If someone said I would read a story about a black cowboy who was free with his family jewels, I would’ve called them a liar. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with cowboys, as I have several Texas friends who think they embody the description. But this man saddled, rode, buckled and loved women in all forms before his rodeo ride and performance. Wow! I guess that explained his potency in the saddle. Pun intended. Call me crazy, but the book was simply amazing.
This story featured Harper Richardson who owned a successful baking business. The leading man was a bull rider and ladies’ man named Legend Semien. Did you notice his name kind of looks like semen – and the word on the street he was a legend in the sack? Clever way with naming this guy, Monica. Anyway, Harper met Legend after breaking up with her cheating man Zaire. She and Legend made a kind of mid-speed connection, and together they made magic as their relationship flourished. Because Legend usually got what he wanted, Harper was destined to be his lady. The task wasn’t too easy for the rodeo star when his past kept knocking at his door for a repeat performance despite his relationship with Harper. Luckily, Harper forgave Legend because drama knew no boundaries when it came to the women he bedded and them wanting to do it again for old times’ sake. Give Harper a hand for standing by her man, when times looked shady.
Then there were the supporting cast members who added the extra delight to the story. The light spiritual moments with Legend’s buddy reciting scriptures and prayers before each race was awe-inspiring. That portion added a less intimidating touch to the story. Furthermore, Legend had to change his normal ways to keep Harper in his corner. His and her relationship baggage, thankfully wasn’t too tough for them to manage. Eight seconds was the amount of time Legend needed to stay on the bull, and it was also the metaphorical time he needed to solidify his place in Harper’s heart. You guys need to give this author a try, and hopefully, you will experience her writing with joyful expectations. 4.5 stars.

Review – 8 Seconds to Love, by Monica Walters

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