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Road to Love (Lessons in Love Book 1) by Nicole Falls

Emerson Parker is a walking ball of stress. Still reeling from the untimely demise of a relationship that she thought would last forever, work strain, & longstanding family drama, she is in dire need of respite. A freak occurrence coupled with a little bit of desperation to get away from it all leads her on an adventure—a cross-country road trip back to her hometown of Ragston, MI. At the end of the long road home, Emerson hopes to find peace in more ways than one.

Roosevelt Ashe is in desperate need of a new start. Still reeling from the loss of his grandmother, he heads back home to Chicago to settle her affairs and jumpstart his life. The only problem? Home is where the heart of his drama lies.

A chance meeting between these two strangers as they traverse the country with similar missions sparks an undeniable connection.



Welcome Back, My Love: A Strong Family Novella by Niobia Bryant

Continuing with her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant delivers a tale of romance that proves love conquers all…

MEENA ALI’S extended family—The Strongs—are filled with couples who are in love, but she can’t seem to move past the break-up of her parents that was caused by an affair. Passion? She enjoys it. Love? She’s tried her best to avoid it…until she meets ARMSTRONG MANN. This charmer with a big smile, and even bigger arms with which to hold her, is simply hard to resist. Still, she is hesitant to commit leading to their break-up. When her “Mann-Mann” is in a car accident out of town and comes home with amnesia—not remembering her or the love they shared—she is forced to realize losing him was a mistake. He has with him a sexy nurse in tow who claims to have nothing but his best interest at heart as he struggles to remember his life. Wanting the nurse gone and the affection Armstrong once had for her returned, Meena digs in for the good fight to ensure she is able to rekindle their flame and welcome back the man she loves into her life.


Against Every Odd: Avery & De’nia by S. Shine

De’nia is a young budding model with baggage. She spent her young adult life running from her family’s past and love. Even though she’s trying hard to run away from the past, it keeps finding her. Avery is a fast-rising clothing designer who was just left by his high school sweetheart. Devastated by the lost, he made sure that his company was the best it could be. He found himself buried in work, until he started working on a project with De’nia. Together, Avery and De’nia embarks a journey that exposes them to danger, faith, trust, friendship and patience. By the end, everything they’ve built will be tested…will they break?



In No Need for Love 2 by BriAnn Danae

Grieving over the death of Ava, Ashton’s life takes a turn for the worst at the most unexpected time. With his biological mother popping back into his life and learning of Petey’s deceit, he struggles to grasp the concept of his hardships. For so long, his heart has been closed off from love, but Ashton soon realizes it’s exactly what he needs to overcome his circumstances.
Fresh into their blossoming relationship, Kenzy and Raazim are both learning what the true definition of commitment is. Though she has doubts and is severely hurt about Ava’s death, Kenzy takes a chance with her heart. Raazim only wants to be her chest to cry into and prove to her that he’s not in her life to hurt her. Instead, he wants to help her heal.

Conflicted, Petey is simply taking the loss of Ava one day at a time. Moving on is the furthest from his mind but loneliness quickly settles in, and he finds himself questioning how soon is too soon to move on. In this whirlwind finale, more secrets are revealed, feelings are damaged, relationships are tested, and these characters must realize that love was what they were all in need of.



A Risqué Engagement (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

On the surface, Corinne Thomas has the world at her fingertips. As a stewardess for one of the largest airlines, Corinne travels the globe, gaining a glimpse of what most people only fantasize about. Adventurous by nature, her daring persona allows her the freedom to take risks and live her life, at times, in complete anonymity. But there is something that lingers deep down that, if brought to light, could stir the masquerade Corinne’s built for herself. For the past few weeks, exchanges with a certain someone wreaks havoc on her ability to maintain a solid pretense. Happily ever afters aren’t for Corinne, but when her soul is roused by the magnificence of his authority, Corinne considers opening herself to a new set of dangers. Love.

As one of the world’s most powerful sports agents, Xavier Valentine lives his life in the high skies as he flies from one destination to another. Negotiating million-dollar contracts, product endorsements, and meeting league representatives keeps his schedule air-tight. Not only is every hour in his day accounted for, but it’s impossible to get in a room with him without an appointment. That’s why when Xavier finds himself locked in close quarters with Corinne Thomas, he questions the very thing that he’s prided himself on conquering: his mind. Since meeting Corinne on a blind date weeks before, Xavier manages to find time for her at every turn. And the moment he decides to let Corinne in, with her comes a powerful elixir of love.

