The opening of this book had the lead character sequestered in a bathroom stall crying her eyes out. The homemade out of order sign already had me hollering out loud. The story was emotionally appealing and gave random sparks of foolishness for no good reasons over and over.

The leading lady was named Emerson. Her mental health vacillated between rebellious and pitiful in a span of a few pages. The breakup with her man and family issues signaled the reasons behind her self-imposed deluge into overwhelming despair.  I can still see the legal pad confession note, and it made my blood boil. What kind of a jerk! Never mind.

Emerson’s family gave me reasons to be happy for the family into which I was born. Her folks were sanctimonious and a little crazy. Her big sister Grace was like a firestorm and a thunderstorm infused pitbull in one body. Most of the time, I was waiting to hear what she said with bated breath. Emerson’s parents were religious fanatics. Oh yeah, the spiritual aspects of the story filled the backdrop in the story.  No! That part was not preachy; it was part of the storyline, it was also a vital part of telling their story. Because Emerson and her parents were estranged for many years, it was sad and confusing at the start of the story. Their dynamics unraveled and unfolded; excruciating and painful. But hold on to hope. Keep Hope Alive.

When Emerson took her sister’s advice to go home for a visit and bury the hatchet with her parents, she decided to take the long way home by driving from California to Ragston, Michigan. On this trip, she met Roosevelt Ashe along the way. My initial thought- was she crazy? Danger- Will Robinson! Danger! (From-The Old Lost In Space TV show from 1965). Roosevelt found himself in a precarious position, and Emerson was there to save the day.  On her trip across country, she met and befriended Roosevelt, and their adventure leads them to the making of a road to love.

Roosevelt Ashe had some of the same issues as Emerson with his family. I believe that was one of the reason’s their connection was so intense. His physical description was handsome and too hot. Roosevelt’s Barry White voice and his nice features were to die for sexy. The relationship between them was sweetly construed. Overall, the story was worth 4.5 fabulous stars.

Review – Road to Love (Lessons in Love Book 1), by Nicole Falls

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