch. The catch was Leland’s former teammate would not be too happy with the relationship. You’ll see how his teammate correlates to the story as you get deeper into the account. The backstory of Kim’s mother and her son Armand had me upset most of the story. Her son was a spoiled, arrogant jerk most of the times he was featured. His grandmother was also a piece of poo. Those two people added the extra drama to the tale by adding more venom than a fully-grown snake could spew. The author tackled their little secret very well.

Their sexual encounters were steamy, tasteful, and slightly erotic at times. You won’t be disappointed if you’re there just for the sex. Her physical appearance gave me the impression that she was a beauty, inside and out. Leland’s attraction to her was never in question. For those of you who’ve read my reviews, as I always say, the ancillary characters better bring something to the table and deliver a fierce punch. In this story, mission accomplished! You all need to get on the A-House Express real soon. Otherwise, you are going to miss out on some excellent stories.  Outstanding novel-5 stars!

Review – Let Me Hold You (McClain Brothers Book 2), by Alexandria House

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