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Unbreak Me (Gradually Yours Book 1) by Grey Huffington*

To be un-broken, that was Solar’s only goal. By the time she made it to the end of the bottle she planned to purchase, she was hoping she’d have consumed enough of the throat-numbing liquid to fill the cracks and crevices that had been shattered and created by her ex-lover. Hunter. A white-collar brother who had promised her a world that even he’d never belong in. A string of bad luck and a quick turn of events leads Solar into foreign territory where she’s fancied by the addictive and superficially gorgeous Nahzir Benning. After long, Solar realizes liquor may not be as beneficial as Mr. Benning.

While a bottle is easy to buy, she faces a challenge with the man she’s chosen to pursue. Solar quickly come to terms with the fact that convincing Nahzir that she’s worth his energy and his time will possibly be the most difficult task she’s ever faced.



A Tale of Two Cities: A Holiday Novella Collection by Alexandra Warren*

The Complete, “A Tale of Two Cities” Holiday Novella Collection

When people think of a holiday for love, they automatically come up with Valentine’s Day.
But who’s to say that’s the only one?

A trip to sin city for a Halloween-themed joint bachelor-bachelorette party is all it takes for Savannah and Lincoln to learn this the… not so hard way.

For actress Aspen Watson, all it takes is a trip back to her hometown for Thanksgiving for her to realize that sometimes home can be where the heart is in more ways than one.

Director, Dallas Bryant, isn’t looking for love this holiday season, but that all changes when Madison Walker and a mistletoe come in the picture.

Cheyenne Foster may be coming to visit with her heart set on bringing in the new year with one guy, but she quickly discovers the universe and the turn of the year may actually have someone else in mind for her…

And for Brooklyn and Austin, the day after Valentine’s is when the real fun begins thanks to a dare of a DM on Instagram that leads to the two of them spending a hot weekend in Miami together.

Note: This is a previously-published collection of FIVE short, holiday novellas, all with happy-for-now endings.



Say He’s Ready (The BLP Say He Series Book 5) by C. Monet

The title of Say He’s Ready tells it all. Meet Houston, a widow and single father who is focused on raising his son, Malone. The loss of a spouse is hard, but the loss of a mother is even harder. Houston’s time is split between running his business and attempting to keep Malone out of trouble. At his wits end, the school calls in the help of State Pediatrician Teaghan LeJune.

Teaghan is fierce and fearless as she moves through life. Her career is her pride and joy. Dating hasn’t been fun, and it’s the only thing in her life she can’t win with. She’s tired of being set up and played when she would give the shirt off her back to those in need. After running into men that aren’t ready but look good on paper, she decides to give it up.

As fate would have it, the paths of Houston and Teaghan cross in the most unconventional way. Quickly, her mind is changed on dating if Houston would open up and allow her to wrap him in her love swarm. His words of not being ready don’t match his feelings of being smitten by Teaghan. Within a few short days, Teaghan has managed to crack open the shell of a man Houston once was.

Once they find themselves ready, a challenge neither expected comes to halt them dead in their tracks. Promises of not letting each other down no longer matter when decisions must be made. Find out if he is truly read to embark on a love that may require more of him than he has to offer.



Game Changer (Endgame Trilogy Book 3) by Tiye Love

From the moment NFL Superstar Michael Carson walked into Dr. Zoe Broussard’s office, Zoe’s life has never been the same. Now that Michael and the Gators have won the Super Bowl and he openly professed his love for her to the world, Zoe is in the spotlight more than ever. As she adjusts to the newfound attention, practicing psychology again, and most importantly her new roles of wife and mother, she finds herself in the familiar struggle of maintaining her identity.

Michael could not be happier with being at the top of his game on and off the field. He remains steadfast in his love for Zoe and ready to take on the challenges of fatherhood, when he receives disturbing news. In this game of life, is their love strong enough to overcome any obstacles—even sabotage at the hands of someone else?



Nasty: An Erotic Spin-Off (Erotic Series Book 2) by Sabrina B. Scales

Two innocent bystanders are introduced by their siblings with nothing in common but a sexual attraction that they couldn’t act upon without breaking all the rules.
But rules are made to be broken, right?
That’s just what happens when Seth and Phalin finally come face to face for the second time, and sparks fly that won’t be so easily extinguished. One thing leads to another and before either of them knows it, things get nasty in the best kind of way. The trouble starts when the heat leaves the bedroom and attempts to travel some place else. Some place deeper. Some place closer to love.
Note: These characters, Seth and Phalin, were introduced in “Naughty: An Erotic Christmas Novella”. Please get acquainted with them there before taking on this Nasty excursion!