*This book can be read as a standalone*



Apt. A1: Freddie (The Bricks Book 4) by Sabrina E L B Scales

Behind these bricks, life comes at you fast. And whether you’re here by choice or circumstance, there are lessons to be learned as well as taught. Nobody knows The Bricks better than the women who live between them. These are their stories of lessons, blessings, love, and loss, brought to you brick by brick.
The choice to look back in order to move forward was the easiest choice I’d ever made. I’d spent my whole life not truly knowing myself, and my parents assumed that their love and protection would heal that wound. Unfortunately, all they did was cover it up, and one could only pretend to be whole for so long, before seeking actual wholeness took over their focus. And that’s how I landed in the Rose Palms, Apt. #A1. It was where my story had started, and where I’d finally know what it meant to be whole.
Oh, I’m Freddie, by the way. Watch your step and have a seat. And don’t mind the drumming from next door.



Another Chance to Love (Second Chance Book 1) by D. Rose

After ending a relationship that left her emotionally and physically scarred, Ivy is ready to start fresh by taking a break from relationships and focusing on herself. While avoiding love and relationships she finds comfort in an unlikely place. Her new work assignment may put a wrench in her plans to avoid love.

Career driven and workaholic Grant has been under his dad wings since high school preparing to take over the family business. Now that he has become CEO he is determined to expand the company to every major city. His new contract has him focusing less on work and more on love. Never one to shy away from a challenge Grant is instantly attracted to Ivy and will stop at nothing to be with her.

Will Ivy open her heart and take a chance on love again or will she continue to keep her heart closed off?



Captivated Hearts (Hart Series Book 7) by Yahrah St. John

Jada Hart dreamed of making it big as a TV anchor at San Francisco’s WLB-TV. She’d pulled up stakes from her family home in Dallas believing her dream would soon be in hand. But five years later, and still at the same station, she’d covered nothing but fluff news for the entertainment segment. The powers that be only saw a pretty face. They didn’t think Jada had the stuff to deliver hard-hitting news.

But one day, in walked a new owner, Damian McKnight, who recognized Jada’s on-air potential and believed she deserved a shot at the anchor seat. This was despite the fact she constantly challenged him in front of his employees. Any other boss would have deemed Jada a problem worker, but Damian had his own problem: He liked Jada’s sass. Additionally, she was drop-dead gorgeous and intelligent. But he was the boss, so he couldn’t get involved with her.

But Jada had the hots for Damian too. She admired that he’d pulled himself up by his bootstraps to escape poverty and become a media mogul. Plus, he was just plain sexy—sexy chocolate! Soon, the chemistry between the pair would be too much to be denied, and they’d fall into a glorious affair. Jada would also get her shot at the anchor seat, but would their affair be discovered? Would she lose her colleagues’ respect if they believed she’d slept with Damian to get ahead?

What initially started out as hot sex would become something far more deep: Love.

Will Damian and Jada walk away from their affair when both of them are Captivated Hearts?



Pick Me Blues (The KoKo Series Book 5) by Bien-Aime Wenda

Book #5 of the Koko series.

Love is in the air as Ivonka Roux, Koreen Wilson, Desiree Loren, and Isaac Charles all reunite for the wedding of the century.



Records of Romance by Ra’Von Simone Crawford

Who needs a description when there are ten short stories to read?!
Some are steamy, some are sweet, and some are downright filthy …

Records of Romance is a compilation of ten intense short stories that will leave you wondering what happened to the time and begging for more.

Securing Rita Tate
The Two of Them
In the Morning
Solomon’s Summer
Keeping Her Off Limits (His Point of View)
This One Was Special (Her Point of View)
The Roommate Deal
Building Memories
Renewed Introductions



Blackheart Hideaway by M. Lauren

Love resides within all of earth and knows no limits. It is an entity that holds those within its reach captive. To be enraptured by love is to surrender all sensibility. In Blackheart Hideaway, M. Lauren explores the depths, darkness and overwhelming insatiability of love through poetry, prose and short stories. Whether it be the betrayal of a lover in “Telling Him,” the indisputable answer to “Love’s Call” or the hope & promise of newfound love, Blackheart Hideaway explores and endures it all.



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New Release Round-Up June 4th-10th

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