Scared To Love by DeeAnn

Boncy Waters grew up without anything or anyone to guide her. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes until she turned eighteen. Immediately, she was thrown out on the streets to fend for herself. At a young age, she learned the skills she needed to survive in this cold, harsh world. With the help of her best friend, Elyse, and Elyse’s husband, Maverick, Boncy can remain on her feet. Life is good and gets better when she meets Gavin Murphy, a successful gym owner who is quickly intrigued by her. He does everything to sweep her off her feet, but Boncy’s past holds her back. Little does she know, Gavin has past secrets he wants to share with her. Afraid of how things might change between them, will they allow their pasts to affect their possible future?
Kaine Hall is a selfish man who only lives to please himself. Infidelity strikes his marriage with his wife, Robyn Cavanaugh Hall, leaving Kaine in a situation. He should feel bad for but doesn’t. He enjoys his wrongdoings while Robyn fights for their marriage. Robyn becomes fed up with fighting alone and begins to do things to put herself first. Oblivious to his wife’s feelings, Kaine is forced to deal with the mess he made, but will he successfully clean?



Now That I’m With You by Sequaia

Leanni “Lea” Queenly is determined to rebuild the pieces of her shattered heart. Swearing of relationships in their entirety, Lea has grown complacent in her search for love. It’s not until she crosses paths with a persistent, self-proclaimed bad boy that she finds herself reconsidering letting a man get close to her.
Nasio “Nas” King has had issues giving any woman his trust. From a young age he was taught that the only person he could fully depend on was himself and as an adult, that lesson stuck. Finding it easier to be the player than the played. But with fate seeing it fit he’s met someone just as emotionally damaged as him. He is quickly discovering that despite his past experiences, there are still some people worth taking risks for.
Being with a man who is incarcerated is the life that most women don’t envision for themselves, but for Skylar “Skye” Evans, it is her reality. With the love of her life behind bars and no predicted release date in mind, she can’t help but question her future. There is only so much she can do to distract herself from the hardships of her internal conflict and as the days pass. Skye finds herself struggling to continue being the ideal ride or die, despite knowing she still has her entire life ahead of her.
The last eight years of Knox Maximus’s life has been nothing short of amazing. With his 3-year-old daughter, Kassidy, and long-time girlfriend, Morgan, by his side, he has everything he could ever want. As great as things are, he can’t help but feel that something is missing. Knox finds himself seeking some sort of an outlet. When he gets what he’s asking for, all it does is further confuse him about what exactly it is that he needs, causing a rift in the one thing he’d been able to keep sacred for so long.

In this emotionally gripping novel, find out how the love they’re yearning for is fulfilled to mend their pain from the past.



Stranger In My House by Christina Fletcher


Almi Prentiss once thought she had it all with the latest fashions, high paying career, nice home, and the love of her life by her side. She soon realizes that things in her life aren’t what they seemed as things begin to fall apart.

Her anxiety takes a toll on her as her relationship with Kane starts to go downhill and her ill mother’s condition takes a turn for the worse. Her stress level elevates and she wants to throw in the towel because she is tired of being there for other people while no one is there for her.

However, when she meets Marshall, she begins to feel a sense of relief through his consolation and friendship. Things her life don’t seem so unbearable with her Marshall by her side, but she has to tread carefully and keep her emotions in check to respect her relationship with Kane.

Kane Williamson loves Almi with all his heart and wants to make her his wife. When he loses his job, he notices a significant strain on their relationship and a drastic change in her behavior. He does everything he can to make her happy, but she seems to resent him more and more.

When he meets Zavia, things begin to look up for him and he finally feels like he can get his life back on track. Their friendship is a bit complicated, but he’s adamant about remaining faithful to Almi. Meanwhile, someone from his past resurfaces and he has to figure out what this person’s true intentions are.

Sometimes you think you really know a person until you hit rock bottom and his or her true colors begin to show. Will Almi and Kane be able to remain true to each other, or will they lose themselves while seeking refuge in other people?



Pleasure at Midnight & His Pick for Passion by Pamela Yaye and Synithia Williams


Sent to Madrid to talk his firm’s top client out of canceling her tour, Roderick Drake quickly realizes pop star Genevieve Harris isn’t the diva he pictured. In fact, she’s irresistible. Genevieve wants a life away from the paparazzi—shared with the gorgeous lawyer who fulfills her in every way. Faced with devastating betrayal, can she trust her emotions and the sensual music they make together?


On and off the court, professional basketball player Will Hampton scores easily. Then he’s dared to seduce his sister’s best friend—the only woman who’s never fallen for his game. Marketing exec Erin Fry has transformed from tomboy to stunning beauty, but she doubts Will can change his ways. One mind-blowing night puts their hearts in play, but can Erin let her guard down—and let love in?



Journey to My Heart & The Sweetest Affair by Terra Little and Bridget Anderson


The fiery beauty playing bodyguard to a bank heist witness arouses FBI agent Cooper Talbot’s suspicions…and desire. Independent contractor Olivia Carrington could be concealing her own complicity. But Cooper can’t fight the combustible attraction that leads them into a clandestine romance. Can he put aside his past for a woman in danger? Or is he falling for Olivia at his own peril?


Pastry chef Tracee Coleman dreams of opening her own café. But when a chance encounter with a hotel heir literally sends her flying into his arms, her vow to avoid romantic distractions goes up in flames. Tall, strong and sexy, Laurent Martin is as commanding in the boardroom as he is in the bedroom. But will Tracee be able to forgive him when his true business intentions are exposed?



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!

New Release Round-Up March 4th-10th

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